35 Best Perfumes For Men For Any Occasions

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Perfumes, whenever this word comes before us we all have that instance of smell that strikes our mind. The smell is that sensation that defines our personality and even mood.

A good-smelling person always attracts the peep around and also shows a bold and dynamic look and for men, it’s a very important thing to get a good odor as this is the first step to satisfy a woman.

Best Perfumes For Men

Whereas finding the best perfume for men is the most difficult task. So here is the solution to this, we have the best perfumes for men at affordable prices so get a look into it: 

1) Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

The first one is from the sassiest brand Gucci and has a persistent and strong smell.

Price ranges from ₹ 5999- 4650 for 90 ml

2) Davidoff Champion Energy

The second best perfume for men is this from the brand Davidoff, it provides cool and intense perfumes for men

Price ranges from ₹ 2000-3975 for 50 ml

3) DKNY men

This one is the 3rd best perfume for men by the brand DKNY which gives a good collection of perfumes for men.

Price ranges from ₹ 3240-4275 for 100ml.

4) Azzaro Onyx

The brand name only suggests the quality and intensity of the perfume.

Price ranges from 2222- 3250 for 100 ml

5) Fcuk for Him

This comes up with a fresh oriental aromatic fragrance for men and is the 5th best perfume for men.

Price ranges from ₹ 2084-3589 for 100 ml

6) Police Gold Wings

By the brand Police, this perfume has a classy aroma fragrance and intense flavor at an affordable price ideal for men.

Price ranges from ₹ 3700-2700 for 100 ml

7) Royal Mirage Night

The seventh-best perfume for men is by the brand Royal Mirage gives you a royal touch and the essence of classics.

Price ranges from ₹ 1784 – 2400 for 120 ml

8) Bogard Silver Scent

This one is from Jacques Bogard which gives oriental woody fragrance for men.

Price ranges from ₹ 1037- 2560 for 100 ml.

9) Boucheron Pour Homme

This gives the natural spray listed the 9th best perfume for men is by the brand Boucheron.

Price ranges from ₹ 4000 – 5500 for 100 ml.

10) Givenchy Gentleman Only

By the brand Givenchy, the most significant and chic brand is listed 10th in best perfume for men. Gives a peachy fragrance.

Price ranges from ₹ 4850- 5950 for 100 ml.

11) Alfred Dunhill 513N

This luxury perfume is from the brand Alfred Dunhill is an icon elite perfume excellent for men.

Price ranges from ₹ 3050- 5049 for 100 ml.

12) Mont Blanc Individuel

Mont Blanc the brand that gives the fresh new aroma with the perfect intensity.

Price ranges from ₹ 2950- 3974 for 70 ml.

13) Burberry brit

This another best perfume for men is by the brand Burberry which gives the ‘sexy’ type of smell.

Price ranges from ₹ 3169 to 5812for 100 ml.

14) Chrome

From the brand Azzaro, we have this, best luxurious perfume for men with a nice and pleasing smell.

Price ranges from ₹ 2259 – 3999 for 50 ml.

15) Calvin Klein One

Another best perfume for men is this elegant aroma by the brand Calvin Klein.

Price ranges from ₹ 2500 – 3980 for 100 ml.

This one is a unisex perfume

16) Azzaro Chrome Sport

Further, the best perfume for men is this one with chic fragrance by brand Azzaro.

Price range from ₹ 3900 – 4375 for 100 ml.

17) Aqua Pour Homme Toniq

This fresh and natural fragrance perfume is from the brand Bvlgari.

Price ranges from ₹ 3000- 4989 for 100 ml.

18) Santos de Cartier Concentree for Men

The next best perfume for men is from this impressive brand Cartier.

Price ranges from ₹ 3600 – 5499 for 100 ml.

19) Lomani Pour Homme

Ahhha next one is this with a nice and fascinating fragrance by the brand Lomani.

Price ranges from 1850 – 2813 for 100 ml.

20) Davidoff Cool Water for Men

Another in the range of everyday perfume for men we have this by the brand Davidoff with a cool and long-lasting smell.

Price ranges from ₹ 2850 – 4756 for 125 ml.

21) Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme

Additionally in the best perfume of men list, we have this one by the brand Dolce And Gabbana.

Price ranges from ₹ 3900- 5949 for 125 ml.

22) Kouros

Eau de Toilette Spray from the brand Yves Saint Laurent this luxury brand provides the best aroma and soothing fragrance.

Price ranges from ₹ 4250 – 5897 for 100 ml.

23) Gucci Guilty Intense For Men

Further with the most classy and sassy brand Gucci, we have this perfume with exclusive odor and intense flavor.

Price ranges from 3995- 5844 for 100 ml.

24) Victory league

The Best perfume for men we have this by Adidas. This gives the sensual and exotic

25) Ferrari Essence Oud

This sleek bottle perfume comes with a great odor provides you fresh and amazing new feeling to start your new day.

You can buy it for ₹ 4400-5150 for 100 ml.

26) Fuel For Life For Him

A solid best perfume for men by Diesel comes in a cool and swaggy case gives an essence of attitude to your style.

Price ranges from ₹ 3392-5343 for 100 ml.

27) Boss Selection

This chic and spunky perfume is the best gift for a gentleman, precisely for a man who earns for himself.

This comes in a price range of ₹ 3150- 5450 for 90 ml.

28) Carolina Herrera 212 Men.

By the brand Carolina Herrera, this is the next best perfume for men for casual and daily purposes.

Price ranges from ₹ 1639-3310 for 100 ml

29) United Colors of Benetton Lets fly

Another one on the list we have is this fresh aroma perfume by Benetton which gives the impression of a good start.

Price ranges from ₹ 1450- 3430 for 100 ml.

30) Gap Core for Men

Last on in the perfume list, we have this perfume by Gap. This intense perfume comes in a very stylish bottle and is best for any gifting purpose.

Price ranges from ₹ 2950- 3390 for 100 ml.

Hence, perfume defines your personality is true in today’s generation. 

A person is always judged by his looks and aroma at his first impression and it’s well known that the first impression is the last one, so give your best at your first and last long in the minds of people with these dashing perfumes.

Do let us know your favorite perfume for men in the comment box below. Also, like and share this list of perfumes for men with fragrance lovers.

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