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Forget sex, watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream is all that you need, the ultimate destination of happiness. 

If you look at the present times, no one but Netflix rescues us. Surviving the boredom of lockdown is no easy thing. 

Trapped inside the four walls of a home, we’re all somewhat exhausted. Thanks to Netflix, for saving us from the boredom and depression of lockdown. 

We can now escape wherever we want, in the virtual world with Netflix. Full of fantasies, crime-action, sex-romance, and what not-Netflix is a full package of entertainment. 

You would find yourself inside the screen, as one of the characters witnessing every incident inside the story. No wonder why people do binge-watching. Seems to be addictive. 

With new series-films-shows and different genres, you can definitely feel like ‘WTF! So many? What should I see? Where should I choose from?’ 

To ease that problem, here is the list of the best Netflix original series with a synopsis to let you choose from. 

The list is 50 Netflix shows from different genres, referring to different fields of interest. But you would love all of them because we gave only the best and popular ones below.

1. BoJack Horseman: 

BoJack Horseman (2014-2020) | Top 10 Animated Series

One of the best Netflix shows that has a beautiful touch of humor along with comedy. 

Based on a 2014 comedy show, the story of BoJack Horseman is all about a humanoid horse, who loses his two orphaned girls and a boy in a sea. 

The major highlight is his comeback, with the help of a human sidekick and feline ex-girlfriend that takes the story into whole another level. Frequent references to sex, drugs, and alcohol make this show 18+, though animated.

2. Peaky Blinders:

Peaky Blinders | Best Netflix Original Series

A popular crime show (cast in 2013)that has grabbed the National Television Award for Outstanding Drama Performance. 

The devastating effects of the First World War had far-reaching influence. We witness the criminal activities of the famous gangster family, Peaky Blinders, and their boss, Tommy Shelby. But Chester Campbell, the appointed inspector, puts a full stop to all these criminal activities. 

The plot twists are so engaging, full of climax that you can hardly lay back and watch. Your eyes won’t even blink as you watch.

3. Ozark:

Ozark | Best Netflix Original Series

 A short drama of 3 seasons, a thriller based on a family. A financial planner shit to Ozarks, a summer resort community from Chicago. But fate has something new for him, as a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. He is forced to pay an enormous sum of money to a Mexican drug master in exchange of family’s safety. Gambling his life with struggles and difficulties, he finally repairs the broken family.

4. Dark:

Dark | Best Netflix Original Series

If you love mystery, then this one's for you. 

Dark is the first German original series, also known to be one of the best Netflix original series with supernatural elements in it. 

The incident of two children missing in the small town of German digs up a deadly past that connects four families unknowingly. 

The mystery puzzle is tightly knotted with engaging plot twists and climax, interesting scenes, curious characters, and all that a thriller has.

5. Stranger Things:

Stranger Things | Best Netflix Original Series

A popular sci-fi series about kids, but is an adult show. 

A bunch of young friends discovers their supernatural powers over the course of time as they witness secret government exploits. 

They are all set to resolve all problems, and with their journey lot of mysteries unfold leaving the audience stunned.

6. The Crown:

The famous award-winning play “The Audience” was later produced on Netflix as ‘The Crown’. 

It portrays the life of Queen Elizabeth II dating back to the mid-’90s to the present modern times. The story starts with the death of King George 6 when Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne at 25. 

With passaging time, life gets complicated and personal intrigues, romances, and political rivalries open up an extra dimension of life. These events later shaped the 20th century.

7. Narcos:

One of the best Netflix original series in the crime category. Build on current incidents around the world, Narcos provides you a close-up view of the cocaine trade in Colombia and the connected life stories of drug lords. 

The war between law enforcement and drug leader Pablo Escobar involves a lot of powerful figures from legal, political, police, military, and civilian. After all, cocaine is the most valuable commodity- it’s nearly impossible to control cocaine.

8. Orange Is the New Black:

With a lot of hype, OITNB(Orange Is The New Black) has been the most talked-about comedy-drama series lately. Because of drug trading, Piper Chapman had to spend 15 months in a woman’s jail. 

The hardships and obstacles make her discover a new life behind the bars. She makes new friends, with many weird unusual, unexpected people whomever she meets. 

Not black, but orange becomes the color of power and victory. With her orange uniform on, she rages behind the bars and brings her life back to normalcy. 

Definitely one of the best Netflix original series in the top 10.

9. Altered Carbon:

Adapted from the cyberpunk novel written by Richard K.Morgan, Altered Carbon comes with the theme of a digitalized dehumanizing future. 

The storyline is based on the 23rd century, where a human mind can be customized and procured, and the soul can be shifted from one body to another. 

Former elite interstellar, Takeshi Kovacs also called Envoy, has been downloaded in the future that he resisted, after being imprisoned for 250 years. The entire scene gives us goosebumps, with its action and plot well fabricated.

10. House of Cards:

Revenge is best served chilled. Democrat Frank Underwood is promoted as the Secretary of state. 

He and his wife plan to wipe out all those people who troubled them on their way to power. It's the adapted series from the novel version ‘House of Cards’ by Michael Dobbs.

11. Money Heist:

Money Heist | Best Netflix Original Series

Everyone knows about Money Heist, currently the best Netflix original series in the thriller category. 

The master-plan of printing billions of euros in The Royal Mint of Spain is executed by the famous ‘professor’ and the recruited eight people. 

But a group of thieves/robbers unite with the police later, to prevent these activities and capture the Professor. 

The complete series comes up with well-fabricated plots and brilliant twists.

12. The Umbrella Academy:

One of the best Netflix original series (Action) with two seasons full of action and mystery. 43 infants are random to unconnected women who were not even pregnant the day before delivery. 

Billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreaves adopts seven of them, creates the Umbrella Academy to train his children to protect this world. Later in their teenage years, situations get complicated and they move apart. 

But Hargreaves’ death brings them again who are motivated to bring justice to their father’s death by solving the mystery surrounding that death. 

But a global apocalypse makes them apart and unique abilities provide each one of them a big tough time. 

13. The Witcher:

The Witcher | Best Netflix Original Series

Though it’s 1 season that you can watch, the fantasy show will give you goosebumps. A mutated monster hunter, Gerait is a Witcher by birth. 

He thinks that he has confronted the wildest beats in forests, but then reality proves him wrong when he finds humans to be more wicked than the beasts. 

He faces a tough time in finding a comfortable place with these humans.

14. Marvel’s Daredevil:

Marvel’s Daredevil | Best Netflix Original Series

A daredevil who is a blind lawyer by profession. In the day, he fights in the court, and at night he envisions the world in his own supernatural way. 

He lost his vision from a chemical spill accident in his childhood, and yet it does not limit his activities to those senses. Instead, he rises above others, tries to bring peace to New York amidst the chaos with his unique powers. 

One of the best Netflix original series with a perfect blend of action and supernatural elements.

15. Big Mouth:

Not only adults, but teens do also have a great sense of humor and sarcasm. Have fun with this American adult animated comedy series that focuses on a group of teens crazy for sex and other sorts of fun. 

They are all bold and challenging in their voice and in actions, you better watch and see it yourself. It comes up with 4 episodes and is definitely one of the best Netflix original series to brighten up your day.

16. Unorthodox:

A German-American drama series narrating the true-life events of Deborah Feldman. 

The character of Etsy, a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, is truly empowering who leaves her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new chapter in her life. 

Abandoning all sorts of orthodox bondages, he takes her little son with her and settles in New York. 

17. Mindhunter:

Based on the true story of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit activities, their studies on psychopaths and serial killers in the late 1970s. 

It portrays real incidents, how people confess their reasons behind committing horrifying murder and other crimes. Even the Characters Holden and Bill are inspired by real folks. 

Criminal psychology is undoubtedly very interesting, and with that reference, ‘Midhunter’ is definitely one of the best Netflix original series.

18. American Vandal:

An American television series based on real crime incidents, documentaries such as Making a Murderer and Serial. It was produced by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda. 

The story begins with an incident of 27 cars vandalized with phallic images because of an expensive high school prank. The whole blame goes on Dylan Maxwell, a senior class clown. 

Though he’s expelled, an intensive investigation checks if he’s responsible for the incident. 

Later a similar mishap in the canteen creates a fuss and leads to the conclusion that the real person is someone else hidden in the crowd. 

19. Master of None:

Master of None | Best Netflix Original Series

An apathetic actor Dev, residing in New York, faces sudden difficulties in his life. His complicated bonding between parents, friends, and girlfriends compels him to be a more occupied person. 

The roller coaster ride of his journey gives us a deep insight into life. Three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe award winner ‘Master Of None’ have definitely made its name as one of the best Netflix original series.

20. The Last Kingdom:

England had many independent kingdoms, ruled by Danes. Uhtred, a Saxon by birth claims his ancestral right by raging a war against Danes, who has captured and raised him as one of their own. 

Alfred the Great fights for his kingdom from Norse invaders. Both Uhtred and Alfred fought for their land and gave a tough fight to the Danes. 

The Last Kingdom exactly shows the incidents that took place during the reign of Alfred the Great.

21. The Punisher:

One of the best Marvel Netflix shows and also considered to be one of the best Netflix original series- American Television series ‘The Punisher’ is based on the same Marvel comics character. Frank Castle’s life turns into ashes as he loses his wife, children in a reunion. The entire world crushes in as he leaves his job, and sets out to find the truth behind the mishaps. Worse than the New York criminal underworld activities, corrupted business owners have caused more disputes and damages to a lot of families.

22. Sex Education:

Sex Education | Best Netflix Original Series

With immense popularity, Sex Education continues to be at the top. 

A comedy-drama television series that has a realistic tone in it, reflecting some hidden complications inside us. A sex therapist with his teenage son sets an underground sex therapy clinic at school. 

But through this process, he discovers his problems and gets therapy for himself too. 

One of the best Netflix original series to watch.

23. Marvel’s Jessica Jones:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones | Best Netflix Original Series

Again this is also adapted from the Marvel Comics of the same character. 

All was good with Jessica and her superhero career until she killed someone because of villainous Kilgrave. 

After that, she takes up the job of a private investigator, and when villainous Kilgrave arrives again, she defeats him once and for all.

24. The OA:

Based on a true story, ‘The OA’ stands for “Original Angel”. 

Even after being missing for seven years, Prairie Johnson, an adopted young woman, returns claiming that she came back to life from death. 

She was blind at the time of her disappearance, but after her return not only could she see, but she had scars on her back too. 

The mysterious plots in the story make it one of the best Netflix original series, worth watching.

25. 13 Reasons Why: 

13 Reasons Why | Best Netflix Original Series

The best-selling book ‘13 Reasons Why’ is already popular, no wonder the adapted series would make it to the best Netflix original series. The mystery/psychological thriller brings out the ugly truth of a society that we often hide.

After his return from school, Clay Jensen notices a mysterious box with his name on it, on a deck only to discover Hannah Baker’s recorded tapes. 

Hannah Baker, his classmate, and crush committed suicide two weeks earlier.

26. Bloodline:

Bloodline shows the contemporary family life of the 21st century. 

The storyline and the plot twist successfully making it to be one of the best Netflix original series. All secrets and scars of four adult siblings from a close family get exposed when their prodigal brother returns home. 

Jointly they try out a new project as they fight against fate and try to hold out their life from sinking down.

27. Luke Cage:

After staying in jail for a crime that he didn’t commit, Luke Cage was rewarded with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.

Despite possessing all this, he does low-grade work such as a sweeper at ex-gangster ‘Pop’ Hunter’s barbershop and as a dishwasher at crime boss Cornell’s nightclub, Harlem’s Paradise. 

He gathers all information from here and uses his power to protect people in New York. Such a heroic storyline with actions and superhuman powers will make you watch this series in one go. 

Unapologetically one of the best Netflix original series.

28. Seven:


Detective William Somerset and colleague David Mills hunt down a serial killer who uses seven deadly sins to murder. 

The psychopath killer commits several murders that are heinous and deadly and yet match with their actions. 

You are sure to get goosebumps, with this best Netflix original series under the murder/mystery/crime category.

29. Travelers:

A sci-fi show where time travel is portrayed as great significance, trying to prevent lives from loss, and humanity from extinction. 

Best Netflix original series to feel an adrenaline rush for the storyline and plots. Four members of a family are going in a car crash, and Charlotte, the daughter, is sent to stay with her grandparents until her group members returns after completing their mission. 

Relationships, emotions are all parts and parcel of gambling in the 21st century as lives get replaced by technology. 

The whole mission aims to restore those fragile parts.

30. A Series Of Unfortunate Events:

The world is no safe place if you don’t have your parents around. 

Three young Baudelaire siblings were left orphaned after a fire in their mansion killed their parents. They were looked after by their distant relative Count Olaf, only to inherit the huge property that eldest Baudelaire, Violet will get as she turns 18 yrs old. 

But they escape the frightening situation and finds shelter from their Uncle Monty and phobic Aunt Josephine. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop their cunning uncle Olaf from chasing them. 

Love realistic series or this kind of classic? 

Then this is one of the best Netflix original series that will surely bring smiles and tears, both.

31. Cobra Kai:

Mid-aged Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence resurface as martial-arts rivals after decades of their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout. 

But as Johnny stands against all the bullies that a bullied kid, Miguel, has been receiving, he is all set to launch his renowned gang on Cobra Kai again. 

Indeed, the best Netflix original series for karate lovers.

32. The 100:

Planning to re-populate the earth with humans and humanity, after ninety-seven years of a deadly nuclear war-a spaceship sends one-hundred youthful offenders back to earth. 

Even after this golden opportunity, one little gang returns to space, planning to stay in the remnants of Ark. No matter how many opportunities humans get, they can never wipe out the habit of repeating mistakes, the same as their ancestors did. 

This has been one of the best Netflix original series for the message that it conveys and the truth that it portrays.

33. Lupin:

Lupin | Best Netflix Original Series

Adapted from early novels of Maurice Leblanc, his fictional thief and disguise Arsene Lupin- French series Lupin was produced. 

The five-part series narrates the story of Assane Diop, who plots revenge against the injustice that has compelled his father to die. 

His late father was falsely accused of a diamond necklace robbery, and the brilliant master plan has made this in the list of the best Netflix original series.

34. Shadow and Bone:

Grisha Trilogy finds Alina in her journey to rescue her homeland by saving Ravka, and by defeating and destroying the Fold and the Darkling. 

Alina is a simple cartographer until she realizes and discovers her extraordinary powers can destroy Fold, full of terrifying creatures called Volcra.

35. The Queen's Gambit:

Based on the novel The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis, the series revolves around the story of an orphan chess genius Elizabeth Harmon. 

Her struggles in the journey of becoming the world’s best chess player involve emotional up-downs, drugs, and alcohol codependency. She battles all of them alone and achieves the title with full glory and glamour. 

Give it a watch, the best Netflix original series to boost you up.

36. Godless:

A streaming American television series centering on the life of Frank Griffin and Roy Goode. 

The friendship between Frank and Roy ceased when Roy provoked Frank with his actions. With that, he turned out to be Frank’s worst enemy. Frank and his gang are already on the quest for revenge on Roy Goode.

The series was made on the backdrop of New Mexico in the 1880s.

37. Better Call Saul:

Six years after Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman resurfaces as “Jimmy” McGill in the series Better Call Saul. Jimmy is a con artist who aspires to become a successful criminal lawyer. 

He fights against all odds that had compelled him to lead a bad life like a dishonest criminal and eventually becomes a good honest man who earns his bread with hard work. 

Best Netflix original series under the category of dark comedy/drama/tragedy.

38. The Good Place:

Those people who have done well throughout their life arrive at the town of The Good Place, after death. 

Eleanor comes to The Good Place, but she realizes soon that it’s someone’s else place that she mistook for herself. She asks for help from a new friend to earn a new spot in a Good Place. 

The meaning of life is so beautifully portrayed, we often chase and do unnecessary things in life and regret them later. 

Undoubtedly one of the best Netflix original series for a reason.

39. Black Mirror:

Not all science fiction series are a technology and all that display. Some are unique like Black Mirror, one of the best Netflix original series, with a super interesting story. 

This anthology series portrays a high-tech multiverse, with human’s greatest innovations, powers, and darkest instincts crashing together. 

The British dystopian series brings to light how modern technologies have decayed society permanently.

40. Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt:

A popular American series centering on the life of Kimmy Schmidt. 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt is rescued from an underground bunker where she spends fifteen years of life. 

She moves to New York and starts her life afresh with new friends, her new roommates. She has a job as a babysitter for Jacqueline Voorhees, deals with many problems with his billionaire husband. 

Despite all the odds, she makes out the best from her life and keeps blossoming like a flower in her new world. 

41. Love:

Casual hookups and fun can never provide long-lasting happiness. Murphy, the emotionally unavailable American guy, enters a relationship with his unstable French girlfriend, Electra. 

One day, they called their neighbor Omi to have a no-strings-attached threesome of sex. But Murphy and Omi’s secret sex leads to unwanted pregnancy and Murphy was forced to marry Omi for the baby. 

Electra goes away somewhere distant because of this incident and realizing his mistake Murphy cries and recalls his days with Electra in front of the little baby boy. 

One of the best Netflix original series that is so relevant to today’s world. 

42. Dear White People:

A satirical dark-comedy-drama film mainly ridiculing the whites in the most humorous way possible. 

The fight between the blacks and whites on-campus comes to a climax at an official Halloween party. 

The predominantly white school encounters a fierce change that defames their stubborn racism. 

43. Grace and Frankie:

Grace and Frankie | Best Netflix Original Series

Grace and Frankie witness a sudden change in their life, as both of their husbands, professional divorce lawyers -Robert and Sol declare their love relationship. 

Grace, a retired cosmetics mogul, and Frankie, a hippie art teacher, travel through a roller coaster when they stay together, share many responsibilities and turn out to be best friends later. 

Life is not about settling with husbands/wives but staying with your loved ones and close ones with happiness, maybe with friends. 

That’s why this is one of the best Netflix original series based on a unique story.

44. Lady Dynamite:

A popular Netflix original series portraying the real-life incidents of Bamford herself. Bamford often dealt with mental illness in personal and professional relationships. 

She had the unique talent of converting all these downs of her life to absurdities, displaying in stand-up comedy. The audience could depict the struggles that she is trying to hold up through it. 

One of the best Netflix original series where you can relate yourself, making stories from your own life.

45. GLOW:

A group of misfits re-establish themselves as Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. From the makers of ‘Orange is the new Black’, GLow is actually based on the actual Gorgeous Ladies of wrestling founded by David McLane.

The series is based on the imaginary character Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a hardworking actress who struggles to make her one last chance successful in the world of glamour and glitter that women are fitted into. 

She has to make the wrestling show successful in a tough situation, where she has to work with her former best friend Debbie. Glow was the reason for Debbie and her husband Mark’s divorce, his affair with Glow was the main reason. 

The tussle of professional and personal life makes this series one of the best Netflix original series. 

46. Atypical:

A streaming American comedy-drama series focusing on the life of an autistic. Despite the autism spectrum disorder,18-year-old Sam Gardner wants to have a girlfriend and seeks more independence. 

The following incidents allow his mother to discover a life-changing path. Everyone is normal and unique in their own way and this series has a special role in conveying this message to the audience. 

The theme and plot are so amazing, definitely one of the best Netflix original series to watch not only once, but many times.

47. Castlevania:

Castlevania | Best Netflix Original Series

Who doesn’t love series on vampires? 

Castlevania, one of the best Netflix original series is based on vampires, and Dracula, full of action and fights. Trevor Belmont, the last survivor of the Belmont clan, agrees on killing all kinds of monstrous creatures that have captured the city. 

Trevor, who’s still in the town, fights with the lord of vampires and ends their legacy for good. give a tough fight with the lord of the vampires. 

Finally, he frees the city in exchange for a long strenuous fight.

48. Dead To Me:

Jen turns out to be a widow after her husband’s death. She is sad and California tries to relieve her by therapy, exercise, and other ways. 

There’s a beautiful friendship that unfolds slowly between them. But she uses anger as her vent and later on, reveals many of her shocking secrets that amaze everyone. 

This tragicomedy has been one of the favourite for its plot and storyline, you can count it on the list of the best Netflix original series.

49. Russian Doll:

Russian Doll | Best Netflix Original Series

Nadia and Alan die and wake up at the same place of a party, caught between time loops. 

They realize their surroundings are fragile, need repairing soon, or else the world will start crumbling down. The emotions, traumas erupt and come into light as they solve this mystery.

One of the rarest and the best Netflix original series to watch because it symbolizes the values of a Russian society that are slowly getting extinct.

50. Safe:

Safe | Best Netflix Original Series

Just one year and the family of two daughters with their father couldn’t get over the loss of their mother, who died from cancer. 

Briton Tom Delaney (Hall), a pediatric surgeon finds a hard time connecting with his two daughters, their lives troubled with unsolved mysteries from the past. 

The elder daughter tries to find out some hidden facts and gets herself drowned in the mystery. Best Netflix original series to watch if you are in a lazy afternoon mood, in mystery /crime genres.

There are so many genres of series to select from, such a vast collection that one cannot end. But we had to select the best 50 Netflix shows out of them for your list. 

Let us know which one you liked the most and which one was absolutely unexpected. Comment down your favorite Netflix original series from the list above, we would love to hear from you.

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