15 Lord Shiva Songs in Hindi Movies That Reflect Power of Bhole Nath

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We all know that Lord Shiva is one of the most preached God in the Hindu religion. He is known to be born for the destruction and the re-creation of the world. He is usually phrased for anger and is thus known as the destroyer. But a lot of people are not aware that Lord Shiva is also the creator.

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Lord Shiva Songs

We all kind-of or even completely know and/or have heard about the power Lord shiva has. Other than this he is considered to get angry which was portrayed or displayed by the opening of the third eye on his forehead and the angry Tandav. Given below are a few Hindi Shiva songs that will remind you about it.

Lord Shiva doesn't get angry easily, he has a lot of patience, but when he gets angry, he becomes uncontrollable. These Lord Shiva songs are sure to give you peace of mind and positivity. Also, they will tell you to be patient and to wait for the right time before you start a rebellion.

1. Namo Namo (Kedarnath)

Noted as one of the best Lord Shiva songs, Namo Namo is completely calming (both tune and lyrics-wise). It is a soft song, drenched in devotion to Lord Shiva, composed and sung by Amit Trivedi.

2. Bolo Har Har (Shivaay)

This song may include a rap or two but is one of the widely-loved Hindi Shiva songs on this list. The lyrics of this song are a clear display of devotion, no matter in what way they are presented. The beats are fast and set the heart racing.

3. Kaun Hai Vo (Baahubali)

You might recognize this song as the background of the infamous scene of the lifting of the shivling in the movie. Yes, this song is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is unique in all aspects.

4. Shiv Shankara (Single)

In the voice of Sonu Nigam, this song is indeed divine. The music is so powerful it hits right to the heart. Once you listen to this song, you would wish to hear it once before starting anything new and important.

5. Mann Mein Shiva (Panipat)

This song is a victory song, which reflects that one can achieve anything if one has the strong will power and believes in Lord Shiva. If this is played in every battlefield, where soldiers are getting prepared, it can boost a lot of morale!

6. Shiv Tandav (Manikarnika)

Mahadev's Tandav is symbolic to the crossing of all limits of tolerance. This song has a beautiful recital of Shiva Tandava Strotam, which educates our children and younger generation about the power of Lord Shiva.

7. Shankara Re Shankara (Tanhaji)

This is a victory and celebration song, which again asserts that Lord Shiva helps you all the time. In the movie, the song portrays the win of the Marathas over the territory. The tune is quite peppy, and the song is a good one for a few dance moves.

8. Jai Jai Shiv Shankar (Aap ki Kasam)

You might know this song from the festival Holi since it is played a lot around those days. It is not exactly devotional, but is a great Lord Shiva song, as it marks his connection with Cannabis (Bhang)!

9. Bam Lahiri (Kailash Kher)

It can be counted as one of the most heard Lord Shiva songs. The song talks about the end of the Kalyuga by Lord Shiva and creation of Stayuga for mankind. It is completely energetic and the voice of Kailash Kher just simply boosts it.

10. Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Satyam Shivam Sundaram)

This song is clearly as devotional as any song could be. Even in the movie, it was sung in the form of a prayer to save them from the deadly flood. If you haven't already listened to the song, do that right away.

11. Chale Bhole Baba Byah Rachane Ko (Kailashpati)

This song is a portrayal of the wedding of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. It is pretty old but the religious fervour it contains is capable of making you swing with happiness.

12. Aate Hain Kashi Se Hokar (Kailashpati)

Another old Lord Shiva song, which is about a journey to Kashi and Kailash. The song reflects the person's devotion to Lord Shiva, which is why he wants to meet him.

13. O Shivji Bihane Chale (Munimji)

This song also includes the wedding of Lord Shiva and is also old-ish. But nothing can change the fact that the tunes of this song are quite peppy and charming.

14. Bam Bhole (Laxmii)

This song is not completely a Tandav song but yet can be considered one. One of the latest Hindi Shiva songs, it tells us to fight against all odds and restore peace in the world. The beats are really good and there is a clear-cut display of power in the music itself.

15. Ghamand Kar (Tanhaji)

Yet another Tandav song with a powerful combination of beats, tunes, and lyrics from the movie Tanhaji. 'Jeet ki dhun bana, jeet ka gumaan kar, Taandav sa yuddh kar, yuddh kar bhayankar!' tells to fight when it is the right time!

That brings to the end of our list of Hindi Shiva songs, but I can assure you that these are not all. There are a lot more and a lot might even come in the future. Bollywood has a serious devotion towards creating songs and visuals related to Mahadev.

These Lord Shiva songs are just a slight reminder that God is watching us over all the time, in both good and bad situations. So, the only thing we should try to imbibe is not stopping believing in the supreme power. May Lord Shiva bless us all!

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