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We have enjoyed his dashing performances in movies like Inside Man, Deja Vu, 2 Guns and many more. He is the recipient of seventeen NAACP Image Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor.

Best Denzel Washington Movies
Best Denzel Washington Movies

This legend was born in New York, in the year 1954 to parents Lennis "Lynne" and Denzel Hayes Washington Sr. Denzel Washington started off his acting career in the summer of 1976 with the play Wings of the Morning, which was written for him by incorporating an African-American character.

Denzel Washington's narrator (African American)  in the movie was based on the historical figure from early colonial Maryland, Mathias Da Sousa. But his breakthrough occurred when he starred as Dr Phillip Chandler in the television hospital drama St. Elsewhere, which ran from 1982 to 1988.

With this, there was no stopping. He went on to debut in the film Carbon Copy in 1981. From then onwards, he has delivered many magnificent performances through his films and led them to become blockbuster hits.

Here’s a list of the 33 best Denzel Washington movies for you to binge-watch and enjoy:

1) Fences

Fences is one of the best Denzel Washington movies released in the year 2016. The story revolves around an African American father while coping up with his lives events has the responsibility of raising a family

2) Glory

Noted among the best Denzel Washington movies, Glory revolves around the U.S. Civil War's first all-black volunteer company’s leader Robert Gould Shaw, who fights against the prejudices from both his own Union Army and the Confederates.

3) Malcolm X

Malcolm X is one of the best Denzel Washington movies. It released in the year 1992 and is based on the book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

4) Much Ado About Nothing

Denzel Washington’s 1993 movie, Much Ado About Nothing, is about a couple who are soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners. You would thoroughly enjoy every bit of the story while watching it.

5) A Soldier's Story

This movie has an intriguing plot wherein an African-American officer investigates a murder in a racially charged situation. Being one of Denzel Washinton’s best movies, it is set at the time of World War II.

6)  Devil In A Blue Dress 

Denzel Washington's movie Devil In a Blue Dress will prove to be a delight for all the neo-noir mystery thriller fans. The movie revolves around a  black veteran who is on the lookout for a job during World War II

7) The Mighty Quinn

This mystery thriller film which involves a police chief investigating a gruesome murder, one of the wealthiest residents on a Caribbean island proves to be one of Denzel Washington's best movies.

8) Crimson Tide

This 1995 war film won Denzel Washington's ana NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture. This movie is set in the background of the period when political turmoil in the Russian Federation took place.

9) Fallen

Denzel Washington's Fallen revolves around the story of a Detective who witnesses the execution of a demonic serial killer but problems arise when the killings resume and are very similar to the style of Reese.

10) Unstoppable

One of Denzel Washington's best movies, Unstoppable involves the protagonist -an engineer and a young conductor, race against time to try and stop an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train hurtles towards a town at breakneck speed as they happen to be on the same route.

11) Courage Under Fire

Denzel Washington's 1996 film Courage Under Fire is an emotional and intriguing tale of a military officer that will keep you hooked till the end. This movie gained fame due to its extraordinary cast, cinematography and good use of the concept of  flashbacks

12) The Hurricane

The Hurricane, one of Denzel Washington's best movies focuses on the life of an African-American boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, that takes a devastating turn and is ruined when he is accused of murder and convicted to three life terms.

13) Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom plot revolves around a South African journalist, who is forced to flee the country after he attempts to investigate the death in custody of his friend. This movie features a remarkable performance by Daniel Washington.

14) American Gangster

Ridley Scott’s crime-drama movie starring Denzel Washington won many awards including Satellite Award for Best Film Editing. Its gripping storyline and the actors’ outstanding performances will leave you wanting more.

15) The Manchurian Candidate

Set in the backdrop of the Gulf Civil War, this movie starring Denzel Washington follows a storyline wherein soldiers are kidnapped and brainwashed for sinister purposes. Many truths unfold in the movie and you are hooked till the end.

16) He Got Game

One of Denzel Washington's best movies, He Got Game will serve as a treat for all the sports drama fans as it follows the life of a basketball player's father who must try to convince him to go to a college so he can get a shorter sentence.

17) Mississippi Masala

One of Denzel Washington’s best movies Mississippi Masala is about an ethnic Indian family that lives in Mississippi after being expelled from Idi Amin's Uganda The movie’s climax builds up when the father sues Uganda to get his property back and his grown daughter falls in love with a black man.

18)  Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher is Denzel Washington’s 2003 film that deals with a navy officer who finds new hope in life after coming to terms with his painful past. This movie acts as a ray of hope to angry young men who are  struggling to put their past behind them and move on

19) The Great Debaters

The Great Debaters, one of Denzel Washington’s best films is a historical drama wherein the protagonist who is a professor at Wiley College, motivates his students to form the first-ever debate team

20) Philadelphia

This Denzel Washington movie with the theme of coming-of-age is about a young Philadelphia lawyer who is infected with AIDS keeps his homosexuality hidden from his employers.

21) Flight

Denzel Washington's best movie, Flight is about an airline pilot, who saves his flight from crashing. This movie is known for its gripping-but-graphic cinematography and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

22) Remember The Titans

Remember The Titans  is about an African-American, coach of a high school team and the point of focus in this movie is that the team is playing as a racially-integrated team for the first time

23) Mo' Better Blues

This drama musical film is one of Denzel Washington's best movies that is based on a Financially irresponsible Giant who manages a jazz group,

24) Training Day

Training Day, one of Denzel Washington’s best movies is about 2  narcotics officers and the film closely follows them for a period of  12 hour period in the gang-ridden neighbourhoods of Westlake. It’s a much watch for all those who like thriller films.

25) Ricochet

Denzel Washington’s best movie Ricochet has an interesting storyline wherein a psychotic hitman escapes from jail to seek revenge from a rookie cop who sent him to prison.

26) Out of Time

Denzel Washington's movie Out of Time is must watch for all crime drama enthusiasts. Denzel Washington won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor for this movie!

27) 2 Guns

2 Guns is about two undercover agents, who aim to expose a drug lord. This Denzel Washington movie has won the Variety Piazza Grande Award and can be streamed on Netflix

28) The Magnificent Seven

This is one of Denzel Washington’s best movies with a theme of mafia to it. The plot revolves around  Seven gunmen who are from a variety of backgrounds and are brought together by a vengeful young widow with the aim of protecting her town from the private army of a destructive industrialist.

29) The Equalizer

Denzel Washington's 2014 movie, The Equalizer, has a gripping storyline wherein brutal events force the protagonist to confront his past and fight for justice. It is one of the best Denzel Washington movies for a very subtle reason, which becomes evident when you watch it.

30) The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli is a post-apocalyptic tale, wherein a lone man has to fight his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

31) Man on Fire

This 2014 crime thriller film is about an ex-CIA officer who is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding an entrepreneur's daughter. This being one of Denzel Washington's best movies is available to be streamed on Amazon Prime Video

32)  Deja Vu

This movie is about an A.T.F. agent who joins a unique investigation using experimental surveillance technology to find the bomber after a ferry is bombed in New Orleans. Deja Vu is considered to be one of Denzel Washington’s best movies.

33) Inside Man

Inside Man is one of Denzel Washington's best movies wherein a detective tries to negotiate with a mastermind who has planned for a heist in great detail.

Denzel Washington has proved to be an iconic actor with his dashing performances in all his movies, yet the best Denzel Washington movies are iconic. You will definitely know why the best are termed as his best performances.

Besides being an exceptional actor and director, he takes up tasks of philanthropy as well. He has donated 1 million dollars to Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund in 1995 and 1 million dollars to Wiley College to resuscitate the college's debate team.

We hope he keeps entertaining us for years to come. Until then, watch these best Denzel Washington movies one by one and decide for yourself - which one is the best of all!

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