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Certain things are known to uplift one’s mood and repair a broken heart as ice cream, chocolates, junk food, and a good series of sitcoms. A sitcom includes the story of the main characters with their lives interconnected and revolving around a new topic in every other episode with good humor and comic timing with shared space. These sitcoms are easily accessible on T.V., and on different streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vikki, etc. People connect with the characters of the show instead of the storyline as it keeps changing from episode to episode as they do not have consistency in their storyline making it much more loveable and interesting than one’s having the same storyline as one doesn’t have to wait or fuss for new episodes to be uploaded or to watch episodes in a series. One can watch any episode of a sitcom without the worry of missing out on some points in the story’s plot. Sitcoms have been a genre of entertainment on T.V. from the very start of the entertainment industry. From Sheldon’s quirkiness in Young Sheldon to Gloria’s savage nature in the modern family has entertained the audience for a long time.

So, let’s start the list with one of the best comedy series one could watch.

1. Friends

Friends | Comedy Series

"I'll Be There For You".

Friends is one of the most loved American sitcoms of its time all around the globe [1994-2004] and, it still enjoyed the same amount of popularity and love by the audience in its 2021 Friends reunion. 

Central Perk | FRIENDS TV Show

It revolved around the story of the lives of six reckless adults who were trying to navigate their lives in Manhattan. Phoebe’s quirky personality along with Monica and Chandler’s chemistry, Joey’s love for food and loyalty towards his friends, Rachel’s evolution from a spoiled brat on the show to a responsible adult who knew how to handle life, and Ross’s love for Rachel was greatly appreciated and loved by the audience.

Available on Netflix.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Comedy Series

"You're In My Spot".

The big bang theory is an American sitcom that aired from September 24, 2007, to May 26, 2019, with twelve successful seasons, directed by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. 

The sitcom revolved around two physicist friends[Lenard and Sheldon] who share an apartment, one mechanical engineer[Howard], and an astrophysicist[Rajesh] along with a girl waiter[Penny] who aspired to be an actress as friends in Caltech and it was all shot with a live audience. The show with Sheldon’s quirky personality sometimes annoyed the viewers, whereas Lenard’s loyalty and love towards Sheldon as he handled and tolerated all his quirks and madness with little to no complaints are loved by the audience. The friendship between Raj and Howard is also loved by the audience. The show was later joined by Bernie and Amy who played the role of Howard’s and Sheldon’s wives respectively together with the other five was enjoyed by the audience. The show has a lot of geek humor and social awkwardness between the four guys, opposite to Penny’s social skills. 

Available on Netflix.

3. The Office

The Office | Comedy Series

" Would I Rather Be Feared Or Loved?"

The office is a mockumentary created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that depicted the lives of office workers in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company that ran for nine seasons. The show aired from March 24, 2005, to May 16, 2013, on NBC. The series is shot in a single camera set up without a laugh track to make it appear like a real documentary. It became popular with the audience for its cringe comedy and humor timing and won many awards for it. The chemistry between Holly and Michael is loved by the audience.

Available on Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix.

4. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother | Comedy Series

"Suit UP Barney."

How I Met Your Mother is an American comedy series created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays that ran for nine successful seasons airing from September 2005 to May 2013. The series follows the life of Ted Mosby in 2030, where he is recollecting and narrating to his two kids the stories and memories of his life with his two friends and how he met their mother. The story is set up in NYC in Manhattan. Ted’s and Tracy’s chemistry along with Ted’s friendship with his best friend Marshall is loved by the viewers.

Available on Amazon.com 

5. Two And A Half Men

Two And A Half Men | Comedy Series

"I Either Drank Too Much Or Got Hit By A Train."

Two and a half men is an American sitcom that was created by Chuck Lorre and ran for twelve successful seasons airing from September 22, 2003, to February 19, 2019. The series followed the lives of Charlie harper a jingle writer, his uptight brother Alan and Alan’s mischievous son Jake. Charlie is a Casanova whereas Alan is facing problems in his marriage, the contrast in their lives leads to a lot of fun and laughter. They are all staying at Charlie’s beach house with Jake spending weekends with his dad.

Available on Netflix, and Hulu.

6. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley | Comedy Series

"Pretend You've Seen A Woman."

Silicon Valley is an American sitcom created by Mike Judge, John Altschuer, and Dave Krinsky that aired on HBO from April 6, 2004, to December 8, 2019, with six successful seasons. The series follows through the life of Richard Hendricks who is a programmer and founder of a company called Pied Piper and his struggles to maintain his company while competing with bigger entities in the same field.

Available on Disney+ Hotstar.

7. The Simpsons

The Simpsons | Comedy Series

" Eat My Shorts ."

The Simpsons is an animated satirical series created by Matt Groening that depicts the lives of Americans with the Simpson family residing in an imaginary town of Springfield. It’s the longest ran series as it continues as of today 2022 while it started way back in 1989. The series follows the lives of Homer who played daddy Simpson and the wife who together had three kids and two pets. 

Available on Disney+

8. The It Crowd

The It Crowd | Comedy Series

I Said," Do You Think You'd Die If We Drank Wee".

The It Crowd is a British comedy series created by Graham Linehan that premiered on 3 February 2006 to 27 September 2013. 

The series showed real-life office politics through three fictional employees who are nerdy misfits working in the IT Department of Reynlhom Industries in London through humor. Their struggle in the real world of dating and not being able to work in a high-pressure environment is loved by viewers along with Jen’s basic clumsy nature. 

The cast was often joined by other actors playing the role of highly efficient technologists but the simplicity of the series made the lead cast shine out. 

Available on Hulu 

9. South Park

South Park | Comedy Series

"Don't You Dare Call Me Cartmen."

The South Park is an American comedy series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone that ran for twenty-five seasons. The series was aired on August 13, 1997, and is continuing today as its twenty-fifth season is to be aired in 2022. 

The series revolved around four boys and their exploits in and around the titular Colorado. The series became famous for its dark, surreal humor. The boys reside in the fictional town of South Park and show Americans’ real lives in a satirical way.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Series

"A Place Where Everyone Knows My Name Is Hell."

Brooklyn nine-nine is a police procedural comedy series that aired on Fox. The series aired from September 17, 2013, to May 18, 2018, with five successful seasons. It follows the life of a serious and intellectual head Captain Raymond Holt who has to contend with his detectives’ antics, Andy Samberg’s an immature Jake Peralta. The series is set in the fictional town of Brooklyn nine-nine in New York City.

Available on Disney+hotstar, Netflix 

11. Sexx And The City

Sexx And The City | Comedy Series

"Man May Have Discovered Fire, But Women Discovered To Play With It."

Sex and the city is a romantic comedy series that aired from June 6, 1998, to February 22, 2004, with six successful seasons. The series follows the lives of four women in their mid-thirties to forties who despite having contrasting personalities remain inseparable and confide in each other. The protagonist of the show Carrie Bradshaw writes for a newspaper column with episodes structured around her thoughts and narrations.

Available on Netflix

12. Dear White People

Dear White People | Comedy Series

"Equal! You Can Only Vote If You Own A House And Don't Have A Vagina".

Dear white people is a satirical dark humor comical series that premiered on January 14, 2014. The series deals with racial troubles that people of color face in Ivy league and other big-name colleges. It shows Samantha White a heritage media major at the fictional Winchester University predominated by white people where she stands up for herself with her radio show. 

Available on Netflix

13. Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon | Comedy Series

"Honey, Perhaps You Should Lose The Tie."

Young Sheldon is a prequel to The Big Bang Theory that shows the struggle and quirky personality of Sheldon. The series was created by Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro and aired from Septemb19, 2017, to May 19, 2022, with five successful seasons. The series showcases a young nine-year-old Sheldon trying to navigate and fit in with high school students along with his family’s struggles to work around a prodigy child and sibling.

Available on Amazon Prime

14. Seinfeld

Seinfeld | Comedy Series

"I'm A Fancy Boy".

Seinfeld is an American comedy series based on the fictional life of Jerry Seinfeld, a real-life stand-up comedian, who focuses on his relationship with his three friends, mainly set up in an apartment building in Manhattan’s upper west sides. The series aired from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998, with fourteen successful seasons created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. 

Available on Netflix 

15. Modern Family

Modern Family | Comedy Series

"When Life Gives You Lemonade Make Lemons ." " Life Will Be All Like What?"

Modern Family is a mockumentary created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Leviton that premiered on September 23, 2009, to April 8, 2020, with eleven successful seasons. The series follows the life of Jay Pritchett who lives with his second wife, stepson, and a son in an apartment, and his big family who all reside in the suburbs of Los Angeles. The clashes between the families’ thoughts and beliefs but their inseparable for each other created a lot of humorous situations.

Available on Amazon Prime

16. The Adam's Family

The Adam's Family | Comedy Series

"I Didn't Hate My Mother, It Was An Accident."

Adam’s family is a black comedy series created by David Levy and Donald Saltzman premiered on September 18, 1964, to April 8, 1966, running for two successful seasons. It follows the lives of the close-knit Adam family with their supernatural powers who have immense wealth and are into macabre unaware that people find them absurd and weird.

Available on Amazon Prime, Vudu 

17. Bojack Horsemen

Bojack Horsemen | Comedy Series

"You Turn Yourself Around, That's What It's All About."

Bojack Horsemen is an American adult animated comedy series created by Raphael Bob- Waksberg that premiered on 22 August 2014, to January 31, 2020, with the running of six successful seasons. The series follows an anthropomorphic horse named Bojack Horsemen through his journey of struggles to return as a monumental star, through his self-destructive psychology and troubled life.

Available on Netflix 

18. American Vandal

American Vandal | Comedy Series

"Imagination Is What Makes Us Humans."

American Vandal is a mockumentary created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda that aired from September 15, 2017, to October 26, 2019, with two successful seasons. The series followed parody true crime documentaries such as Making a murder, etc.

Available on Netflix

19. Corporate

Corporate | Comedy Series

"I Majored In English And That Should Be Illegal."

Corporate is an American sitcom created by Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebreston, and Jake Weisman that premiered on January 17, 2018, to July 22, 2020, with the running of three successful seasons. The series followed the lives of two miserable employees working in the corporate situated in Hampton Deville.

Available on Hulu, Netflix 

20. Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean | Comedy Series

"If You Want To Be Strong, Learn To Be Alone."

Mr. Bean is a British sitcom created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis that premiered on 1, January 1990, to 15, December 1995. The series consisted of fifteen episodes and was known worldwide for its physical comedy. It followed the life of Mr. Bean who causes misunderstandings and chaos for others with his childlike nature through simple everyday situations.

Available on Netflix, Prime Video

21. Family Guy

Family Guy | Comedy Series

"Bird Is The Word ."

Family is an adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane that premiered on January 31, 1991, continuing in 2022 as season twenty-one is all set to be released on September 25, 2022, after twenty successful seasons. The series revolves around the Griffin family which consists of their father who’s a blue-collared job holder, their mother Meg who’s a stay-at-home mom, a teenage daughter who’s often bullied and ignored by family, and their younger son who’s a younger version of their father, and their infant son who's an evil genius.

Available on Hotstar 

22. Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty | Comedy Series

"Wubba Lubba Dub Dub."

Ricky and Morty is an adult sci-fi created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon that premiered on December 2, 2013, to September 5, 2021, with five successful seasons. The series follows the lives of the Smith family especially the adventures that an alcoholic and eccentric scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty take together as they travel through different dimensions. The series is set in Seattle, Washington.

Available on HBO Max, Hulu

23. Archer

Archer | Comedy Series

"I Swear To God I Had Something For This."

Archer is an adult animated sitcom created by Adam Reed that premiered from September 17, 2009, to October 6, 2021, with twelve successful seasons. The series follows the lives of eight dysfunctional secret agents of ISIS a fictional New York-based intelligence. Sterling Archer is the main protagonist who is a dim-witted, narcissistic, womanizer who finds humor in secret agents’ worlds and missions.

Available on Hulu 

24. Big Mouth

Big Mouth | Comedy Series

"I Live Balls Out And I Give Zero Fucks."

Big mouth is an American adult animated series created by Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Kevin, and Jenifer Flacket that premiered on September 29, 2017, to November 5, 2021, with five successful seasons. The series follows the lives of the seventh-grader best friends Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman who are seen struggling to make their way through puberty, masturbation, and sexual arousal.

Available on Netflix

25. I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy | Comedy Series

I Was Going To Then I Asked Myself For What

I Love Lucy is a typical black and white American sitcom that premiered on October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957, with six successful seasons. The series followed naive Lucy and her singer-husband Ricky Ricardo. She was often seen making plans with her two best friends to mingle and get into show business. It was the most loved series of its time with a top Nielsen rating.

Available on Hulu

26. Veep

Veep | Comedy Series

"Get The Government Out Of My ******* ******."

Veep is an American political satire created by Armando Lannuci that premiered on April 22, 2012, to May 12, 2019, with seven successful seasons. The series follows the personal and political life of Selina Meyer and her journey of realizing the difference between what she hoped for as becoming Vice President of the country and the far-fetched reality of it.

Available on Hulu 

27. The Good Place

The Good Place | Comedy Series

"If You Are Devil How Come You Aren't Wearing Prada?"

The good place is a fantasy sitcom created by Michael Schur that premiered on September 19, 2016, to January 30, 2020, with four successful seasons. The series follows through the concept of the afterlife where one is sent either to a good place or a bad place after death depending upon the morality of life.

Available on Netflix

28. The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel | Comedy Series

"I Don't Mind Being Alone. I Just Don't Want To Be Insignificant."

It is a period sitcom created by Amy Sherman that premiered on March 17, 2017, to March 11, 2022, with four successful seasons. The series follows the life of Midge who’s a Jewish housewife and mother residing in the upper west side of Manhattan whose husband leaves her for his secretary and her journey to find herself and become a successful stand-up comedian. 

Available on Prime Video

29. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Comedy Series

Someone Just Put The ' Neato' In Incognito

It is an American sitcom series created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock that premiered from March 6, 2015, to May 12, 2020, with four successful seasons and one special episode. The series follows the life of Kimmy as she starts to adjust to life after she’s rescued from a cult in the fictional town of Durnsville, Indiana where she was held captive by Reverend Richard.

Available on Netflix

30. Arrested Development

Arrested Development | Comedy Series

"Why Are Squeezing Me With Your Body?"

It is an American sitcom created by Mitchell Hurwitz that premiered from November 2, 2003, to March 15, 2015, with five successful seasons. The series follows the life of a fictional, wealthy but dysfunctional Bluth family as they continue to live beyond their means after a change in their status. The series won six Primetime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe award.

Available on Netflix, Hulu

31. Community

Community | Comedy Series

"Oh! My Third Wife Was Biracial."

It is an American sitcom series created by Dan Harmon that premiered from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015, with six successful seasons. The series follows through the life of the previous lawyer Jeff Winger who’s fired from his law firm after being caught lying about his degree, and to earn a real degree enrolls in community college where he quickly gets attracted to his classmate Britta Perry and organizes fake study groups like a conman to spend time with her.

Available on Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video

32. Scrubs

Scrubs | Comedy Series

"Benign ........ Benign And A Half."

It is a medical sitcom created by Bill Lawrence that premiered on October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010, with nine successful seasons. The series follows through the unique point of view of the main protagonist Dr. John Michael and the life of interns at the fictional medical hospital Sacred Heart teaching hospital.

Available on Prime Video

33. Gavin And Stacey

Gavin And Stacey | Comedy Series

"I'm Not Drunk Drunk."

It is a British sitcom created by James Corden and Ruth Jones that premiered on 13, May 2007 to 1, January 2010 with three successful seasons and two special episodes. The series follows the love story of the two protagonists through long-distance on phone for around six months as Gavin is situated with his parents in Essex whereas Stacey is settled in Wales.

Available on Prime Video

34. The In-Between

The In-Between | Comedy Series

"Maybe That Old Coot Isn't That Crazy After All."

It is an American supernatural drama created by Moira Kirkland that premiered on May 29, through August 2019. The series got canceled after one season due to its failure to attract an audience. The series revolves around Cassie Bedford who can communicate and see ghosts that help her foster father and his partner in solving cases.

Available on Hulu

35. The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls | Comedy Series

"Go To Sleep Sweetheart; Pray For Brains."

It is an American comedy series created by Susan Harris that premiered on September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992, with seven successful seasons. The series revolves around four single older women who are either divorced or widowed and are now residing together as roommates. The owner of the house all four are residing in is Blanche Deverauxe who is later joined by the other three after seeing an advertisement on the bulletin.

Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime

36. Catastrophe

Catastrophe | Comedy Series

"You Exude Black Squid Ink."

Catastrophe is a British sitcom created by Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney that premiered on January 19, 2015, to February 12, 2019, with four successful seasons. 

The series revolves around the lead Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney who have a sixty days fling after they briefly met each other on a business trip, upon their return to their respective destination, the lead discovers her pregnancy and they both end up being a couple in the end.

38. Girls

Girls | Comedy Series

"If You Died, The World Would Blur".

Girls is an American comedy series created by Lena Dunham that premiered on April 12, 20, 2012, to April 16, 2017, with six successful seasons. The series revolves around an aspiring writer Hannah whose parents inform her that they will no longer support her financially as they had been doing since her graduation. Left to her own devices in Greenpoint Brooklyn, she learns to navigate towards her adult life making one mistake at a time in her twenties.

Available on Netflix, Hulu

38. Barry

Barry | Comedy Series

"They Don't Wnt Honest, They Want Entertainment."

Barry is a black American comedy-drama series created by Alec Berg and Bill Harder that premiered on March 25, 2018, to June 12, 2022, with three successful seasons. The series revolves around Barry Berkman who’s a discharged marine from Cleveland who works as a hitman and travels to Los Angeles for a new target but finds the purpose of his life in theatre arts.

Available on Netflix, Hulu

39. Glow

Glow | Comedy Series

"This Place Can Make You Go A Little Crazy."

Glow is a series created by Liz Flavhive and Carly Mensch that premiered on June 23, 2017, to August 9, 2019, with three successful seasons. The series follows through the life of a struggling actress Ruth who’s seen auditioning for a wrestling campaign with many other women and ends up in a clash with Sam Sylvia who’s the director of the campaign and Ruth’s discoveries about the importance of connections to work in this field.

Available on Hulu

40. Master Of None

Master Of None | Comedy Series

"That Seems Ancedotal ."

The series was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang premiered on November 6, 2015, and is continuing as of today. The series follows the personal and professional life of a thirty-year-old Dev who’s an actor in New York. He has trouble even making minor decisions in his life, let alone the decisions of his future.

Available on Hulu, Netflix

41. Malcolm In Middle

Malcolm In Middle | Comedy Series

"Can You Turn On The Siren?"

It is a series created by Linwood Boomer that premiered from January 9, 2000, to May 14, 2006, with seven successful seasons. The series follows the lives of a dysfunctional lower-class family with Malcolm as the lead who’s a gifted adolescent in a family of dim-witted adults. Malcolm has a hard time dealing with his family life but he suffers more when he’s given special treatment in school.

Available on Hulu

42. Mom

Mom | Comedy Series

"I've Been Married ."

This American series is created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky, and Gemma Baker, premiered on September 23, 2013, to May 13, 2021, with eight successful seasons. The series follows the life of a mother who is an ex-alcoholic, and drug abuser trying to start a fresh life in Napa, California along with her mother who’s also a drug abuser, and her daughter. All these lives are interconnected with each other with all of them having their struggles.

Available on Netflix

43. Black-Ish

Black-Ish | Comedy Series

"So You'RE mAD At Me For Calling The Cops"?

This American series is created by Kenya Barris that aired from September 24, 2014, to April 19, 2022, with eight successful seasons. The series follows an upper-middle-class black family led by Andre Johnson and Rainbow Johnson and their family’s life as they juggle personal and socio-political issues.

Available on Netflix, Hulu

44. Undeclared

Undeclared | Comedy Series

"Your Nemesis Has Arrived."

This American series was created by Judd Apatow that premiered from September 25, 2001, to March 12, 2002, with one successful season. The series revolves around college freshman Steve Harp and, his girlfriend and their dorm mates as they embark on great experiences in life where Steve’s recently divorced and lonely father also tags along.

Available on Amazon Prime

45. Love

Love | Comedy Series

" Love Is A Force To Be Reckoned With."

Love is a romantic American series created by Judd Apatow, Lesley Arfin, and Paul Rust that premiered on February 19, 2016, to March 9, 2018, with three successful seasons. The series follows a couple who must navigate through exhilaration and humiliations of intimacy; and other things that they wanted to avoid.

Available on Netflix

46. New Girl

New Girl | Comedy Series

"It's Perfectly Fine To Watch T.V. All Day."

New girl is an American series created by Elizabeth Merewether that premiered on September 20, 2011, to May 15, 2018, with seven successful seasons. The series follows Jess who after a bad break-up moves to an apartment with three other men. Even though the men find her behavior unusual and weird they support and love her through it.

Available on Netflix, Hulu

47. The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man On Earth | Comedy Series

"No One's Waiting For Me."

This American series is based on a post-apocalyptic created by Forte that premiered on March 15, 2015, to May 6, 2018, with four successful seasons. The series follows the life of the only survivor, Phil Tandy Miller after a deadly virus sweeps the world as he searches for others as he paints signs in every state trying to find someone apart from him and failing at it.

Available on Hulu, Prime Video

48. The Comeback

The Comeback | Comedy Series

"We're Supposed To Have Each Other's Back Here."

This is an American comedy-drama series created by Kudrow and Michael Patrick King that premiered on June 5, 2005, to December 28, 2014, with two successful seasons. 

The series follows the life of Valerie an actress who rose to fame and then lost the spotlight because of some bad decisions.

Available on Hulu, Amazon Prime

There should be something that's surely going to uplift one's mood, like sitcoms as everyone enjoys a good series that has a nice plot. In this list, I've mentioned some of the best sitcoms that one can watch from all periods of time to make it easier for you to watch the ones suitable to your taste.


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