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Learning how to code might seem overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, you can get started in just about any programming language you want, whether you’re looking to become an expert or just want to pick up some basics on the side.

Tons of excellent coding platforms can teach you nearly anything you want to know about your favorite languages, from Python and Javascript to R and Ruby on Rails.

Here are 15 of the best!


1 HackerRank

One of the finest websites for beginners is HackerRank.

HackerRank is renowned for its user-friendly tools for beginners and hundreds of questions with an attractive user interface. You will receive starters for solving issues here, and if you succeed in their timed challenges, you will also receive a certificate. One of the better platforms for getting started is this one.

2 Codechef

If you have a degree in computer science. You must be familiar with CodeChef, and you may have seen CS students bragging about their scores there.

In 2009, the Indian software startup Directi launched CodeChef as a community education program for programmers. Today, student and professional programmers consider CodeChef as one of the biggest and most well-liked global competitive programming platforms. Under the Unacademy name, CodeChef was added in 2020.

Along with the assistance of its sizable community of problem curators, CodeChef encourages its users to continue learning and participate in friendly programming competitions.

3 Project Euler 

Mathematical and computer science-related tasks can be found in abundance through Project Euler. Writing a simple program to solve a complex mathematical equation or expression, such as calculating the sum of all digits in a series of numbers, is a common task for the challenges.



SPOJ, which stands for Sphere Online Judge, is one of the most complete coding libraries available, and it's only growing. This website includes more than 20,000 coding tasks, and it occasionally awards winners incentives like coupons and prizes. I rum, it is an excellent location to learn new coding skills. Additionally, even while you can write your code using their editor, if you'd rather, you may transfer it from another editor.

5 CodeEval

CodeEval is intended to assist businesses in locating and hiring elite talent, much to HackerRank. As a result, its content is largely aimed at intermediate and advanced programmers, while those who can use the most effective coding techniques to rise to the top of the league may be rewarded with employment.

6 HackerEarth

For its hiring processes, HackerEarth is well known. Few employment challenges are centered only on Java programming, and even fewer are open to other languages. However, clearing the coding test does not ensure employment. Extra points are awarded for performance during the selection process. On the contest registration page, you may read about the duties and qualifications of the position. They frequently also call for proficiency in other languages and technology.

7 GeeksforGeeks

GFG is a jack of all crafts; for practice quizzes and learning about any subject, including technology, geeksforgeeks is the ideal resource. The website gives you access to a wide variety of learning resources, such as programming challenges and entrance exam practice, as well as free and paid courses. GeeksforGeeks demonstrates a thorough understanding of all technical ideas as well as many approaches to solving coding issues so you can select the best answer.

8 Leetcode


One of the most quickly developing coding platforms in leetcode. In comparison to other systems, Leetcode's question quality is substantially higher. The excellent site Leetcode can be used to prepare for technical interviews.

They also run their coding competitions, have a virtual interview part dedicated to helping you prepare for employment interviews, and have an article section to aid with problem-solving.

 It has a good number of highly intriguing and beneficial coding questions that will help you be more ready for an interview. Leetcode provides a tonne of test cases, as well as interview questions from companies like Google, Amazon, and others.

9 Freecodecamp

Here in freecodecamp you can learn to code by creating projects in this nonprofit community. By accomplishing coding challenges and developing projects, it assists in learning how to code and also provides the chance to obtain certified certificates along the way.

10 Codeforces

The coding challenges on CodeForces are renowned for being among the most challenging. For how well you perform in competitions, you'll receive ratings. To strive harder and solve problems outside of your comfort bubble during a competition, you really shouldn't care about your rating as a beginner because it is your greatest hurdle to doing so. Even though your rating is declining, you may still be improving. You may practice a lot of questions there for free in the gym part.

11 Coderbyte

You can instantly tackle 200+ coding tasks offered by Coderbyte online using one of 10 different programming languages. Additionally, they provide a selection of video tutorials, interview-prep courses, and tutorials on algorithms. In contrast to others, Coderbyte allows you to see user-provided solutions in addition to those that Coderbyte has officially uploaded.

12 Exercism

A website called Exercism offers 3100+ coding exercises in 52 multiple programming languages. You take on the coding tasks directly on your computer after selecting a language you'd want to learn.

The fact that you work with a mentor after finishing each challenge sets it apart from other challenge websites. Your online responses are reviewed by the mentor, who offers feedback if necessary. You can access new challenges after your responses have been accepted and submitted.

13 Codewars

A sizable selection of coding challenges that have been submitted and revised by the Codewars community are available. You can complete the tasks in their editor immediately online in one of the various languages. You may see user solutions as well as a debate on each issue.

14 Topcoder

A very well-liked venue for competitive programming is a topcoder. Another of the best sites for learning to code, it provides a tonne of algorithmic tasks that you can solve on your own with the help of their text editing tool. Additionally, there is a unique area where you can put your development talents to the test.

15 Code school

An online learning center for programming called CodeSchool instructs willing students in the art of coding and effective computer usage.

Due to the sheer digital revolution, programming has grown to be a crucial aspect of our culture, but many individuals are still unable to write even the most fundamental computer code. Those looking to learn to code and become expert web developers might benefit from CodeSchool.

The foundations of programming are covered in a wide range of courses offered by CodeSchool. These are the fundamentals you need to thrive in the tech sector because even the best software developers and programmers had to start somewhere.

Additionally, CodeSchool has the best instructors to teach you how to program, from using the fundamental tools to using Java.

Concluding text here, now start coding!

Keep in mind you have a solid understanding of any computer language (C++, Java, or Python are preferred) before beginning to practice tasks on provided websites.

Good command means you should be familiar with how different Data Structures and Algorithms are implemented in that specific language.

So without further ado, add voices to the list.

If you have any suggestions to add, please comment below!



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