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Out of all the places, beaches are the ones to calm and relax with everything in one place, water, land, sunshine, and breezes. The best of tranquillity and placidity is always found near the shore.

Moreover, for the most supreme sunrise and sunset, what can be ranked further than the beach! Beaches are enough if anyone searches for a relaxing spot, having nothing artificial yet being the most delightful one.

Sports like hiking and surfing, having a picnic, playing games, other activities like swimming and fishing, and the finest memory of childhood of playing and making castles with sand can be enjoyed at beaches. Reveling with sea creatures and seashells, having photo sessions, and meeting new people are some of the bizarre activities one can pursue over a beach.

With the togetherness of sunset, the rhythm of waters, and night breezes, celebrating or spending time with loved ones or hanging out with friends could be the finest thing to do at the beach.

India is a great country for wonderful seasides with 200+ famous beaches. From the west to the south and then east, along with extraordinary names, India has exceptionally soothing and amazing coastlines. With the beauty of nature, India’s 7,500km (approx.) shoreline is like a silver lining to a cloud. In this article, you are about to explore some of the best beaches in India.

West Bengal

1. Mandarmani Beach (East Medinipur, West Bengal)

Mandarmani Beach (East Medinipur, West Bengal) | Best Beaches In India

Located near Kolkata, Mandarmani Beach has a 13km beautiful coastline. The Beach is known to be more beautiful at dawn and late afternoon. Red crabs crawling along its coastline are its famous attraction, making it one of the best beaches in India

To enhance the features for tourists, new resorts, as well as small-scale markets by locals, have also been developed near the beach. 


Odisha Beaches | Best Beaches In India

2. Gopalpur Beach (Ganjam, Odisha)

Also known as Gopalpur-On-Sea, Gopalpur Beach has an alluring horizon view. One can enjoy multiple water sports as well as sea creatures like Olive Ridley Turtles.

It has a touch of heritage too and popularity for ports of old time. Providing a 360° view of Gopalpur and a glimpse of Chilika lake, the lighthouse situated close to the beach is something out of the ordinary, making the beach to be in the list of best beaches in India

3. Golden Beach (Puri, Odisha)

It is also known as Puri Beach and is one of the eight Blue Flag beaches across India. As the name tells, the beach has golden grains of sand Residing near the waters of the Bay of Bengal and having Lord Jagganath temple nearby, it is also a pious place and often visited for purification dip.

The best part of the beach lies near the New Marine Drive and Lighthouse in the divine environment.

4. Chandipur Beach (Chandipur, Balasore, Odisha)

A beach that is different from others. Its tides recede by 5kms twice a day for which it is also known as Hiding and Seek beach.

While the tides ebb there can be seen wonderful life forms on the shore such as Horseshoe crabs, starfish, and sea urchins. Moreover, the disclosed sand bed gets decorated with the beauty of seashells.

5. Baliharachandi Beach (Puri, Odisha)

It is known for its isolated spot and neat reclusive beauty. As the name itself sounds, there is a temple of ‘Balihara Chandi Mata’ at the entrance.

One of the best beaches in India to find peace apart from the hustle-bustle of the city and hotchpotch crowd. With the only sound of the waves the silence is relaxing and the distance makes it a perfect picnic place as well as for spending isolated time alone or with family or friends.


6. Chakratirth Beach (Diu, Gujarat)

It is scenic with a collab of yellow-white sand and the Arabian sea. The beach is somewhat underrated and situated within reach of INS khukri. There are also resorts and stalls close to the beach as an add-on to the features of amazing and sandy lonesome waters.

With a part in mythology, there is also a temple of Lord Shiva located nearby. The reposeful sunset point, the hills alongside, and the clean terrain of the shore have their prominent magnetism.

7.   Mandvi Beach (Mandvi, Kutch, Gujarat)

Beach with golden-brown sand lounging over the land. To explore more in the pristine clime there are ships to sail on the surface of the sea. One can also get a view of the line of windmills.

Water sports are available to have adventurous fun as well as camel and horse rides are exceptional enchantments at the ends of waves. You can reach the Vijay Vilas Palace in the neighborhood which is remarkable for the shooting done of the Bollywood film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’.


8. Tarkarli Beach (Malvan, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra)

It is titled the Queen Beach among the territory of Konkan. This has been no. 1 tourist place in the town of Malvan and also the cleanest beach of Maharashtra.

The beach has Scuba Diving and Snorkeling as the most admired activities. Paragliding, Dolphin sightseeing, amusement with different rides, and sea tours are some of the other activities to pursue on the Tarkarli shore.

Apart from the fun part, the beach offers a peaceful sunset while the fast-food track offers the warmness of coffee and chill drinks.

9. Ganpatipule Beach (Ganapati Pule, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra)

It is a clean coast with a Ganpatipule temple and lies within the reach of public transport.

One can wallow in the boat and other water rides as well as water sports over there.

It is more of a beach for families and has a mix of traditions. The placidness over the seashore with a splendid sunny day vision makes the place more wonderful.

10. Girgaum Chowpatty (Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Located on the southern side of the city of Dreams, Girgaum beach is very popular. It is adjacent to the foot of Malabar Hill.

With a touch of freshness in the air, the sunset from its land is said to be worth watching. The end of the beach is also famous to try locavorism such as ‘Pav Bhaji’ and many other varieties.


Goa Beaches | Best Beaches In India

11. Anjuna Beach (Bardez taluka, North Goa, Goa)

Situated in the north of the city, Anjuna Beach is well-known for sparkling nightlife inclusive of rapturous parties.

Widely talked about its hippie culture and rich lifestyle, the beach offers numerous water activities and rides such as Jet Ski.

Beach Shacks, local wine, and cafes, meters from the end of tides have been attractions not only for the locals but for the foreigners too. 

12. Morjim Beach (Pernem, North Goa, Goa)

Also called Little Russia due to mutual inhabitants, Morjim Beach is known for its serenity. It is somewhat secluded from the busy lands and popular for being the breeding and nesting place for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. It holds picturesque beauty and imperturbable surroundings.

Connected to Chapora River, the beach is found on the northern coast of the city and is more pleasant in winter times. It also has resorts, residents, and restaurants serving Goan cuisine.  

13. Vagator Beach (Bardez, North Goa, Goa)

Surrounded by red cliffs, Vagator beach is at the end of the northern sealine of Goa. Itself in the division of two (big Vagator and Little Vagator), it also shares sand with other little beaches namely, Ozran Beach, Aguada Beach, and so on.

Adventure sports like parasailing and leisure activities can be seen happening or can be done by the Chapora Fort lying adjacent to the beach.

14. Colva Beach (Salcete, South Goa, Goa)

Cool, comfortable and clean, Colva beach has a line of coconut trees by the side and spread of white powder sand. Apart from connecting two towns, the beach has numerous residential facilities for tourists and travelers making it one of the best beaches in India.

With a combo of placidity and night merriment including taverns and taprooms, this beach is a magnificent spot in the middle south of Goa and between Bogmalo Beach and Cabo de Rama Beach.

15. Dona Paula Beach (Panaji, North Goa, Goa)

Commonly called lovers' paradise and famed for the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, the beach has its name from the daughter of the Viceroy. Based on her stories, this place is a hotspot for tourists, especially those in true love just 7km from the capital of the state.

A view of Mormugao Harbour can also be acquired from the beach.

16. Calangute Beach (Bardez, North Goa, Goa)

One of the most engaged beaches and majorly by the adventurers. With the touch of the Arabian Sea, its coast has water sports and night sparkling as well as a shopping hype.

Kerkar Art Gallery is a cherry on the top, that adds colors and rhythm to your eyes and soul just 3kms from the beach. Known for the parties in the lights of clubs, the beach could inscribe on your experience at the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thus pushing it to the top among the best beaches in India

17. Arambol (Arambol, North Goa, Goa)

Surrounded by a sweet water lake and beach shacks, Arambol beach is one of the most beautiful and splendid beaches of the state. The money stone in the jungle valley is an amazement for many.

Sunset party and Sunset Beach Market lights up even the dusk for the eyes around by the extraordinary performers and handmade things. With a strong range of winds in the environment, sports like paragliding and kite surfing are the best over there. Events and festivals happening between January and February are the most special part of the beach.

18. Palolem (Canacona, South Goa, Goa)

In the Crescent shape, the Palolem beach is the most popular one on the southern side of the state. It has a specialty of being projected favorable of its ending consisting of the protruding rocks.

The gradual increase of the depth makes it favorable for non-professional swimmers too, pretty cool thing in one of the best beaches in India, right? Visitors here also have the privilege of enjoying an island environment and Goa culture on an island adjacent to the beach.

19. Benaulim (Colva, South Goa, Goa)

Located 2kms from Colva, Benaulim beach breathes new life into its visitors. It’s like a noiseless paradise inclusive of glossy white sand.

This beach is like a real escape from the crowd, while its night parties and enthralling resto-bars are an actual boost. The old Church of St. John the Baptist, Din Brothers Jewellers, and Swami Ayurveda authentic center and some of the calming places to visit within a small range.

Andhra Pradesh

20. Rushikonda Beach (Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

The only beach in Vizag, linked to the Bay of Bengal, Rushikonda Beach is an incredible combination of greenery and blues along the stretch of golden sands.

It is one of the virgin beaches of south India and one of the best beaches in India. With a touch of water sports and nature, it is a wonderful place for adventure with a tranquil sky above the cottages built closely.

21. Ramakrishna Beach (Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh)

More famous as RK beach, Ramakrishna Beach is located close to the Dolphin’s nose in the beach city of Visakhapatnam.

Near to the beach, there is a Kali Temple and The Ramakrishna Mission ashram situated at the heart of the city's coastline. Along with all these, its cool nature has made it the most visited beach of Andhra Pradesh and one of the best beaches in India.


22. Ullal (Ullal, Mangalore, Karnataka)

Connected to western ghats and the Arabian sea, Ullal beach is distanced from heavy crowds but not nature’s beauty. It’s a wonderful place containing old-time forts and the oxygen of palm trees.

It also gives an exceptional experience of changing colors from the sunrise with the shades of red and yellow to the visitors and this all alone makes it one of the best beaches in India.

23. Half Moon Beach (Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka)

With a lovely crescent moon-like favorable shape and hills by the boundaries, Half Moon beach has an intact shore away from the city buzz. One can have an entire sky view while trekking onto the rocks. This beach is most special for the ones who despise artificial beauty and go for simplicity. Simply, it is one of the best beaches in India!

24. Small Hell Beach (Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka)

Small hell beach is a perfect place with a combination of Small Hell Cliffs and sea coast. This beach with picturesque nature is an ideal place for swimming and trekking. Consisting of camping friendly land is its most popular feature. Photographers can get their best clicks from and of the cliffs, shore, and sky colors together. Best snapshots from one of the best beaches in India!

25. Padubidri Beach (Udupi, Karnataka)

Padubidri Beach is one of the Blue flagged beaches of the country. It consists of strong tides and enthralling scenic beauty.

Keeping the beach neat and clean, all the necessary amenities are available in a 2-kilometer range from the shore. Visitors can also lie on a hammock, enjoy wooden swings and a tiled area under a palm shed.

26. Kudle Beach (Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka)

Kudle Beach is amongst the top 5 beaches of Gokarna and one among the top beaches in India. It is settled in the shape of a perfect ‘C’ along with rocks where the waves rest.

Along with the joy of swimming, visitors can get thrilled by surfing over its waves. One of the most interesting things is visitors can visit Om Beach by trekking, making the visit and moment an escapade.

27. Nirvana Beach (Uttara Kannada, Karnataka)

Also known as Kagal or Birkodi Beach, it is approximately 7kms from Kumta Town. Its form and vegetation are really impressive with extraordinary beauty. This beach gives a rare experience of witnessing Bioluminescent phytoplankton at night time. That itself is enough to make it one of the best beaches in India.

More like a picnic spot, it is separated from the unnecessary luxuries but has quite amazing resorts around and is explorable into the jungle and onto the fort.

Tamil Nadu

28. Marina Beach (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Marina Beach has a water connection with the Bay of Bengal and a land connection with Fort St. George. It is known to be the second-longest natural urban beach in the world and one of the best beaches in India.

Along the walk on the shore, one has the privilege to observe the statues of Kannagi, NSC Bose, Thiruvalluvar, George U Pope, Avvaiyar, and Bharathidasan. Though swimming is not allowed, still the beach is visited more often by the locals as well as other outsiders.

29. Tharangambadi Beach (Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu)

Tharangambadi Beach is very popular for its incredible honeymoon destination namely The Bungalow on the Beach which is 17th Century Tranquebar. The beach is known to be ozone rich and with another name as Tranquebar is also called as the Land of Dancing Waves.

A Danish Fort is situated near which can be a historic visit whose beauty is yet to be washed away by the beach. Overall, this tiny beach has multiple experiences in one.

30. Mahabalipuram Beach (Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu)

Mahabalipuram Temple is the main religion attracting visitors to the beach. The clean shore of the beach has scenic beauty and other religious sculptures that catch sight.

Mahabharata-related Monuments, caves, crocodile farms, and schools of art are some of the amazing located close to the coast.

31. Kanyakumari Beach (Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu)

Kanyakumari Beach has an amazing southernmost coast of India where the waters of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean meet. With the waves returning from golden sand, the sea around couldn’t be captured in one sight. It is recognized as one of the top best beaches in India.

Visitors to the beach also have a rare advantage of witnessing both Sun Rise and Sun Set from there itself. Thiruvalluvar Statue and Vivekananda Rock are some of the eye-catching parts on the shoreline of the beach.


32. Lighthouse Beach (Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

As told by the name this beach has a wonderful 35m lighthouse located at the south end of the beach and with the cunning beauty the shore has smooth as well as clean sands.

It is one of the popular destinations for tourists and hence, there are multiple shops and eateries around the shore as well as one can get sunbeds on rent for more pleasure.

33. Marari (Mararikulam, Alappuzha, Kerala)

Marari beach is very lovely and soothing with its white sands and clear waters. The beach with lagoons alongside makes breath-taking views of the sky visible.

Resorts around the beach give the visitors complete contentment in their divine natural structure like a unique open-air bathroom in one of them. Coconut trees and the healing greenery around the coast make the beach cooler and more relaxing and make it one of the best beaches in India.

34. Kovalam Beach (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

Kovalam beach is quite serene with an enjoying coast with the shacks and ayurvedic treatment facilities nearby. Covelong Beach is its other name and the beach’s crescent form is known to be formed by three beaches of the village that are separated by rocky outcroppings.

Kovalam, as in the name, the village has a huge number of coconut trees along with which it is the perfect beachside village for an experience of beyond urban and artificial ecstasy.

35. Varkala Beach (Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)

Varkala beach, also called Papanasam Beach is well known for its connate springs and ancient Janardhanaswamy Temple located close by for more than 2000 years.

It has a picturesque beauty that has cliff, sand, and waters arranged in a spectacular way. With an almost pollution-free environment, it is the cleanest beach in Kerala. The windy nature of the beach billows the hairs and caresses the head making the soul feel relaxed. It could be one of the top best beaches in India from the state.

36. Bekal (Kasaragod, Kerala)

Bekal beach is small but full of tranquility and enormous 300 years-old Bekal Fort. This is one of the finest man-made beaches of India that has camps as its prime feature.

It is a world-famous beach for the Malabar International Kite festival. The beach gives a very stupendous view of the waves slamming rock bottom. Moreover, KTDC Bekal Beach Camp in the neighborhood is a desirable addition with an incredible experience that completes all the gaps or regrets left in the entire journey of the visitor. Pretty cool things to happen in one of the best beaches in India, isn't it?

37. Cherai Beach (Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala)

Located on the upper side of Vypin Island, Cherai beach gives a fantastic experience of a natural shore and eminent beauty of waters between land and island with a sloping coastline.

The demonstration of Chinese fishing nets to the tourists here is one of its unique features. Incomparable view of the horizon from its sands and getting in touch with dolphins while swimming is a maximum that any scenic place can have.


38. Promenade Beach (Puducherry, Puducherry)

The most popular beach of Puducherry, Promenade beach has a stretch that has many amazing milestones along its way such as a war memorial, the statue of Joan of Arc as well as one of Mahatma Gandhi, several ashrams, duplex park, and along the paved beachfront, a lighthouse.

It is one of the rare beaches among the best beaches in India that is complete and comfortable to reach, in giving pleasure, providing necessary amenities, worth visiting, and familiar for pleasurable activities.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

39. Radhanagar Beach (Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

With white sands and crystal-clear water, Radhanagar beach is known to be the 8th best and #7 largest beach of the world & #1 of Havelock Island with a dense forest without which the trip of Andaman and Nicobar is said to be incomplete.

Located closely there are many great attractions such as Elephant Beach, Neil’s Cove, Restaurants, and resorts. The beach is also great for sunbathing, barefoot walking, swimming as well as playing games and sports such as volleyball.


40. Minicoy Thundi Beach (South Minicoy, Lakshadweep)

Minicoy Thundi Beach (South Minicoy, Lakshadweep) | Best Beaches In India

Located on Minicoy Island which is also called Lost Maldives Island, Minicoy Thundi Beach is no less than a paradise on the largest island of India. It has the largest lagoon in Lakshadweep with incredible unspoiled and pristine water and coral where there are also awesome facilities for rare water sports like scuba diving.

Some things like their bizarre but wonderful culture, issue of independent kayaks and 1885 established Lighthouse that can be climbed are some wonderful features of the beach.

So, here ends our journey through the best beaches in India. Whenever you plan to visit a state with beaches, never miss out on this list of best beaches in India. 

We would love to hear your favorite beach story in the comment box below. Also, like and share this list of beaches in India with your travel buds.

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