51 Benefits Of Yoga That Are Scientifically Proven

Less drama, more Yoga!

Astha Bansal

Jun 28, 2021|10 min read


Yoga is an ancient art that is more than 5000 years old that helps to connect body and mind. It has recently become a popular way of improving one’s lifestyle. 

Presently people consider yoga as a significant means to achieve a healthy as well as positive life. 

The power of yoga lies in simplicity, flexibility, and diversity. It unites people in harmony and peace.

There are so many more benefits of yoga that we all are unaware of.

As a matter of fact, this practice helps all of us in improving our flexibility, lowering our stress level and increasing our confidence, and finally contributing to a healthier life on the whole. 

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has numerous benefits that help us to relieve our body and mind if we practice them regularly. 

Here are some wonderful benefits of yoga listed below that will astonish you and motivate you to perform yogic exercises daily.

1) Flexibility

The very first benefit of yoga is that it makes our bodies flexible.

Yoga is the best way to improve the flexibility of the body. 

Performing the poses helps the muscles to stretch and lengthen resulting in the body with full elasticity.

2) Muscles become strong

Another benefit of yoga is that it makes the muscles strong.

By performing asanas regularly the efficiency of muscles increases. 

Fat doesn’t accumulate in the body and helps to build long, lean, and powerful muscles.

3) Ideal posture

Yoga asanas make your body stretch the muscles which with time strengthens and enables the muscles to properly support the body while maintaining a full range of motion.

4) Bones and Joints become strong

By regularly performing yoga asana the bones, cartilage and ligament become strong. 

It helps the joints to bear more pressure and helps them to become more flexible. 

Problems of postural deformities, sciatica, and cervical pain can greatly be controlled.

5) Controls blood pressure and heart rate

Yoga asana focuses mainly on relaxing the body, by performing this stroke volume as well as the cardiac output increases as the cardiac or heart muscles start working more efficiently and strongly. 

Circulation of blood improves and blood pressure stabilizes resulting in lower blood cholesterol.

6) Digestive system efficiency increases

This benefit of yoga is for all people having digestive issues.

Yoga helps all the organs of the digestive system to work in a proper way. 

The stomach and intestine strengthen resulting inefficient absorption of food and an increase in appetite. Problems like constipation, indigestion, and bloating disappear like magic.

7) Capability of respiratory system increases

Yoga involves pranayama i.e. breathing exercises. This helps in increasing the lung and chest size and vital air capacity too up to 6000 ccs. 

It keeps away the problems like bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

8) Strengthen the nervous system

Regular practice of asanas enhances synapse efficiency. The neuro-muscular coordination increases resulting in good adrenaline in the body. 

This secretion depends on our sympathetic nervous system which reduces our reaction time. 

Also helps in memory power and keeps all the problems like depression, anxiety, etc. away from an individual.

9) Glandular activity is stimulated 

The glandular activity is stimulated and regulated properly. Glands start producing hormones in sufficient quantity which are collected and utilized at the time of need.

If an individual regularly practices yoga asanas his body surely develops in a balanced way.

10) Excretory system enhances

Next on the list of benefits of yoga is for our excretory system.

All the excretory organs start working efficiently when one performs yogic practices. 

The waste products like lactic acid, acid phosphate, uric acid, sulfates, urea, and other toxic chemicals are excreted quickly and properly which in turn help in delaying fatigue. 

It also keeps the body away from cramps, irritable bowel movements, constipation, etc.

11) Perfect immunity 

One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it increases our immunity.

One’s immune system strengthens and becomes less prone to various communicable diseases. 

It stimulates our lymphatic system and increases the number of lymphocytes in the blood. By promoting equanimity, also eliminates the impairment associated with stress.

12) Healthy pregnancy 

Practicing yoga during labor improves the health of both mother and child. 

Prenatal yoga practice helps in reducing the length of delivery and significantly reduces the associated pain. 

It increases the flexibility of the muscles needed for childbirth and keeps the mother away from nausea, headaches

13) Keeps away from allergies

By performing different poses can absolutely be very helpful to alleviate symptoms of allergies. 

The relaxative poses calm our central nervous system and help to regulate the immune system against allergens. 

This helps the body to respond to the allergens in a better way and keep away the allergies.

14) Regulates metabolism

Yoga helps to regulate the blood levels of glucose, lipids, and insulin in the body by improving the oxygen intake in the body resulting in a speedup of metabolism.

15) Migraines

Migraines are the episodic disabling headache which requires long term management. The frequency and intensity of the pain can be reduced by regularly performing yoga.

16) Cures asthma

This benefit of yoga is for all people having trouble while breathing.

The breathing exercises can help in opening the chest muscles which encourages better breathing. 

It helps in cleaning the airways that are inflamed, narrow, and swelling due to the production of extra mucus. Yoga helps in controlling and increasing breathing ability.

17) Reduce menopause effects

Menopause effects include hot flashes, weight gain, sleep disturbances, etc. 

All these symptoms can be effectively controlled with the help of yoga as it lowers the level of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in women.

18) Balance the body

Yoga helps to control the body without movement against gravity. 

Balancing improves muscle coordination and posture including physical and nervous balance and stilling the unconscious movement.

19) Increases focus

Regular yoga practice helps the brain to focus in a better way. It helps in learning new skills efficiently and resisting the brain from distractions. 

It also helps in controlling the impulses efficiently.

20) Increase self-esteem

Another benefit of yoga is that it increases self-esteem.

Yoga helps in boosting self-esteem by promoting a positive mindset and reducing the thoughts related to self-destruction patterns.

21) Controls obesity

Yoga is a lifestyle; regular practice helps in maintaining body weight and perfect posture. 

The diverse behavioral, physical, and psychological effects work together to promote healthy weight loss management.

22) Keeps injuries away

By performing different types of yoga, the muscles and joints become flexible and elastic. 

This lowers the risk of injuries to your body. The areas that are imbalanced due to previous injuries can also be corrected.

23) Arthritis

Yogic practices help in reducing arthritis pain, inflammation as by regular practice the joints become flexible leading to the creation of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the body.

24) Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

When age increases our brain's hippocampus shrinks gradually leading to the state of forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s disease. 

Through regular yoga practice, this state can be stopped as it helps in increasing the hippocampus size of the brain in older people.

25) Reduces the pain of PMS 

Premenstrual symptoms or PMS is the problem that every woman faces but this can be stopped or reduced through yoga. 

Yoga helps in decreasing the cramps, abdominal swelling and helps in overall physical function. It makes the lower abdominal muscles more stretchable and elastic.

26) Treats Schizophrenia, Mind fog, and ADHD

Recent studies have proven that yoga as therapy has proven to be effective for psychiatric disorders. 

It helps in improving the negative symptomatology and social cognition.

27) Strengthens the bonds

Yoga is a positive internal practice that helps in keeping positive interpersonal relationships. 

It increases the social circle and sense of belonging between people who regularly practice yoga. 

28) Supports fertility

An erotic benefit of yoga.

Performing yoga regularly helps in improving the fertility rate. The combination of different postures, breathing, and meditation can treat infertility between men and women. 

It stimulates hormone levels and increases blood and nutrition circulation in reproductive organs. Also, help to decrease stress and increase the sexual drive and stamina.

29) Treats insomnia

Sleeps is important, everyone knows this but due to today’s busy lifestyle sleep, related problems have increased. 

Yoga helps in quality sleep rather than quantity sleep; it helps in increasing the sleep hormone melatonin which controls the sleep pattern and reduces the nighttime sleep disturbances.

30) Increases spine’s flexibility

The intense forward, backward and side stretch makes our spine, hips, and legs more stretchable and elastic. 

The spine flexibility makes our posture good and balances our body.

31) Improves morality and spirituality

Yoga practitioners have strong morals and values assimilated into them. They are able to express their thoughts and virtues in a more efficient way. 

These people are more considerate towards other people as they are more connected to spirituality and have a quality life.

32) Helps lower your BMI

The body mass index is an important indicator of physical wellbeing. 

The people who perform yoga asanas regularly tend to have lower BMI and healthy bodies.

33) Reduces cravings

For some people, food is a way to express their feelings. Yoga helps to reduce binge eating. 

The practitioner starts a healthy relationship with food and decreases the quantity consumed. Yoga helps in creating a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

34) Treats back pain

This benefit of yoga is for all people struggling with back pain.

Back pain originates from bones, joints, muscles, and nerves it may be in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar region. 

Yoga helps in the improvement of back functions.

35) Increases pain tolerance

The regular practice of yoga makes the person tolerate the pain twice his capacity.

Yoga trains the way to manage our senses in a better way.

36) Lowers blood sugar

Yoga helps in lowering blood sugar and lowers (LDL) “bad cholesterol” and boosts (HDL) “good cholesterol”.

It helps in lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels, improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin, and encouraging weight loss. 

Yoga also decreases your risk of diabetes compilation such as heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness.

37) Releases tension in limbs

Due to daily unconscious habits, one faces chronic tension, muscle fatigue, and soreness in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, and face, and worsens the mood. 

Yogic practices help to tune the muscles and release tension from the different areas of the body.

38) Away from drugs

Next on the list of the benefits of yoga is for drug addicts.

Today’s medical science encourages the pharmaceutical drug for asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and others but yoga significantly helps them to lower down without any usage of medications.

Fewer drugs will likely decrease the side effects and dangerous drug interactions.

39) Slower down aging

This benefit of yoga is loved by all fame lovers.

Yoga stimulates detoxification in the body. 

This detoxification of harmful toxins results in delayed aging and shiny and beautiful skin.

40) Builds awareness

Yoga builds awareness in an individual. 

The more the person is aware of himself the more it is easier to break free of destructive emotions like anger. 

Yoga appears to reduce anger by increasing compassion and gratitude in oneself. 

41) Soothes sinuses

Performing asanas and breathing exercises helps prolong exhalation, which shifts the balance towards the parasympathetic nervous system. 

The chanting and meditation help to open sinuses and facilitate drainage.

42) Heals the body in a better way

There are several yoga nidras that help to contemplate an image of oneself in the mind’s eyes. 

This reduces headaches, postoperative pains, improves the quality of life.

43) Helps to serve others

This is a very integral yogic practice of serving others. 

Showing gratitude towards others brings significant peace and serene in life. 

When one sees other problems he forgets his problems and shows considerate behavior toward others.

44) Supports connective tissues

Yoga heals you inside out. It helps to improve your body but it also has a major role in changing the attitude of people towards the world. 

It helps to connect an individual to a community and a community to the world. 

45) Reduces the sodium level

Regular yoga exercises reduce the sodium levels in the body and help to keep away heart and kidney diseases away from the body.

46) Increases red blood cells

This benefit of yoga helps in increasing the immunity of a person.

Yoga helps to increase the red blood cells in the body as it increases the intake of oxygen which in turn is responsible for higher RBC. 

This helps to reduce the problems like anemia and low energy.

47) Lowers the risk of multiple sclerosis

Yoga is the best way to treat multiple sclerosis, by performing specific poses one can heal the spinal cord in an effective manner.

48) Muscular dystrophy 

Yoga practices in the early stage of muscular dystrophy can help to return some physical functions. 

Regular performance can help in regaining muscular abilities.

49) Epilepsy 

Yoga can help with epileptic seizures by focusing on stress reduction, breathing, and restoring overall balance in the body.

50) Carpal tunnel syndrome 

Individuals who perform yoga showed greater improvement than those who wore splints and received no treatment at all. 

Yoga helps to improve grip strength and reduction of pain in the body.

51) Cancer 

The people who are fighting or recovering from cancer can be benefitted with the help of yoga. 

Regular practice can help to gain strength, raise red blood cells, experience less nausea during chemo’s and have better overall wellbeing.

That concludes the list of the benefits of yoga.

To sum up, yoga is a secret to living a long, healthy, relaxed, and stress-free active life. 

If one wants to taste the flavor of such life they must practice yoga daily for their holistic development of mind and body.

Yoga has healed many lives. If after reading these benefits of yoga, you are thinking of making it a habit, then do share your experience with us.

Also, like and share this list of benefits of yoga with your near and dear ones. Happy Healing!

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