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Who haven't heard of monday blues ! We all have and mostly undergo this feel after a good weekend. It's not wrong to say that on Mondays usually, we don't have the grit to do things. So here is a hindi story which is very powerful and make you realize the power of willingness and responsibility, its a story or believe in yourself speech which will definitely motivate you.

Video Link : How to believe in yourself | Short motivational story



This story is really precious if you follow it thoroughly. Behind every little moral story, there are values and ethics to grasp in and it is true in this case also.

As we proceed with this hindi story, and in the video having believe in yourself speech we will discover that if we trick our mind into not doing something, it will behave likewise. But if we can find a little motivation or an aim of any sort, even the impossible will be possible as elaborated in this hindi story.

The size of the work shouldn't matter and you must not leave any stone unturned to accomplish your goal. You need to hustle hard to win hard.

In this video's believe in yourself speech, The King is hugely attached to his elephant and likewise his elephant is attached to him. When the elephant realizes that his master may be in need of it, the elephant did his best to stand by his King and hence showed his loyalty again in the grave situation as told in the story.

Inspiration is really the key to move forward and trust me this story of the King and his loyal undefeated elephant will inspire you a lot.

We all try to look for inspiration or the motivation to do things in humans, but listen to this beautiful hindi story and you will discover that nature is the greatest motivator and inspiration. Trees will inspire you if you want to be inspired. Even the unwanted weeds would inspire you and the old elephant who is part of believe in yourself speech in the story is bound to inspire you.

Another thing which could inspire is love and shown by the both King and the elephant in the hindi story. Their love for each other made them do things and things which definitely gave brilliant results. Don't you all think that if we associate inspiration and our love ( be it for a person, our goals or anyone or anything ), we could achieve our aim and get our work done more efficiently just like the Elephant did when it realized that his loved Master needs him. The age didn't became his hindrance then and his loyalty and motivation helped him to stand beside his King again. Listen to this beautiful hindi story and you will find the moral values inspiring.

So if you are, looking for believe in yourself speech, then this hindi story as well as this video is made for you. Even in the gravest of situations, when we find our motivation and will to do things, it doesn't matter how much we are lagging then, all that matters will be how we fight till the end. How we will hustle and finally win.

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