40 Beer Brands In India To Make Your Drinking Dreams Come True

‘Drink all you want, they’ll make more!’

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Mar 4, 2021|10 min read


Indians have different opinions when it comes to a topic, but the one thing that they agree on is the satisfaction of having a mug of nice and chilled beer! Be it events, birthdays, parties, old or young, formal or informal, beer is the right drink for every occasion and all types of drinkers.

Beer Brands in India
Beer Brands in India

Introducing Beer in India is one thing that we should thankful to the British for. They eventually set up a brewery and since then the Indian beer industry has changed, especially in the last decade. Today, beer is available in two strengths in India; ‘Mild’ which has 5% alcohol, and ‘Strong’ which has 6-8% alcohol.

So if you’re in search of the best beer brands available in India, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of 42 Beer brands in India to make your drinking dreams come true.

1. Kingfisher

Undoubtedly ‘The king of good times’! Kingfisher is the best-seller beer brand in India. Launched in India in 1978, it has different ranges of beer; Strong (8% alcohol), Premium (4.8% alcohol), Blue (8% alcohol), and Ultra (5% alcohol). The beers are light-tasting and are probably why it is most loved amongst the others.

2. Tuborg

If you’re looking for a beer to make you feel tipsy, this is the right one! Tuborg is a mild and fresh-tasting beer with the aroma of flowers. It is the right beer to have with a light meal, or during a formal event or party. Tuborg stands at number 2 amongst all brands and number 1 when it comes to international brands. Variants of Tuborg are Strong, Green, Classic with Scotch Malts.

3. Carlsberg

Next up in the list of beer brands is one of the most popular beer brand and beer producers in the nation. The quality of the European Barley gives it a unique taste and drinking experience. Carlsberg is the best choice for celebrations or if you’re watching a football match with your friends. The two variants of this are Elephant and Smooth.  

4. Budweiser

One of the best-selling brands and features amongst the top choices of beer in India. Not just in India, but it is one of the most popular brands across the globe. The beer has a sweet rice flavor which makes it tasty. Budweiser has two variants; Premium (5% alcohol) and Magnum (6.5% alcohol)

5. Heineken

A beer brand that is loved in India, mainly due to its consumer-friendly price. Straight from Holland, the beer is one of the largest produced beer in the world. Unlike other beers, Heineken beer is slightly stronger. The two variants of Heineken available in the market are Heineken premium beer and Heineken Draught.

6. Corona

If you’re a fan of beers that has a sweet taste, this is the right one for you. Brewed in Mexico, Corona is one of the best-selling beer brands in India. Due to its smooth taste, the beer is not favored by serious drinkers. Another demerit of this beer is that it’s a bit expensive compared to other beer companies. But it’s a one to try!

7. Bira 91

Even though the brand came late, it took the market by a storm. Bira brought in crafted beer to the Indian market. It has low bitterness and has a spicy taste which makes it the perfect beer to chill with. Bira has a few variants; Blonde (4% alcohol), While Ale (5% alcohol), Light (4% alcohol), Pale AI (7% alcohol), Strong AI (7% alcohol and spicy taste)

8. Foster’s

Foster’s beer is one of the best-selling beers across the world. The beer is an Australian classic lager, which is also loved in India. Foster’s lager is light-colored balanced with a bit of bitterness. If you’re looking for a harder drinking experience, then this is the right choice.

9. Hoegaarden

This original Belgian white beer is loved by people from over 70 countries. First brewed in 1445, Hoegaarden is one of the oldest craft beer out there. With an alcohol content of 4.9%, it is a refreshing beer.  But unfortunately, you may not find it in some states of India.

10. MillerCoors

Miller High Life was introduced by MillerCoors in 1903. Known as the champagne of beers, Miller High Life is an American-style lager beer. The beer has high alcohol content and bitterness. It’s one of the cheapest beers available at the market.

11. Haywards 5000

This beer is famous among Indian customers. With an alcohol percentage of 7%, the beer is known for its smooth and strong taste. Haywards 5000 is a high-selling beer brand with over 10 million units sold per year.

12. Royal Challenge

Another popular and most purchased beer in India. The beer is a clear yellow drink, made with the finest barley, which gives it a smooth and powerful taste and is available in India at a cheap rate. Royal Challenge is famous in North India.

13. Kings

Next on the list of Beer brands in India is a beer without which a trip to Goa is incomplete. Made with maize flakes and hops, Kings is brewed in Goa and goes well with the Goan Cuisine. The variants of this beer are Pilsner, Strong, and Maxx. Next time you take a trip to Goa, make sure you get yourself a Kings and enjoy it on the beachside!

14. Godfathers

This beer is an easy-to-drink lager that ensures extra freshness and a great taste. Godfathers have three variants in the market; Light (5% alcohol), Strong (7% alcohol), and Lager (5% alcohol). If you’ve had a tiring day and you’re a beer lover, this beer made with fine malted barley is the right choice for you.

15. Stella Artois

This beer is made with a 9 step ritual to ensure perfect taste. Stella Artois is a Belgian pilsner with an alcohol content varying between 4.8% to 5.3%. The beer is available at a pocket-friendly price and is the perfect beer for a vacation!

16. Peroni

This is one of the most under-rated beer brands in India. Produced by Peroni Brewery in Italy, the beer is refreshing and has a unique crisp. If you’re looking for a super-quality drink, then Peroni is the right one for you!

17. Daredevil

This is one of the strongest and bitter beers which is produced in India. Like its name, the beer is people who dare to drink strong beer.

18. Simba

India’s first bottled craft stout! The beer is produced in small batches with finely crafted recipes, unlike other beers. Simba has a few variants that offer smooth, crisp, raw, and strong flavor. If you’re planning to have a beer party with your friends, the finely crafted beer brand should be your first preference.

19. White Owl

Combining old-brewing techniques with the new ones, White Owl offers different varieties of crafted beer to the Indian audience. They’re beautifully handcrafted beers with an amazing taste. The seven different variants of this beer are Halcyon, Diablo, Ace, Shadow, Torpedo, Spark, and Paulina.

20. Hopper Beer

Next on the list of Beer brands in India is a Belgian craft beer and is a new addition. Made with wheat, barley, and coriander seeds, this beer is available in two variants; Withier and Blonde. Why don’t you go and give it a try?

21. Sandpiper

An Indian beer, with a sweet taste! The beer is yummy and has classy packaging. Sandpiper is produced by Inertia Industries Ltd and is found especially in Mahabaleshwar. The alcohol by volume is 5%

22. Zingaro

Zingaro is one of those budget-friendly tasty beer brands that are available in India. Brewed by United Breweries, the beer has a mildly bitter taste and a bit of malt and corn. The beer is famous among people in India due to the low price you can buy one for.

23. London Pilsner

Produce by United Breweries, this pilsner is the most popular brand in the state of Maharashtra. The beer is cheaply available and has a refreshingly smooth taste. The beer has two variants; Premium Mild and Premium Strong.

24. Sterenn

Sterenn beer is a beer produced in India, with a German recipe. The beer is a lager with an orangy flavor and is one of the rising brands in the country.

25. Chang Beer

This beer from Thailand is distributed to almost 50 countries in the world. The barley used to make this beer gives it an authentic taste of Thailand to all its consumers. Chang has an alcohol content of 4.2% and you should try it!

26. Tiger Beer

This beer brand is brewed in Singapore and is produced by Heineken. Made using pilsner malt, corn, and yeast, the beer has a sweetish taste with a hit of barley. Tiger is amongst Singapore’s top 10 valuable brands! The alcohol per volume is 5%. The variants of this beer are Asian Lagar, Black & White, Extra Fresh, Silver, Radler Grapefruit, and Radler lemon.

27. Lion Beer

Produced by Lion Brewery, this beer is owned by Sri Lanka. With its sweetish taste with hints of caramel, the beer is one of the highest selling beers in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The different variants of this beer are Lager (4.8% alcohol), Stout (8.8% alcohol), and Strong (8.8% alcohol). 

28. The Black Mamba

This beer is the strongest craft beer and the tastiest one amongst all crafted beer available in India. The beer is a mix of coffee and chocolate and is creamy. It looks just like a smooth expresso. If you’re looking for a strong beer, The Black Mamba is the one you’re looking for.  

29. Raging Bull

Next on the list beer brands in India, is again for the ones who’re looking for a strong beer. It isn’t a normal to-go beer. Brewed by Arbor Brewing company, the bull comes around Rs. 215.

30. Brewklyn

Brewklyn brings Brooklyn’s drinking to Bangalore, India. The fun fact of their beers is that they’re named after famous personalities from Brooklyn. It’s the right place to go and chill with a few beers in India.

31. Bro Code

Even though it made a recent entry this beer is the most loved beer brand among people. It is a well-crafted beer that is high in alcohol content. With an alcohol content of 15%, Bro Code is one of India’s strongest beer which makes it popular amongst the youth of the nation. It’s also available at a reasonable price in India.

32. Indus Pride

A spicy beer produced by the brewing giants, SABMiller. As the name suggests, this beer is made with rich flavors of Indian spices, to bring the Indian flavor to the world of beer. Indus Pride is brewed in India for the people here and around the world. If you’re planning to have a meal of Indian cuisine, then this beer is the perfect pairing with it.

33. Asahi Japan

After making its debut in 1987, for the first time, the beer is one of the most popular beers produced by Asahi Breweries in Tokyo. The beer is clean, has a crisp and strong taste with low sweetness and high bitterness.

34. Christoffel Beer

This pilsner brewed by Christoffel Bier of the Netherlands has an alcohol content of 6% The beer has a good taste and a bit of bitterness. This is one of the best-imported beers that you should give a shot at. The beer is the best option for you if you’re planning to spend some time with your friends.

35. Knock Out

From its name, it’s quite obvious that Knockout is one of the strongest beers available in India. The brand’s purpose is to celebrate strong men who display a strong character. It has a powerful taste with an alcohol content of 8% and is popular in Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra.

36. Leffe Beer

Leffe is a beer brand owned by InBev Belgium and is one of the most popular beer brands in India. The beer has a remarkable taste and is slightly bitter and is one to try. The variants produced by this beer are Blond (6.6% alcohol), Brown (6.5 alcohol), and Tripel (8.5% alcohol).

37. Mahou

Mahou is produced by Mahou San Miguel, a Spanish brewing company based in Madrid. It is one of the most legendary beer brands in the world for many decades. The alcohol has a refreshing taste with an alcohol content of 4.8%.

38. Murphy’s Irish Stout

Dark in color, Murphy’s is an internationally recognized Irish stout. The beer has a brewing history since 1856 and is a must-try for you. With an alcohol content of 4%, the beer is rich, creamy, and has the tastes of toffee and coffee.  

39. Singha

Know as the ‘Original Thai Beer’, the beer contains 5% alcohol and is manufactured by Singha corporation in Thailand. Singha is sweet and has a slight bitterness and is recommended for those who are looking for a lighter beer. The lager has an alcohol beer with 5% alcohol and is currently available in 53 countries.

40. Beck’s ice

To end this list of beer brands in India, we have a beer inspired by the original German heritage. The beer is 100% pure malt and is the best choice for an event or a party or if you’ve had a tiring day. The brand just made its way but is loved by the people in India. Beck’s Ice has an alcohol content of 7-8%.

Beer Brands in India
Beer Brands in India

The evolution of beer from decades proves how beer is a prominent alcoholic drink and the favorite of many around the world. India’s love story with the beer industry is just growing day by day. Earlier, we used to import beer from different parts of the world, but today we have our breweries all across the country that suits everyone’s tastes and preferences. There are many breweries in Bangalore that you should visit.

Make sure you try the above-mentioned beers at least once in your life. I’m sure these 40 beer brands in India will make your drinking dreams come true. If you’re ever confused or don’t know which one to try, make sure you read this article and find the right one for you.

If you found this article informative and interesting, make sure you share it with a beer-person or with someone who you want to try all these beers. CHEERS!

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