No makeup on is a beauty

Sonali Negi

3 months ago|2 min read


Whenever we hear beauty we think of something bright, something charming. But in the real world beauty has been defined in different ways and according to me the definition is- " Something which catches your eyes for some seconds is the value that you are searching to call a beauty"

Beauty is expensive

You know what this is the misconception that we are having. We think that beauty is something which is expensive which is describing shiny clothes and appearance but in reality, we all are attracted towards different things. The real term which describes beauty is "pure essence". When you watch something and you want to hold on there it is beautiful for you. Beauty is something that expresses the real value of a person. beauty is action-oriented. What kind of actions you are putting forward? How you are treating somebody? how you are talking with someone during all the days and nights?

These are certain things that totally describe the beauty of a person. Someone speaking ridiculously and looking so good in the attire. Now everything the one is wearing would be trash because the world is fond of listening to soft and cold voices. Nobody is interested in hearing something loud and violent. See you can argue with me over this but deep down we all know that we like some soothing voices and pleasant scenarios. None of us want noise beside them. At certain times you become rude and loud, that is okay but when someone shouts for no reason, believe me they lose their dignity in front of a crowd.

When to react?

This is the most important thing to learn. When do you learn when to react? and How to react? you become so productive and valuable asset for your own self and for the world that surrounds you. See we all are humans and we humans have this tendency to freak out but freaking out at certain times is okay. The person who is calculative and balanced with the next reaction he/she has to give, that person is so beautiful for this whole world. Everyone would admire that person and everyone would learn something from that person.

A real-world describing beauty

"Beauty, beauty, the beauty I searched all where forgot to calculate my own actions'


Sonali Negi

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