30 Urdu Words That Have a Soothing and Tranquil Effect On Your Soul

‘baat karne ka hasin taur-tariqa sikha, humne Urdu k bahane ye saliqa sikha.’

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Jan 21, 2021|5 min read


Urdu is considered one of the sweetest and most beautiful language. Urdu is not just a language, it’s a culture and represents a way of life. The widely loved language is commonly known as “lashkari zuban”. As a soft and sensual language, Urdu has been fascinating non-Urdu speakers for years. In the world, Urdu is the only languages in which it is not possible to abuse someone.

The Urdu language is beautiful because of the decency that the language parents. The power to captivate mesmerise us is the sheer beauty of the Urdu language. The language is lyrical and customised for poets and literature, even the dull statement sounds rich.

The sweet essence of the language is the strong evidence why Urdu is the most beautiful language. Urdu is a boast of some of the most beautiful words that you will ever hear. And one can’t help but be astonished by the language.

Laced in royal touch and richness of the language with its verses and magic is sure to follow. Urdu has some of the most expressive words that you will ever hear. If you delve into the meaning of these words you will definitely fall in love with these words and would put a smile on your face.

Urdu words and its meanings mesmerise us and that for sure we all have experienced this at least once in our life. The Urdu language brings out the hidden shayar in most of us. There is magic in this language.

Here’s eloquent, yet breathtaking these 30 beautiful Urdu words and their meaning which ooze magic every time you use them.

1. Faqat (Merely)

This beautiful Urdu word which means merely, only or simply. It is usually used as a prefix for the almighty as he only knows what he has in plan for each one of us.

2. Nafs (Soul)

This beautiful Urdu word literally means ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. It is used to refer to the inner being of a person. The other similar words are Rooh, Jaan, Zindagi, etc.

3. Bekhudi (Unconsciousness)

Bekhudi is a beautiful word which means ‘Haalat-e-Noom’ or ‘Haal’. In English, the word means senselessness or unconsciousness.

4. Shafqat (Compassion)

Shafqat describes compassion or lovingness. This word is also used as an adjective for someone who is loving or shows love to other people.

5.Nayaab (Rare)

One of the most beautiful Urdu words, Nayaab means rare, unprocurable or scare. It is used as an adjective for things that are very special. The word, which itself is rare.

6. Darkaar (Required)

The meaning of darkaar in English is ‘Required’. Another similar word for darkaar is Zaroorat.

7. Ilm (Knowledge)

Again a beautiful Urdu word with a deep meaning ‘Knowledge’.The synonym of ilm is aalim, which means who provides or distributes knowledge.

8. Fanaa (Passing Away)

Fanaa is an Urdu word that means passing away. The song ‘Tere pyaar mein ho jaun fanaa’ from the movie Fanaa is a wonder that contains this Urdu word and justifies it.

9. Kasak (Painful)

Again a beautiful Urdu word which means ‘Prickling’. The synonyms of the word are Irritating, Painful, Piercing, Pain etc.

10. Marham (Ointment)

One of the most beautiful Urdu words of the list is Marham which means ‘Ointment’. The other meanings of the word include balm, dressing or medicine.

11. Mehboob (My Love)

The word Mehboob means ‘My Love’. The historic song ‘Mere mehboob qayamat hogi’ shows how loving and powerful this word is.

12. Ibtida (Beginning)

The Urdu word with a meaning beginning. The other similar words of ibtida include Aaghaz and Shuru.

13. Zarf (Capability)

Zarf is an Urdu word with the most beautiful meaning capability. It is also known as a container which means the capabilities to keep the self filled or to keep the self devoid of emptiness.

14. Aks (Reflection)

It is one of the most beautiful words of Urdu as it is used in Urdu poetries. The word means ‘reflection’. In most usages, the meaning is the reflection of a person's personality.

15. Dastak (Knocking)

The Urdu word dastak means knocking. ‘Yeh kiski hai dastak, Yahan kaun aaya.’ are lines from a popular song that perfectly capture the feel of this Urdu word.

16. Zaahir (Evident)

This beautiful Urdu word, which means evident or open, is widely used in poetry. It is also used as a name which means bright, shining and elevated.

17. Tarab (Happiness)

This Urdu word, which means happiness, is also used as a name. The synonyms of this word are pleasure, contentment, or joy.

18. Khayal (Thought)

The Urdu word khayal means thought. The iconic song ‘Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai’ from the film Kabhi Kabhi best explains this Urdu word to the deep extent.

19. Zariya (Medium)

The Urdu word Zariya means medium. The synonyms include are along the way or through the medium of.

20. Manzoor (Acceptable)

This Urdu word means Acceptable. The song ‘Manzoor-e-khuda’ from the film Thugs of Hindustan makes you understand this beautiful Urdu word to a great extent.

21. Sharafat (Nobility)

This beautiful Urdu word means respectfulness and nobility. The other meanings are izzat or ehteram.

22. Shabnam (Dew Drops)

The Urdu word with beautiful and peaceful meaning ‘Dew Drops’ which also known as a ‘oss ki bunde’. This word used as a name for a girl.

23. Meherbani (Thankful)

This word means being thankful for others. A beautiful, melodious and romantic song ‘Hain teri meherbani’ from the film Shaukeens explains the meaning of this word to a great extent.

24. Keemat (Value)

Keemat is another beautiful Urdu word which means cost or value. The various synonyms of this word are of great value, costly or expensive.

25. Mustaqbil (Future)

One of the most powerful Urdu words, Mustaqbil means future. It is used to talk about things which are in store for us. The other meanings are later, next to or succeeding.

26. Beshaq (Unquestionably)

This Urdu word means’ unquestionably’ and is often used to describe the Almighty. Other similar words are Yakeeni Tore Pe, certainly or explicator.

27. Beintehaa (Unlimited)

This beautiful Urdu word means something that doesn't have any limits or doing things without limits. The song ‘Be-intehaan’ from the film Race 2 depicts the intensity of the word.

28. Bemisaal (Unique)

The Urdu word Bemisaal in itself is unique. The other similar words are different, exclusive, individual or rare.

29. Qadr (Honouring)

The meaning of qadr is giving value or appreciation, or simply honouring. It is giving esteem respect and high regards to a person.

30. Nazneen (Elegant)

Nazneen is a beautiful Urdu word which means elegant, beautiful and delicate.

Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder likewise the beauty of the language lies in the ear of the listener, especially to the most beautiful language Urdu. There is an interesting answer by Kamal Saigel to “What makes Urdu the most beautiful language?” where he has written “The respectfulness (known as tehzeeb) which makes the Urdu language beautiful. ”

Urdu is a beautiful language that that seems to have been customised for literature, a language that adds charms to ordinary poetry, a language that marked the noble from the ordinary, a language belonged in the courts of the powerful, in the school of wise and in the homes of the well-educated, a language that has past the heights of its glory but still spoken by many sold to many under different names.

So these are the few beautiful Urdu words and meanings which can be used in a day-to-day conversation. Also knowing Urdu words can be often used to impress people around you.

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