60 Most Beautiful Spanish Words That Can Be Used In A Convo

Sep 2, 2021 12 min read

Learning new languages gives you a feeling of rebirth and also gives you a lot of exposure which in turn gives you wings of confidence. An important key for effective communication is language when you ace it your points are appreciated and well accepted.

Spanish is a Romance language, originated from the Iberian-peninsula of Europe. It is a global language today with more than 500 million native speakers, mainly in Spain and America. It is also a scripted language in the world with Latin script. And in today’s world Spanish is the second most spoken language after Mandarin concerning only native speakers.

Let me tell you some interesting facts about the Spanish language. 

  • 21 countries in the world have Spanish as the official language.
  • The earliest Spanish texts were written over 100 years ago.
  • The Arabic language has influenced Spanish, it uses 8000 retained words from Arabic.
  • Spanish is a phonetic language it means each letter represents a certain sound, it sounds the same as we write.

Isn't that fascinating? So, let’s learn the most beautiful Spanish words. I have grouped them accordingly for your convenience in the list below.

Let us start with the greeting.

1. Hola – hello

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Hola | Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Hola | Beautiful Spanish Words

It is how you greet your friend or someone you know in Spanish.

Below I have listed 15 Spanish words which are beautiful but with a little complicated meaning in English.

These English words or meanings are not used in our daily day talks but these Spanish words are used commonly among people. Also, I have added examples for each word for your better understanding

2. Melifluo/a – mellifluous

It means sweet-sounding, melodious, mellow on the whole to describe something that sounds pleasant to hear. It can be a song tune, and musical instrument, or even a voice

“Tienes una voz muy meliflua” – You have a very mellifluous voice.

3. Inefable – ineffable

This beautiful Spanish word means inconfesable, inexpressible, indescribable. When you just can't express what you feel in words then it is called “inefable” in Spanish

“Lo que siento por mi novio es inefable” – What i feel for my boyfriend is ineffable.

4. Sonambulo/a – Sleepwalker

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Sonambulo/a| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Sonambulo/a| Beautiful Spanish Words

A sleepwalker is called Sonambulo in Spanish. Also, sonambulo is for males and sonambula is for females.

“Yo era sonámbula de niña” – I was a sleepwalker as a child.

5. Serendipia – serendipity

This word has a beautiful meaning and doesn’t miss the chance of being listed as one of the most beautiful Spanish words. It means to find something good without looking for it or an unplanned fortunate discovery something like pleasant surprises and happy accidents.

“Fui al aeropuerto a buscar a mi prima y por serendipia conocí a mi ídolo favorito” – I went to the airport to look for my cousin and by serendipity I met my favorite idol.

If so who would be the idol you wanna meet?

6. Etereo - ethereal

It describes things that are light and delicate also in terms of beauty. In Spanish, there exists this beautiful word “Etereo” to express this feeling. Etereo [masculine adjective] , Eterea [feminine adjective].

“Ella es etérea”- She is ethereal.

7. Ademan - Gesture

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Ademan | Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Ademan | Beautiful Spanish Words

This beautiful Spanish word means sign or gesture.

“Hace muchos ademanes con las manos” – He makes a lot of gestures with his hand.

8. Iridiscencia – iridescence

Iridescence in particular is the ability of a surface to show bright colors with the change in angles.

“Me encanta que las burbujas tengan iridiscencia” – I love that the bubbles have iridescence

9. Epifania – Epiphany

Epifania means the moment of sudden or great realization.

“En mis sueños tuve una epifanía ahora sé el propósito de mi vida”- in my dreams I had an epiphany now I know the purpose of my life.

10. Soledad – solitude

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Soledad| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Soledad| Beautiful Spanish Words

This beautiful Spanish word describes the need for alone time or the feeling of being alone.

“ A veces el individuo necesita un momento de soledad” – sometimes individuals need a moment of solitude.

11. Olvido – oblivion

This word describes the state of being forgotten or unknown

“Muchos cantantes caen en el olvido tras su primer éxito” - Many singers fall into oblivion after their first success

12. Efimero – ephemeral

Efimero is a beautiful Spanish word that points at something lasting for a very short time

“La tristeza es efímera” – Sadness is ephemeral

13. Elocuencia – eloquence

Elocuencia means to be fluent in speaking or writing

“Ese hombre habla con elocuencia” – That man speaks eloquently.

14. Desenlace – outcome

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Desenlace| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Desenlace| Beautiful Spanish Words

It defines the outcome as the result of work.

“El desenlace de ese Libro no me gusto” – I didn’t like the outcome of that book.

15. Superfluo – superfluous

It means anything unnecessary or being more than enough.

“Tu comentario es superfluo, no vale la pena mencionarlo” – Your comment is superfluous, not worth mentioning.

16. Inconmensurable – immeasurable

As the English words suggest it's too extensive to be measured and defined.

“El amor que le tengo es inconmensurable”- The love I have for you is immeasurable

17. Ojala – hopefully

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Ojala| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Ojala| Beautiful Spanish Words

This is a very easily understandable word that means to wait or to believe something with the hope for good

“Ojalá este artículo llegue a muchos” – hopefully this article reaches many.

The Spanish language has a collection of unique words which are only present in Spanish to describe the meaning it holds. These words do not have an English meaning to them.

The words are listed below

18. Sobremesa

It indicates the time spent after lunch or dinner on the dining table with the members present and with a drink if interested.

19. Estrenar

It points out the dress or an accessory you are wearing for the first time.

20. Madrugar

This word can be used to describe a person who wakes up early in the morning i.e an early person.

21. Trasnochador\ trasnochadora

This is a word that can be used as an antonym for the previous word as it indicates the person who sleeps late at night is more like a night owl.

22. Puente

This beautiful Spanish word is quite interesting because it denotes action i.e taking an off in between a public holiday and a weekend to make it a long weekend and to plan a trip.

23. Friolero\ friolera

If a woman is sensitive to cold temperature and remains all-time in the jacket or under a blanket is called friolera and frilero in the case of men.

24. Tapear

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Tapear| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Tapear| Beautiful Spanish Words

Tapear means to eat 'tapas'.

Well, let me tell you what tapas is, it is a complementary food given in Spain for a drink.

Spanish is so interesting and beautiful, isn't it?

25. Botellon

There are street parties in Spain for which people get together on the streets and have a big bottle of beer and enjoy the party. That big bottle of beer is called Botellon.

26. Pagafantas

The meaning behind this word is quite peculiar and at the same time is a little funny. This word is used when a guy has to buy a Fanta[cold drink] for a girl.

27. Maruja

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Maruja| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Maruja| Beautiful Spanish Words

Do you like to gossip?

In Spanish, if you are a woman who gossips a lot then you are called as Maruja.

28. Empalagar

Don’t you hate it when sweets are extremely sweet, that it makes you uncomfortable?

Yes, then you can use this beautiful word to describe it from now on. It means a sweet that is extremely sweet and kinda puts you off.

Also, I have an add-on for you, some people fall under the same criteria mentioned above too sweet to handle and are annoying with their sweet talks they are addressed in Spanish as Empalagosas. Do you have any empalagosas around you?

29. Verguenza Ajena

Putting it in simple words it means “second-hand embarrassment”

Have you had times where you get extremely embarrassed by the act performed by someone you know or your friend just because you are present right there?

Exactly that situation is called a Verguenza Ajena

30. Quincena

Spanish companies have a fantastic and very calculative way of settling salaries for their employees. The employees there get their pays twice a month i.e the salary is split into exact two halves and is distributed once in every fifteen days.

That system is called the Quincena.

What are your views on Quincena, would you suggest it at your workplace?

31. Tutear

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Tutear| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Tutear| Beautiful Spanish Words

This Spanish word is got to deal with formal and informal phrases in Spanish. The action of using informal “you” is called 'tutear', informal addressing.

32. Tocayo

Now, this Spanish word is for sure is beautiful because this word is used when you find a person with the same name as yours.

It’s already exciting to find someone with your name, and when you have a word to describe it how good that feels right?!!

33. Pecueca

The word sounds beautiful but doesn’t mean the same. Because it’s used to describe the smell of sweaty feet.

34. Calurosa

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Calurosa| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Calurosa| Beautiful Spanish Words

This is a word for a person who is sensitive to heat.

35. Ajena

This is a little weird to understand, it is used to tell that it belongs to “others “. It simply means just “other people’s stuff”.

36. Guiri

This different and beautiful Spanish word is used in Spain for the tourists from UK, Canada, States, northern Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

It can be used to address in a friendly way or a teasing manner it all depends on the tone.

So watch out!!

37. Chiringuito

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Chiringuito| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Chiringuito| Beautiful Spanish Words

This simple word has a simple meaning just a beach bar.

Do you like beach bars?

38. Merender

This can be called tea time. The time between lunch and your dinner, when you grab some snacks.

39. Guan

It's just wow!!

Yeah, the word means to express wow in Spanish.

There are also words in Spanish that have one or more meanings for a word and should be used concerning the context

40. Velocidad- speed or velocity.

Doesn’t this word sound similar to velocity in English? Yes, it means speed. They are almost from the same family.

41. Intentar – try or attempt

This word expresses the action to give it shot, just try!

42. Probar – to taste or try

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Probar| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Probar| Beautiful Spanish Words

This means to ask you to taste something or try in terms of food.

43. Esperar - to hope or wait

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Esperar| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Esperar| Beautiful Spanish Words

You wait only when you have hope, this Spanish word combines both into its meaning.

44. Hacer – make or do

It’s a verb, indicates to make or do something.

I have a collection of poetic words in Spanish that are listed below, their meanings are poetic they also sound poetic.

45. Perenne – everlasting

Perenne is a beautiful Spanish word that is used to say everlasting/forever poetically.

46. Ataraxia – a mood of calmness or peace

This word denotes the state of being calm more like a meditating state of mind

47. Pavonearse - to show off

This word in Spanish denotes a person who tends to show off like a peacock. Its meaning is derived from the comparison of humans to peacocks.

48. Hermosa – beautiful

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Hermosa| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Hermosa| Beautiful Spanish Words

How beautiful it is to pronounce this word that describes beauty.

49. Dadivoso/dadivosa – generous

A person with a generous heart, a giving heart is called by this name. Dadivoso for men and Dadivosa for women.

50. Dedalo - Maze

Maze simply means a puzzle, also a state of being confused and dazed.

Moving on to the next set of words, it is also equally important to learn golden words in Spanish

51. Por favor – Please

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Por favor| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Por favor| Beautiful Spanish Words

52. Gracias – Thank you

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Gracias| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Gracias| Beautiful Spanish Words

53. Do Siento – Sorry

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Do Siento| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Do Siento| Beautiful Spanish Words

We'll look into some more words that can make your everyday life blissful in Spain.

54. Disculpe - excuse me

This Spanish word is so much important for interactions at social places

55. Claro - of course

Of course! it is such a beautiful word used to show your strong acceptance.

56. Salud – bless you

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Salud | Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Salud | Beautiful Spanish Words

This is an expression used in Spanish culture after a person sneezes, which means to bless.

57. Emociones - emotions

This beautiful Spanish word means emotions. They can be happy, sad, irritated or anything it all together is put into Emociones.

58. Feliz – happy

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Feliz| Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Feliz| Beautiful Spanish Words

Feliz particularly indicates the emotion of happiness. Also, there is a Christmas carol starting with ‘ Feliz Navidad’ which means Merry/ Happy Christmas.

59. Encantado\encantada – delighted

Expression or a state of feeling happy from the bottom of your heart and also includes the feeling of being proud.

Spanish is a very articulate language with many nuances both while pronouncing and writing.

60. Adios – bye!

<a href="https://feedingtrends.com/beautiful-spanish-words">Adios | Beautiful Spanish Words</a>
Adios | Beautiful Spanish Words

Well, this is a must and easy to learn the word. Bidding farewell.

This concludes the article of 60 most beautiful Spanish words. For some, this might have been a trigger to learn new languages or maybe even Spanish. Then please go for it and learn.

It was exciting for me to scroll through these words and I hope it was the same for you as well.

Make sure to use these words when required because it is going to be so much fun to do that.

Do like and share it with your friends and have fun together. Also, let us know your favorite Spanish word.

Adios Amigos!!

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