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If you are fond of beautiful and rare pearls or use them in ornamentation, you probably have heard of Basra Pearl. This one of the rarest kinds of pearls is known for its beauty and price. In this guide, you will get an insight into this beautiful rare pearl.

• Origin of Basra Pearl

According to some historical sources, these natural gemstones are said to be originated in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. The name of these pearls is taken from its largest traders. Earlier in the ancient days, it was primarily traded in an Iraqi city situated on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab River. This city is known as Al Basrah or Basra. Hence on the name of the city Basra, it was named Basra Pearl.

It is obtained from the Gulf Pearl Oyster and Black clip Pearl Oyster. Both these oysters. These gems are made up of calcium carbonate discharged by shellfish after it faces an aggravation. 

But after the depletion of the marine ecosystem in the Persian Gulf, the production of the natural Basra was halted, which makes these pearls rare.

These pearls are harvested from coastal countries of the Persian Gulf like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, etc. 

• History of the stone

The beauty of Basra pearl has been used for a long time now, around from 300BC. The Basra Pearl holds a great significance in Indian history. The Nizams of Hyderabad were very fond of this stone and made a significant part of this pearl in their collection. One of the most appealing Basra pearls creations is a seven-stringed necklace named Salada. This beautiful work of art incorporated 465 pearls and diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. 

• Chemical and Physical Properties

Pearls are generally made up of Calcium Carbonate and sometimes have aragonite or aragonite and calcite mixture, but these minerals are not regarded as proper minerals. 

These pearls are glossy and lustrous in appearance. The Basra pearl's beauty and purity are even compared to the moon.

• 4 C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight

The Basra pearls mostly have a Cabochon cut, giving the pearl a polished surface and enhancing its beauty. These beautiful Basra pearls are generally Opaque and come in white color, but they can come in various shades like gold, silver, cream, yellow, brown, pink, or peach. The natural Basra pearl has a minimum weight of 1.04 carats and can go up to 20 carats

• Spiritual Meaning

The Basra pearl is very effective in light dispersing effects. This gemstone is also connected with the zodiac sign Cancer. Earlier in the ancient days, the Basra pearl was associated with good fortune.

• Benefits of wearing

Because of the purity and color of the Basra Pearl, it is astrologically compared with the moon and was believed to have a strong positive effect on the mind. It also helps to calm down the emotions.

• Who Should Wear

As the Basra Pearl is related to the zodiac sign Cancer, it should be worn by them. But apart from the Cancer sign, it can be fruitful for the persons with Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces zodiac signs.

• Price

The price for Basra Pearl can range from 15,000 rs/- per carat to 1,00,000 rs/- per carat. The cost varies depending on the pearl's size, color, and shape. 



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