19 Bangalore Malls To Visit for Shopping and Hangout with Friends!

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Bangalore malls! Aren’t those the words we’ve all been waiting to hear? The new phase of unlocking is just about to end around the corner and the vibrant city of Bangalore will embrace its people with all the liveliness, perfect climate, and enormous amount of fun that awaits us! 

This popular city is filled with the best shopping malls, hangout places, busy streets, and high-end facilities. The vibe of the place attracts the youngsters to its trendy culture modifying with its people, and Bangalore emerging as a growing metro city. We all agree that traditional markets have their own perks but the malls are a buzzword now. 

If you are visiting Bangalore or living there and waiting to hang out and meet some friends, you are in the right place! Here we have listed out some of the best malls in Bangalore to go shopping and hang out with some friends. If you’re wondering which one to choose, then choose from the best! 

However these malls aren’t just for the shopaholics, they offer some many exciting things like tattoo artists, the best cafeterias, hosting events, play areas for kids, and many other things, so don’t let the habit of not shopping stop you from visiting the best of Bangalore malls.

List of the Bangalore malls to visit and have a great day!

1. Orion Mall, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore

It is one of the most famous and large shopping malls in Bangalore. It is known to have been designed by the H.O.K a famous architectural firm in New York. It is the third-largest mall in Bangalore in terms of area. It has something for each of its visitors, you can shop, window shop, watch movies, it also has the biggest bowling alley in town. 

Orion mall Bangalore is full of all kinds of brands you would want in your wardrobe, not to mention the food court that is excellent. It opens around 10 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. 

2. Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta Road

This mall is always packed with visitors and is known to have one of the best of the services to offer. It has a hypermarket, attractive sales on many brands, and delicious food! This mall in Bangalore is a perfect place for entertainment and a day full of fun. It is also a very happening and vibrant place with decorations. It opens around 10 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m.

3. Gopalan Mall, Bannerghatta Road

The entire experience of this mall is like a mixture of history and of the present. Shopping is a whole new thing here at Gopalan Mall in Bangalore. It has many facilities like the gaming zone, entertainment zone, etc. However, if you are a movie lover, you are gonna adore this place. 

It has a combination of different auras and that is what makes the place special and adds the ambience to it. It is nearby to a few colleges so you can find a lot of youngsters here now and then as it is indeed a great place to hang out.

4. Mantri Square, Malleswaram

This mall in Bangalore is known to be one of the largest in the country and is found to have some of the best 6 screens INOX which makes it an ideal place to catch up some late-night movies after shopping. It is also very famous for its gaming centre known as Amoeba. 

t is a pure paradise for the shopaholics as it has about 10,000 retail outlets. 

5. The Forum, Kormangala

The forum mall is the centre of attraction of people in Koramangala. It is spread over five floors filled with family, friends, and kids. This is one of the most famous malls in Bangalore. It is great for a shopping spree, and for spending a few hours browsing books at the huge Landmark store..

It is also a one-stop solution for movies, fashion, shopping, adventure, or just to have an amazing day with your friends. It is really popular for its coffee at Kalmane Koffee, so if you plan to go there then don’t forget to try it.

6. Phoenix Market City, Whitefield

It is one of the most fabulous malls in Bangalore. You can find a huge variety of shops and food places that you will absolutely love. It is also very large and has a beautiful courtyard in front where you can just hang out and go for a walk. It is also a place for many concerts, live shows, painting competitions, etc.

7. Bangalore Central, Jayanagar

This mall in Bangalore is a very hyped-up mall, it is famous for its numerous shops and stores. It is definitely one of the Bangalore malls you must visit. It has a very stylish look to it and is very customer friendly. It is known to have some of the best food in the local stall, true to its origin delicates that cannot be replaced with the costly food at fancy restaurants. 

8. UB City Mall (The Collection UB City)

Wanna see how comfort and luxury feel like? Welcome to the UB City mall. The place has the air of divine and luxury. The UB tower is the highest one in Karnataka towering a height of 124 meters accommodating the UB offices. 

The mall houses many branded shops like Burberry, Rolex, Canali etc. It is also known to have some elevated artworks at the sublime galleria. It is one of the must-visit malls in Bangalore. 

9. Garuda Mall, Magrath Road

This is a very exciting place filled with so many affordable options. You will find stores and shops all around and in the mall. It is supported by the amazing multiple cuisines of all around the world. Craving for Chinese, you’re all set! There are ranges for every product and moreover, it has a built-in bowling place, along with gaming zones. It’s a must-visit mall in Bangalore.

10. Inorbit Mall, Whitefield

Inorbit mall in Bangalore is an exceptional walk-through experience for any tourists. It is also known to host shows and events on special occasions at this place. The mall contains a variety of brands, some local and some from the west. This is a unique experience for families to visit the international brands. It is a very Kid’s friendly place. It is also very famous for handicraft accessories.

11. Leela Galleria, Old Airport Road

Leela Galleria is located in Leela Palace. It is a very glorious shopping mall in Bangalore. It is known to have a tranquil and serene environment that gives you a pleasant shopping experience. It has two floors filled with all kinds of shops related to clothing, jewellery, shoes, antiques, etc. 

If you are looking for a nice and comfortable place to stay and an awesome accompanied mall, Leela palace and Galleria will not disappoint you!

12. Cosmos Mall, Kundanahalli

The speciality of this Mall in Bangalore is that it attracts all people from different places. It is quite famous for its rooftop cafeteria and a huge variety of games being offered there. You can find games like dart, table tennis, basketball, etc. 

It has a theme of mix and matches Indian culture with the culture of the progressing ideas adapted from the west. If you are up for some sport and games or dining from a classic view, Cosmos Mall is your go-to place.

13. Total Mall, Madiwala

Total Mall in Bangalore is one of those malls where you can find all the required things for households at an easy and affordable price, it also has a large number of fancy eating outlets. You get the best of the offers regarding discounts, sales, cashback, prizes, etc. It is also known for its commendable service provided by the valets and a surprising great system for parking. 

14. The Forum Value, Whitefield

It is also known as the Forum neighbourhood mall. This mall in Bangalore is pretty crowded and is really a very vibrant and exciting place. You can find some of your favourite fast food items around the place since it got almost everything! The movies? Check! Food, excellent check! Now it’s time to get those bags packing and come to Bangalore for those who aren’t already here. 

15. Park Square Mall, Whitefield

Whitefield offers us the Park Square Mallin Bangalore offers a wide range of entertainment and shopping experience that suits the IT city. This mall in Bangalore is designed and developed by Ascendas which is the business space solution provider in Asia. Fun, entertainment and food services are amazingly welcoming. It is also known to be one of the most luxurious malls. 

16. VR Bengaluru

VR mall in Bangalore is a very famous mall among the Bangaloreans. It is a multiplex, co-working space, a place to host events, etc. Dotted with pubs, cafes, and restaurants, VR Bengaluru is an exceptional experience that goes beyond most other shopping malls in Bangalore. 

Home to the country’s first-ever Adidas Originals showroom, VR Bengaluru has also linked to farmers’ markets where you can get fresh produce, an entertainment area for the kids, and many spas.

17. 1Mg Mall

1Mg Mall in Bangalore has picked up some great effort in all areas. Shopping enthusiasts can browse through heavy and luxurious accessories, collection of womenswear and trendy clothes, etc. among others. Fine dining spots like, Cafe Felix that now comes with a new terrace bar and space, and many others being similar. 

And, to jazz up your space, home decor, you will find a lot of places like The Bombay Store and Pure Home + Living that will make your home decor fantastic! The sports-centric interactive entertainment space has a lounge area that serves cocktails and bar nibbles. It is located on MG Bangalore.

18. Vega City Mall

Can you believe, that Vega City Mall has about 11 screens including a 4DX theatre and a playhouse for kids where they have a lifetime experience and fun? You may treat your taste buds with some amazing cuisine or simply chat over a cup of coffee in Starbucks. In short, this enormous mall in Bangalore has everything for everyone.  

It is more famous among women as they are more likely to find clothing like H&M and Forever 21. It is located in Srinivasa Industrial Estate.

19. Grand Sigma Mall

Grand Sigma Mall, as the name suggests, is one of the finest malls in Bangalore. It stands as a shopping and family entertainment destination.  Situated in the heart of the city- Cunningham Road–this is a huge mall with 5 levels offers shopping to amusement and from food to leisure. 

Grand Sigma Mall was inaugurated in 2011 and since then, it has turned into one of the major retail heavens of the city. It is located on Cunningham Road.

Here is a city of hopes! Completely filled with these amazing malls in Bangalore that are friendly, accessible, and lively, it is budding-up to become the youth’s favourite place to be and hang out. The culture is well progressive and adaptive. 

The malls in Bangalore have been listed out as some of the best ones in the city. Going to malls today is not just about brands and big spaces and the air-conditioning, though that comes in handy during the hot, lazy season that most of the country experiences during summers! 

It is about creating a social experience that you can share with your family and friends in a stress-free manner. No threatening traffic, no walking around a lot to get to that coveted shop and yes, they literally manufacture the weather for you!

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