16 Amusement Park in Bangalore To Have An Adventurous Day

With Adventure we make memories!

Vidhi Verma

Dec 9, 2020|8 min read


Some of the best moments in life to look back upon are the ones in which we have let ourselves be free and let go of it all. This is what adventure does to us, it rushes our adrenaline, fills us with dopamine, and makes us live in memories we will always remember.

But who has the time to go on a trip every time they want to break their monotonous routine? The solution is as simple, a pocket adventure in an amusement park! Don’t know the places? No worries, we’ve got it covered. Here are some amusement parks in Bangalore that can promise you a wonderful time. 

Let’s put our adventure caps on and be ready for a new experience that takes you on amazing rides, roller coaster, bumper cars, waterslides, Ferris wheel, etc. Buckled belts and tied your laces are the premier requirement and also, don’t forget to have all the fun you can!

Here is a list of Amusement parks in Bangalore that you will most definitely love:

1. Wonderla Amusement Park

This most amazing amusement park is located at Mysore Road, Bangalore. It is generally opened for only 7 hours, 6 on a weekend starting at 11 a.m. It is known to have one of the largest crowds. The experience of this amusement park in Bangalore is beyond just super-cool rides. You can find wave pools, rain discos,  play pools, restaurants, and a river too! 

And one simply cannot miss the high thrill ride, Recoil, which is India’s reverse looping roller coaster that shoots you up to 40 meters at the flying speed of 80 kmph that is 22.22 meters per second. Crazy right? Well, the adventure at this place sort of takes over with its amazing rides for the adults and those for the kids. 

Keeping that in mind Wonderla Amusement park in Banglore can surely be an ideal destination for a proper getaway.

2. Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is located in Bidadi, Bangalore. It opens from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. As the name goes, this amusement park in Banglore is a classic mix of themed entertainment and fun-filled rides. It has been spread over 58 acres of land creating a world full of all the little things packed with quality time, top-class services, amazing rides, and the unique mix of culture. 

It has land rides, water rides, adventure sports, museums, 3D studios, etc. so all in all this amusement park in Bangalore offers a full package of a fun and relaxing weekend getaway. There are multiple types of cuisines in the restaurants in the film city. 

Some of the famous rides include Dino Park, Scary House, Mirror maze, cartoon city, Aqua kingdom, and Bungee jumping!

3. Fun World Amusement Park

Fun World Amusement park in Bangalore has been some of the classic amusement parks designed elegantly for people of all ages. It is an all-time favourite for all Bangaloreans. It was one of the earliest amusement parks in the city. It has about 22 acres of land full of greenery. 

It has amazing rides like Pendulum, Columbus, and parachute, water slides like the wave pool, cyclone, and bowling alleys for those who seek much less thrill.  This amusement park in Bangalore is what you need to relive your childhood.

4. Crazy Waters

This Amusement park in Bangalore is located near Meenakshi Temple on Bannerghatta Road. It usually opens at 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. allowing almost 9 hours loaded with utmost fun for the day. The view from this amusement park is remarkable, being located on a small hill. 

The place is perfect to visit with family as there are exciting rides for all and it also offers water rides for the families to enjoy with their kids. Some of the rides that you can’t miss are the  Giant water slide, mini twister, Telecombat, Monorail, Bouncing castles, and the wonder wheel.

5. Snow City

This unique amusement park in Bangalore is located in JC Nagar. Here you can observe and experience the temperatures of  -5 degrees Celsius even during scorching summers. It is, one of the most prominent localities in Bangalore, the snow park spread across 12,500 square feet is made of edible and eco-friendly snow. 

It is an epicentre of all the snow-based activities and games, it also counts among the largest indoor snow parks in South India and serves as a key attraction for kids and adults alike. It has real snow animals, igloos, and a stunning snow castle. 

Only each session is just for 45 min but you’ll wish it lasted longer. If you are ever looking for an exotic adventure, make sure to visit this enthralling amusement park in Bangalore.

6. Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

This amusement and water park in Bangalore is known to be one of the foremost introduced parks. It is located on Hosur road and is quite famous among the locals. Its hours are almost the same as other amusement parks. It could be the best place for one to refresh and get lost in its utmost beauty. 

It has over 50 rides, some of the best include Bouncing castles, Zyclone, Water chute, Formula 2, bumping cars, etc. This, however, being one of the amusement parks in Bangalore that has a huge variety of ice cream parlours and fast food stalls have become a must-visit attraction.

7. Crazy Waters

This amusement park in Bangalore is simply just full of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment of one’s vacation time. The name suggests the crowd of the place. The locale is stuffed with vivid rides out of which some must-try are the giant water slide, Mini twister, Telecombat, Monorail, Bouncing castles, and the wonder wheel. It is located on Bannerghatta main road.

8. GRS Fantasy Parks

This vibrant GRS fantasy amusement park in Bangalore is brilliantly planned with a kids zone, and play area along with the virtual ride zone too. It is located on the Off KRS Road, Metagali. It usually opens at 10:30 a.m. and closes by 6 p.m. 

The service of the food court and well-maintained changing rooms, washrooms, and lockers make the environment user friendly. It also has a local souvenir shop where you can buy cute gifts for your loved ones or souvenirs as a memory of the place. 

Some of the must-try activities include Aqua tornado, water disco, rock climbing, and the freefall crazy cruise. 

9. Xtreme Zone Getawayz

The outdoorsy people will feel at home here and your love for sports will mark itself a new definition. If you are a person who loves sports and thrilling challenges then this is just the place for you. It is located in Dabguli Village in Bangalore which opens around 9 a.m. and closes around 6:30 p.m. 

The enriching experience in this amusement park in Bangalore will make you want to pay numerous visits here and try the best it has to offer, some of which include camping, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, paintball, rope challenge, zip line, and rappelling. 

What’s more, is you learn the art of team building in the atmosphere of adventure at one of the coolest amusement parks in Bangalore.

10. Jawahar Bal Bhavan

Out with kids and looking for a kid’s friendly amusement park? We’ve got it covered. Bal Bhavan is one such place that kids will almost home at. It is built keeping the kid’s safety a priority. The amazing thing about the place is that you can still hang out there and not find it childish. 

The environment contributes to it. Many events related to children are organized here. This wonderful amusement park in Bangalore for children is well known for it’s Toy train, Doll museum, mini theatre, horse rides, and boating facilities. It is located in Kasturba Road, Ambedkar Veedhi.  

11. Water World

Are your adventure boots ready? Don’t worry in this case we won’t need them! All you need to get packing for this incredible amusement park in Bangalore is your love for water and a swimming costume!

 This is one of the most happening water parks in Bangalore and is known to have the best of the water rides namely cyclone, hurricane cone, and the Devil’s dropper you can also go to the wave pool and have a good time. The place is surrounded by greenery and a kid’s play area. All in all, this place is a must-visit. 

12. Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Garden is located in Hebbal, Bangalore. It is themed as a mini amusement park in Bangalore of 12500 sq. feet with an artificial beach and wave pool. Dedicated to the Lord Buddha this is an eco-friendly locale set up for your leisure. 

This could be the perfect place for anything ranging from leisure time with friends and family, birthday treats, get-togethers to professional meetings! Some of the things here you can’t miss out on are the boat ride, dining at the floating restaurant, and fun rides. 

13. Star City Amusement Park

This is an amusement park in Bangalore that belongs to the new era, a modern amusement zone built especially for the millennium generation. These are filled with electronic and online games like virtual car racing, motor racing, and skiing, the amazing 12 lane bowling alley is a world-class edition made to the place. 

The electronic and semi-robotics games with no age barriers are total bliss. It is located on Palace grounds and usually opens around 11 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. 


A day full of thrill and excitement is exactly what this amusement park in Bangalore has to offer. SMAAASH has been one of the most promising amusement parks in Bangalore where you can enjoy a variety of activities like smash cricket, super keeper, fly max, walk the plank, twilight bowling, finger coaster, etc. with your friends and family. 

It is located in MG Road, Bangalore. It’s usually opened for 12 hours starting from 11 a.m. except on Friday and Saturday during which it closes at 1 a.m. 

15. Meco Kartopia

This is known to be one of the most famous go-karting areas in Bangalore. When it comes to adventure, the term is vast and even though this isn’t exactly an amusement park it is one of the must-visit places. It is located on Hennur Bagalur road, it is open all day except Mondays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is the only go-karting ground identified to be laid according to international standards. 

16. Fantasy Lagoon Water park

One of the popular amusement parks in Bangalore, Fantasy Lagoon Water Park is a must-visit if you want to get your pulse racing. It is a popular spot for couples to hang out and spend some quality time. The major highlight of Fantasy Lagoon Water Park is its lake where one can enjoy an adventure on different types of speed boats. It is located on Old Madras Road. It opens at 11 a.m. and closes by 8 p.m. 

Bangalore is a city full of hope, culture, opportunities, traditions, local delights, and diversity in living habits that are progressing with years. The city welcomes people for various reasons, some say job opportunities, some say temples and food and some say it’s in the air of the city, it allows you to be free, and I completely believe that. 

The fun side of Bangalore is a never-ending vicious circle of happiness, the one that will push you to explore and look forward to new things in life. It is in the little -little things through which we become who we are and these should arrive from the roots of curiosity. 

Cheers to the adventure that awaits!

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