30 Bananas Varieties Cultivated Through Different Countries In The World

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Bananas are considered as one of the most consumed and cheapest fruits worldwide.  They are the fifth most traded agricultural product. The word banana is considered to be of West African origin, perhaps from the Wolof banana, and move into English via Spanish or Portuguese.

Banana varieties
Banana varieties

There are more than 1,000 bananas varieties which are subdivided into 50 groups produced and consumed locally in the world.  Around 5. 6 million hectares of land are dedicated to banana production globally.  

Banana productivity levels differ from country to country and from variety to variety. Bananas are mostly grown in more than 150 countries and almost 105 million tonnes of bananas are produced every year.  

Bananas are indicative of the growing power of supermarkets along global supply chains and the injustices present in international trade today which include unacceptable working and living conditions for many who grow and harvest the bananas, the suppression of independent trade unions and an unfair sharing of profits along the chain.

It will take you 1.5 years to try all 500 varieties of bananas, eating one a day.  Life is like a fruit and each problem is like peels. We can peel our problems very easily like banana peeling. So just smile like a banana. This Feeding Trends article presents you with a list of banana varieties growing across the world.

Here is the list of 30 banana varieties that are cultivated through different countries in the world.

1. Robusta

Robusta is the banana variety which belongs to the Cavendish subgroup. This variety of banana is light green and yellow in colour and has a great fragrance and taste. The banana variety is shorter and thick-stemmed. It is grown commercially in Brazil, eastern Australia, Samoa and Fiji. It is one of the very loved banana varieties in the world.

2. Dwarf Cavendish

The Dwarf Cavendish gets its name because of its short stem of 8-10 feet, with broad leaves on short petioles. The banana was first known from China and widely cultivated in the Canary Islands, East Africa and South Africa. It produces large bunches of bananas in every season.

3. Grand Naine

Grand Nain bananas or Chiquita bananas are the banana type of Musa acuminata. The Grand Naine is a high yielding Cavendish banana variety and is very popular. This can be harvested within 12-13 months from the date of planting. The varieties of banana are mostly found in tropical regions of Central America, Africa and India.

4. Rasthali

Rasthali is the banana variety which is medium tall, commercially grown in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar. Rasthali unique food quality made it popular and a highly prized species for table purposes. This varieties of bananas are yellowish-green throughout their development, but turn to golden yellow when they are ripened.

5. Vayal Vazhai

Vayal Vazhai variety of banana is a relative of Bluggoe. The plants grow to 10-13 ft, the leaf is light pink and the flower stem may be several feet long. This banana is grown in Hawaii, Cenizo of Central America and the West Indies. The banana is 7-9 inch long and 2 inches thick.

6. Poovan

Poovan or Fillbasket is the most important type of banana in India, which constitutes 70% of the total crop. This banana type is commercially grown in Malaya, Thailand and Burma. It carries large, compact bunches of medium size, plump and thin-skinned flavour.

7. Nendran

Chengalikodan Nendran Banana or Changalikodan is a banana type which originated and cultivated in Chengazhikodu village of Thrissur district in the Kerala state of India. The average bunch carries 20-25 fruits.

8. Red Banana

the other names for Red Banana are Red Spanish or Lal Kela. Red bananas are varieties of bananas which are reddish-purple in colour. This banana variety is grown in India. This plant is large and it takes 18 months from planting to harvest. The bunch carries 4-7 hands and is 5-7 inches long.

9. Karpooravalli

The golden yellow banana that comes with the tint of pale green is known as Karpooravalli. These bananas are considered as one most of the sweetest bananas among all Indian varieties of banana. Karpooravalli is a tall and strong plant, well suited to marginal lands.

10. Matti

Another type of banana is Matti pazham banana which is often found in Tamil Nadu. It is considered as one of the most expensive varieties of bananas. Matti pazham is small in size and oval in shape. 
Sannachenkadali. It resembles a red banana with red coloured, petiole and midrib. Sannachenkadali has a medium-sized bunch. It is small, slender and light orange-yellow coloured banana. This plant takes 12 months from planting to harvest.

11. CO 1

CO 1 is a hybrid banana which is made by combining three parents-Lada, Kabali and Musa balbisiana. Thi banana variety is mostly grown in Tamil Nadu, India. This banana is green in colour, taste and suitable for growing in the plains. The crop duration is 14 months.

12. Udhayam

This banana type is developed by a single plant from AAB subgroup. Udhayam banana is hard, tall, robust and its bunch weight varies 30-35kg. This banana is cylindrical which facilitates packing, loading and transport with minimum damage.  

13. Ney Poovan

Ney Poovan is a unique banana variety, which is grown on a large scale especially in Karnataka. It is a slender,medium-tall plant and carries bunch weight of 10-15kg. This banana turns into bright yellow while ripened. It is known for its good quality and non-detaching nature of the fruit.

14. Gros Michel

Gros Michel or Big Mike is a commercial banana cultivated in Taiwan. The plant reaches 10-16 feet. The pseudostem is tint with dark brown, the bunch is long and cylindrical and the fruits are larger than Dwarf.

15. Lady Finger

Ladyfinger bananas or Rasakadali bananas are small in size, thin-skinned and sweet. This banana can grow 4-5 inches in length and light yellow in colour and the bunch weight varies 10-14 hands. The skin is thin and its flesh is sweet.

16. Blue Java

The other names for Blue Java bananas are Ice Cream banana, blue banana or Hawaiian banana. This variety of banana is hard banana known for its sweet aroma, has a consistency like ice-cream and flavours like vanilla. Blue Java bananas can grow at a height of 15-20 feet. The bunches are small and turn yellow when ripened.

17. Manzano

Manzano bananas are also called as Apple bananas because of their apple-like flavour. These bananas are short and chubby and have a thick yellow skin that turns completely black when ripened. They are commercially grown in Mexico, Central America and South America.

18. Goldfinger Bananas

The Goldfinger Banana is a banana which is developed in Honduras. This variety of bananas takes a longer time to grow than other bananas and is colder resistant. The banana grows up to 14 feet. Goldfinger is usually grown in North America and Europe.

19. Orinoco

Orinoco bananas are also called as Horse or Burro. It is medium tall, well-built plant and is hard. It is one of the banana varieties with a thick bunch and each banana is 6 inches long. The Orinoco is delicious in flavour and has a soft texture when ripened. The Orinoco is grown in Southern California.

20. Bhim Col

Bhim Col bananas are also called as Musa balbisiana Colla. This variety of banana is indigenous and grows in tropical countries, often found in Assam. Bhim Kol is tall and well-built, with height up to 7. 5meter. This banana is 5. 4cm thick and turns yellow when ripened.

21. Fehi

The Fehi bananas are purple-reddish or reddish-yellow in colour, which is often used for ink and dying. The variety is mostly found in Hawaii. These bananas are 36 inches long and thick-skinned with good flavour. The leaves of Fehi bananas are 20-30 meter wide.

22. Praying Hand

Praying hands bananas are just like two joined hands, to create the appearance of praying hands. In this variety, each hand is made up of 6-7 fruits that are joined together. The bananas skin is thick and can be separated easily when ripened. The varieties of bananas are cultivated in Indonesia and Southern Pacific.

23. Elaichi

Some people think that this banana has a taste of elaichi because of its name but the Elaichi and Yelakki are given to this variety because of their size and not the flavour. They are much sweeter than any regular banana. They are not even the size of your palm. They are commonly grown in Bengaluru.

24. Nanjangud

The Nanjangud banana is also known as Nanjangud rasabalehannu. This variety is grown in Mysore and Chamarajanagar district in Karnataka, India. It is often said that this banana has a unique taste and aroma because of its saline soil.

25. Pisang Raja

Pisang Raja banana is also known as Grindy banana. Pisang Raja is a tall and well-build plant. It can tolerate wind and cold. This banana variety is considered as one of the most delicious bananas. This banana can grow up to 20 feet long and has a bunch that varies 6-7 inches long.

26. Barangan Bananas

Barangan banana is better known as dessert banana. Barangan banana is straight in texture and has a round base. This banana is 11 cm long and has a diameter of 30mm. This variety of banana is slightly yellow in colour and is sweet and seedless. Its skin has a black tint. This banana variety is often found in Indonesia.

27. Bluggoe

Bluggoe banana is better known as Burro banana. This banana is considered as a cooking banana, straight in texture and is dull in colour. This variety of banana is grown in Burma, Thailand, Philippines and Grenada.

28. Dwarf Jamaican

Dwarf Jamaican banana is considered as a very attractive plant which has red and green leaves. The banana is red in colour and is of high quality. This variety of banana is commercially grown in Southern California.

29. Macho Plantain

Macho Plantain is also called Macho banana. This variety of banana is much bigger than other bananas. The banana is yellow-white in colour and has sweeter and softer flesh. This banana is slightly green in colour and is grown in subtropical regions. 

30. Sannachenkadali

This variety resembles a red banana with red coloured, petiole and midrib. Sannachenkadali has a medium-sized bunch. It is small, slender and light orange-yellow coloured banana. This plant takes 12 months from planting to harvest.

Here we come at the end of the list of banana varieties. Banana is one of the most comforting fruits that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. It is one of the best foods to beat unwanted cravings. 

Knowing all these banana varieties, you must be tempted to eat a banana, which is a versatile and healthy fruit. It is rich in potassium, which is essential for maintaining your blood pressure at healthy levels and is a great energy booster.
We generally eat the big, yellow and slightly ripe bananas but there are many varieties of bananas that are found across the world. If you haven’t tasted them then we have given you enough reasons to try them.

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