36 B.R Ambedkar Quotes Which Tell About His Powerful Personality

He was 'Doctor All Science'!

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Dr B R. Ambedkar is a person to be a master in 64 subjects, knowing 9 languages, having studied all the religions of the world for 21 years, having completed 8 years of studies in mere 2 years 3 months in London School of Economics and the only person in the world to have received a doctorate called- 'Doctor All Science' from the London School of Economics.

Already in shock, come on, get back as we have something more for you. In this Feeding Trends article, we have curated a list of some quotes from this ever-influencing personality. These B R Ambedkar quotes are sure to get you inspired!

An economist with two doctorates in economics from the University of London and Columbia University, a scholar, jurist, politician, lawyer, and social reformer, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar has had one of the most powerful personalities ever.

He was the chief architect of the Constitution of India, the First Minister of Law and Justice, and led the campaign against discrimination towards the Dalits also known as the untouchables.

A firm believer of equality, he was conferred with India's highest civilian award- the Bharat Ratna. With heaps of achievements under his belt, his wise words have always inspired everyone. So, we bring to you a list of 36 magnificent quotes by B R Ambedkar to show what a legend he was. Here is a list of some brilliant B R Ambedkar quotes.

1. They cannot make history who forget history.

Starting our list of Dr B R Ambedkar quotes, we have this powerful statement. You cannot afford to make the same mistakes or repeat the shortcomings that history has seen if you wish to create a name for yourself in the world.

2. Be educated, Be organised and Be agitated.

3. I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality, and fraternity.

This is a quite self-explanatory quote of B R Ambedkar. Religion is meant to bring all of the people together in harmony.

4. Life should be great rather than long.

What a beautiful B R Ambedkar quote. It motivates everyone to dream big and do something great in life. Always remember quality is over quantity.

5. If I find the constitution being misused, I shall be the first to burn it.

This quote by B R Ambedkar shows his law-abiding nature. The Constitution is supposed to keep everything equal for all the citizens, and its misuse is just not acceptable.

6. Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.

Never stop learning. Always try to cultivate and develop your mind in all the tasks you do. This is going to give you tremendous benefits. Isn't it one of the intelligent B R Ambedkar quotes?

7. If you believe in living a respectable life, you believe in self-help which is the best help.

It is a well-known fact that self-help is the best help. Whether you like it or not, you have to take responsibility for your ship. Being dependent on others will not solve your problems. Follow this self-help path taking inspiration from this wonderful B R Ambedkar quote.

8. We must stand on our own feet and fight as best as we can for our rights. So, carry on your agitation and organize your forces. Power and prestige will come to you through struggle.

Giving up is not the solution to any problem in life. You must learn and know how to stand up on your own feet to fight for your rights. Nothing comes easy. That's a motivating quote by B R Ambedkar.

9. The history of India is nothing but a history of a mortal conflict between Buddhism and Brahminism.

10. I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.

The more freedom women have got, the more respect women are given and the more progress women have made with greater opportunities tells it all about the community. This is one of most wonderful B R Ambedkar quotes.

11. Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise, both will wither and die.

Ideas are supposed to be kept generating. Old ideas will die and won't be there to help always. New better ideas should keep coming to survive. Always keep working for the better. An excellent suggestion is given by this B R Ambedkar quote.

12. Every man who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is no fit to rule another country must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class.

13. The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things to happen in your life. The stronger the bond between husband and wife, the better, and the bond of closest friends meets this criterion. A nice quote by B R. Ambedkar.

14. Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.

15. A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of society.

16. Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.

For a body politic to work efficiently, its core i.e. law and order have to be in proper check. And just like medicine is administered when a person gets sick, similarly, law and order should be administered in case of problems in the body politic. A brilliant quote from B R Ambedkar.

17. Religion and slavery are incompatible.

No religion promotes or supports slavery. Plainly stated by this B R Ambedkar quote that they both stand incompatible.

18. So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.

19. Caste is not a physical object like a wall of bricks or a line of barbed wire which prevents the Hindus from co-mingling, and which has, therefore, to be pulled down. Caste is a notion; it is a state of the mind.

Everyone is equal. Everyone is equal. No, it's not a by mistake repetition but a deliberate countless reminder that the self-created caste system is wrong. Treat every person equally as wonderfully stated by this B R Ambedkar quote.

20. Democracy is not merely a form of government. It is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards fellow men.

When we talk about democracy, it doesn’t just mean a democratic government. Democracy is meant to exist everywhere even when you are merely talking to a person or doing any task. A well said quote by B R Ambedkar.

21. The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India.

22. What are we having this liberty for? We are having this liberty to reform our social system, which is full of inequality, discrimination, and other things, which conflict with our fundamental rights.

Having equality, and experiencing no discrimination anywhere are the basic rights of everyone. This is basically what liberty means and that is why it is needed. That’s a strong quote by B R Ambedkar.

23. Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of its social democracy. What does social democracy mean? It means a way of life which recognizes liberty, equality, and fraternity as the principles of life.

A magnificent quote by B R Ambedkar that perfectly defines social democracy along with telling its major importance.

24. Indians today are governed by two different ideologies. Their political ideal set in the preamble of the Constitution affirms a life of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Their social ideal embodied in their religion denies them.

25. History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.

26. Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives. Man's life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but the development of his self.

27. People are not wrong in observing Caste. In my view, what is wrong is their religion, which has inculcated this notion of Caste. If this is correct, then obviously the enemy, you must grapple with is not the people who observe Caste, but the Shastras which teach them this religion of Caste.

28. My social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words: liberty, equality, and fraternity. Let no one, however, say that I have borrowed my philosophy from the French Revolution. I have not. My philosophy has roots in religion and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of my Master, the Buddha.

29. For a successful revolution, it is not enough that there is discontent. What is required is a profound and thorough conviction of the justice, necessity, and importance of political and social rights.

30. How many generations of ours have worn themselves out by rubbing their foreheads on the steps of the god? But when did the god take pity on you? What big thing has he done for you? Generation after generation, you have been used to clean the village of its garbage and God gave you the dead animals to eat. Despite all that, God did not show you any pity. It is not this god that you worship, it is your ignorance.

31. A safe army is better than a safe border.

One of the wisest B R Ambedkar quotes, it emphasises on the importance of peace and harmony. Dr Ambedkar discourages war and conflicts as it leads to no good but just blood shed and loss of lives.

32. You must abolish your slavery yourselves. Do not depend on its abolition upon god or a superman. Remember that it is not enough that people are numerically in the majority. They must be always watchful, strong, and self-respecting to attain and maintain success. We must shape our course ourselves and by ourselves.

33. In my opinion, it is only when Hindu society becomes a casteless society that it can hope to have strength enough to defend itself. Without such internal strength, Swaraj for Hindus may turn out to be only a step towards slavery.

34. Every Congressman who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is not fit to rule another country must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class.

35. The conception of a secular state is derived from the liberal democratic tradition of the west. No institution which is maintained wholly out of state funds shall be used for religious instruction irrespective of the question of whether the religious instruction is given by the state or any other body.

36. Untouchability shuts all doors of opportunities for betterment in life for Untouchables. It does not offer an Untouchable any opportunity to move freely in society; it compels him to live in dungeons and seclusion; it prevents him from educating himself and following a profession of his choice.

If we ask you, how do these quotes sound? We are pretty sure that even the word 'powerful' will fall short. This suggests the dynamic and powerful personality of B R Ambedkar. A man with an enormous amount of achievements in his life who had the power to sway the world with his personality has made so much impact with his words that they continue to inspire the world. So, keep getting motivated by these sublime quotes.

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