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My childhood is filled with pleasant memories of playing pokemon and I’ve tried downloading an emulator to reminisce in the same fun. However, it’s just not the same. What if there was a new version of pokemon, but all of that data was stored on the blockchain instead.

1.  AXIE Infinity

In this article, we are going to explain what AXIE infinity is, how it works, and if it’s an NFT game that you can play to earn money first off AXIE infinity was developed by Skye Mavis in early 2018. They wanted to create a game on the blockchain and develop these little axolotl-like creatures that are quite similar to pokemon. The team saw how crypto kitties, which is another NFT game where you can breed digital kittens, lacked in their long-term economics. They realized once you owned a few kittens, and then you bred them – there wasn’t much more to the game other than just collecting them. AXIE infinity changed this by making the game much more addictive and adding economic incentives that made players want to play longer. Interestingly, most of the early users of AXIE infinity came over from crypto kitties.

2.  Different Categories

Each AXIE is born into a category and there are eight total categories. Each category does have benefits, but it also has drawbacks. For example, fire will have an advantage over grass but a weakness over water, exactly like how pokemon works. Unlike pokemon, though, each AXIE has six possible body parts out of a total of over 500 different body parts to be randomly selected from even more so. Each body part has a dominant recessive and a minor recessive ability or a stat. This means there are many many different possibilities of axes and the breeding mechanism slightly randomizes their abilities and stats, pretty much similar to how our genetics work.

3.  Play to Earn Game

Before I continue, I want to share more about how AXIE infinity is a play-to-earn game where you use your AXIE NFTs to trade battle, and breed trading is pretty simple. Where you trade one AXIE for another AXIE, you might be wondering. Why would you do this? Well, one benefit of trading is that you can breed certain axes that you have with new axes, creating an offspring that has a semi-random collection of its parent's traits.

4. Adventure Mode

By doing this, you can start to win matches which is possibly the most fun part of AXIE infinity. You can battle NPCs in adventure mode to rank up and win something called SLP which we’ll talk about later or you can battle other real-world players to earn. Slp, either way, the more you play the more you earn. One thing to note here is that with adventure mode it’s easier to play and you usually lose less, so there is a cap on how much of slp you can win. However, in the PVP arena, you can play as much as you want at this point, you may be wondering what slp is. Slp stands for a smooth love potion and is a cryptocurrency token that you earn for winning battles in AXIE infinity.

5. Trade the Token

You can trade this token. For other cryptocurrency tokens to which you can sell for real-world money, a smooth love potion is also used for breeding. Each AXIE can only be bred seven times and each time you breed it.

6. SLP

It takes more and more slp to make a new AXIE breeding. Also requires one AXIE, which is another token that you must buy unless you’re good at PVP, then you can earn AXS by ending up in the top ranks of the PVP leaderboard. At the end of the season. Now AXS stands for AXIE, shards, and AXIE shards and smooth love potions are the two main tokens used in AXIE infinity, and these two tokens power the play to earn the game. AXS is a governance token and the fees from breeding go to the AXIE infinity treasury slp. Also allows you to buy in-game digital items whenever you breed a new AXIE or buy items from the marketplace, that slp is burned, meaning that slp is removed forever.

7. AXS

However, since it’s constantly being produced whenever you win games, it’s technically inflationary. This doesn’t stop people from playing for hours on end earning hundreds of dollars in crypto each month. Both AXS and slp were originally on the Ethereum network as erc20 tokens, but since April of 2021, they are mostly on the ronin blockchain, which is a side chain to Ethereum, and this was done to lower the fees to play the game.

8. Ponzi Scheme

Although it is a bit more centralized, one of the questions I like to ask in any defy project is: where is the money coming from, because there are quite a few accusations that AXIE infinity is some sort of Ponzi scheme, but gamified? This intrigued me to make an article over it first off to play the game. You must invest to buy three axes which are honestly quite expensive. Already better axes cost more money with the best ones being tens of thousands of dollars.

9. Investment

Now there will be a lot of people who buy AXS and do not earn their money back and even with the best AXIE, there is only a limited amount of slp. You can earn per game, so the Ponzi scheme theory kind of dives off here. However, I wouldn’t say, buying axes and earning slp with them is an investment.

10. Popularity

I think of it more like a game long-term, because nothing like this has really been attempted before so, hopefully, as we in this article, you have a better understanding of what infinity is what a smooth love potion is for, and why the game is so Popular.

Thank you guys so much for reading. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.


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