A short story

Sonali Negi

3 months ago|1 min read


I'm awake now with the thoughts. I've a better idea for creating life. I've ways to solve, explore and experience. I'm into a wide world where everybody is indulge into activities and where everyone is busy with their own stuffs. I've a palce to sit and think. I'm busy doing something in a single room.

There is a peace and I'm awake now with the thoughts

The world moving round the clock running to chase a ball. People stressing over something every moment they are stepping out from a busy schedules. They are awake with own stuffs and preparing themselves for a better tomorrow. The tomorrow is uncertain still I've a hope of creating something for tomorrow. How unique and confident we seems when we don't believe in relations but we believe in tomorrow.

There is a certainty and I'm awake now with the thoughts

I believe in building a future. Future that will move on with a blessing. Future that will shower love and embrace the prosperity. Future that will sleep and be wake at the right time. A future that will fix a sleep schedule and work schedule. See I'm putting future in a certainty. How ironical it seems? Anyways I can still try to figure out this boat because believing something gives you the real strength.

There is a boat moving by facing different obstacles and I'm awake now with the thoughts

Either it is 1a.m. or 3p.m. I have same thoughts. I have dreams and and aspirations. I'm into another world if I'm sitting in peace. My mind runs and I believe what if I would have this? When we will think of something we will try to create everything possible.

'Irrespective of a time I'm choosing to imagine'



I'm still not falling asleep since I start thinking again


"Figure out if you still have will"



Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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