15 Avicii Songs With Catchy Pop Music That Will Always Be Remembered

A big tribute to Avicii!

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Jan 21, 2021|5 min read


Tim Bergling, popularly known as Avicii, was a Swedish DJ and producer with a great knack for creating music. He worked in live concerts for a long time before showing his creative talent to the world. In 2011, his single ''Levels'' was on the 100 billboard chart and that's when he started gaining fandom.

Another of his song, ''Hey Brother' further added to his fame. Following this, he sometimes appeared on Radio 1's Pete Tong show. It's hard to argue with great, catchy pop music and Avicii has made some of the dance world's best. But his life in this materialistic world came to end when he committed suicide.

This Feeding Trends article is about the 15 best Avicii songs that will always be remembered. These Avicii songs bring out an emotion. Each and every song below has a perfect meaning.

1) Wake Me Up

This Avicii song was a big hit. This song demonstrates a deep meaning. One can get so emotionally attached to this song.No one had ever even conceived of melding country music with electronic dance until Avicii showed people the way.

2) Levels

Does this Avicii song really need an explanation? It is one of the biggest dance music songs ever recorded. Levels is a song which will remain timeless. It is universal, it is love. This song is just a perfect vibe.

3) Fade Into Darkness

Sometimes we forget there was an Avicii before that song took over the whole world. This song demonstrates a female assassin who falls in love with her target. To protect him, she leaves him a note that tells him not to look for her. But he searches for her and when he finds her, she takes out her gun and shoots at him. Till the end, it is unknown whether he survives or not.

4) Street Dancer

This 2011 tune isn't as famous as some other Avicii songs but to all the Avicii fans, If you've never heard this deep cut, definitely give it a go. The song samples the Break Machine's 1983 breakdance hit, Street Dance and is sure to force you into shaking a leg on the dance floor.

5) My Feelings For You

This track is a super disco inferno, a hunk of burning dance floor glory. It might not be that hit as some other Avicii songs, but it's definitely a crowd favourite.

6) Silhouettes

This Avicii song gives us a warm, cosy feeling listening to it. The song marked Avicii's fourth appearance on the music charts for a long time.

7) Forever Yours

At the time, Avicii was taking a road trip from Los Angeles to Miami to work on new music that he would premiere at Ultra Music Festival that year. Forever Yours was one of several songs worked on during this trip but unfortunately, Avicii could not release a final version of the song before his death.

8) Tough Love

The song "Tough Love" is not just about love, but everything else that comes with it. It initially had a different song structure but was reworked during Tim's final studio sessions in March 2018. This Avicii song describes love very beautifully.

9)  Waiting For Love

This Avicii song demonstrates beginning with an old man being taken care of by his wife who then disappears one night along with some of her belongings. Upon discovering his wife missing in the morning, the man frantically searches the house and finds no trace of her. He ultimately returns to his home city in the midst of a celebration and is welcomed as a celebrity, as well as discovering his wife waiting for him as they reunite and embrace in joy.

10)  Broken Arrows

This Avicii song starts with the caption: "Inspired by a True Story" and is located in Fairmont, a fictitious location in California in 1967, where a struggling athlete lives alone with his daughter in a trailer. The athlete was not working that hard and not achieving enough. But the athlete is inspired again by his daughter's zeal and acrobatics to invent a new technique in jumping, leading to a gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics.

11) For a Better Day

This Avicii song is split into three-time streams, dealing with child sexual slavery. The video of this song is believed to reveal a lot of secrets of the elite and the children abused by them. It is believed he was murdered due to his efforts to show the truth. But, they could only silence the messenger, not the message.

12) Seek Bromance

The Avicii song was filmed in California and showcases a road trip with two guys and a girl. The song talks about freedom and enjoying life in the best possible manner. You can associate it with travelling and having a good time with friends.

13) SOS

The song was completed by writers and producers following Avicii's death in April 2018. It was said that 75–80% were done at the time of his death.

14) Heaven

This song is a "tribute video", which used old clips of Avicii. No other artist inspired so many young people to start producing music and so this video added fuel to the inspiration.

15) Lonely Together

"Lonely Together" was the last single released by Avicii before he committed suicide in April 2018. It is the best song to listen when you're sitting on a flight. Just look outside your window while listening to this and feel all the magic.

That brings us to the list of songs by Avicii, which are his only memories left with us. He had been suffering from health issues, undergoing hospitalizations and forced set cancellations for a long time, until he retired from touring in 2016. With fame and money, the lifestyle changes and stress lead Avicii into committing suicide while he was just 28.  

Avicii and his music will be legacy, for there's no one who can create music like him. He was an instrumental inspiration to many of today's brightest stars, and he struggled all the while. His life and journey are an inspiration as he faced a lot of problems but he never gave up.

This article is a very big tribute to this Legend!  He will always be remembered!

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