16 Autobiography Books By Famous Indian Personality That Should Definitely Be On Your Bookshelf

The stories of their lives.

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Jan 19, 2021|5 min read


An autobiography is much more than the life story of an individual. There is a lot to learn from people, especially when their stories are relatable. Any person who strives for glory or excellence is bound to encounter a lot of obstacles.

It is when autobiography books come into play. They make us realize that we are not the only ones having a hard time in life, and more importantly, they showcase how other people with similar problems found solutions.

Reading about legends is a crucial motivational force for any individual with dreams. We have listed 16 autobiography books to help you evoke your inner potential. Let us get started with the story of the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

1. Bhagat Singh (Why I Am An Atheist -1931)

The name explains the purpose of this book. Bhagat Singh wrote the book as a reply to Bhai Randhir Singh and everyone else who presumed that he had let the fame go to his head and disregarded the almighty entity due to it.

2. B. R. Ambedkar ( Waiting for a Visa -1935, The book is used as a textbook in Columbia University) 

The reality of caste discrimination explored in this book is gruesome, and this factor makes it one of the most relevant autobiography books in India today. The issues discussed in the book are still prevalent in modern India and will continue to be unless a change is brought about.

3. Jawaharlal Nehru (An Autobiography - 1936)

Also known as "Towards Freedom", this book was written by Nehru in prison. The autobiography of Nehru had a strong influence on post-colonial India. The story showcases the journey of not only a man but also his country.

4. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (The Story of My Experiments with Truth - 1940) 

The autobiography of M.K. Gandhi covers his story right from his early childhood. The inspiring journey from a common man to a national hero is worth a read. The book explores the struggle of Gandhi to finish education and his ideology towards life and freedom.

5. Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi - 1946 )  

The story of Paramahansa Yogananda takes the reader on a long, spiritual journey. People bound to the materialistic world seldom understand the yogi mindset, thus missing out a lot in life.

6. Rajendra Prasad (Atmakatha - 1946 :Hindi)

The story of the first president of India takes us through a unique road of greatness. His childhood and subsequent rise in the political world has crucial insights about navigating the world.

7. Satyajit Ray director (Jakhan Choto Chilam -1982)

A celebrated figure in the art and media industry, Satyajit Ray had an upbringing surrounded by art and literature. As a result, he built a legacy of See the world through the eyes of most beloved directors of all time in India.

8. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (Wings of Fire - 1999) 

The life of the late space researcher depicts how India gradually became self-reliant in the technological field. The complex interaction of people, hardship and luck helps us broaden our view of the world.

9. Khushwant Singh ( Truth, Love & a Little Malice - 2002)

Some autobiography books serve to tell us the hidden stories we would otherwise never know. The story has a bold record of events written by the celebrated Indian journalist. It details his relationships with political dignitaries, without any concern for his safety.

10. Phoolan Devi (The Bandit Queen of India -2006)

Wronged by society, a girl sought revenge and ultimately became known as the bandit queen of India. The autobiography is not a mere story, but an insight into how societal rules can damage people to the point of no return.

11. L. K. Advani (My Country My Life - 2008)

This book is an ideal read for all the history buffs because it explores a significant figure in Indian history. The story explores the events in the life of Advani through five parts. These events also happen to hold a lot of significance in Indian history and the rise of a new party.

12. Abhinav Bindra (A Shot at History - 2011)

The story of this obsessive perfectionist highlights the amount of grit and hard work needed to achieve greatness. Bindra set a benchmark in Indian history by securing gold at the Olympics, making us understand that no dream is too big for us.

13. Mary Kom (Unbreakable - 2013)

Winning a place for yourself in a male-dominated field is difficult, especially when the whole world opposes you. The autobiography of Mary Kom is one full of passion, hard work and perseverance ought to be read by everyone.

14. Milkha Singh (The Race of My Life -2013)

This story is of a boy who started running and never stopped. He ran to escape danger and eventually reached greatness. He also provides a glimpse into his personal life and his take on sports in India.

15. Kapil Dev (Straight from the Heart - 2013)

For the cricket fans, a peek into the mind of this Indian legend is a must. From a boy who loved to play cricket to a man who marked his place in national history, his journey is truly incredible.

16. Singh (The Test of My Life - 2013)

The book is a must for anyone going through hard times and trying to achieve their dreams. The autobiography revolves around the struggle behind becoming a cricketer and the fight against cancer. It is an inspiration to everyone wanting to come back stronger after a tragedy.

These legends of India devoted their life to a singular cause, making a ton of sacrifices on the way. In exchange, they were able to create a great legacy for generations to come. Remember that everyone will notice a different lesson from autobiography books depending on their mindset.

Stories are capable of changing lives, especially when they are real. However, all the experiences cannot be contained inside a book, even if it is an autobiography. There is still much more to these heroes that a story can ever convey, and it is crucial to keep this in mind.

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