31 Apple Varieties Found in the World Which Are Juicy Enough To Lure You

Feb 2, 2021 8 min read

Apple the heart-shaped juicy fruit rules the heart of all. The famous phrase 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' is indeed true knowing the nutritional values of the apple.

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Apple Varieties Found in the World

This most famous and all-season available fruit is found out in different varieties because not all apples are created alike. Apples these days are cultivated for different better qualities such as shape, taste and high production.

Fresh, crisp apples are wonderful for fresh eating. Other apple varieties are better suited towards baking. If you are preparing for salad, pies or baking here is the list of varieties of apples to glimpse before you start preparing.

While there are thousands of different apple varieties in the world, we here present you with apple varieties that represent the diversity found in today's marketplace.

1. Granny Smith apples

It is the green, less sweet variety of apple famous for its strong tartness which resembles a lemon. The flesh shows white to a greenish colour. You can use it in making pies and salad, as well as in baking. These can be enjoyed in the months of August and July.

2. Pink Lady Apple

It is a versatile apple, named for its bright pink colour. It is known for its sweet and firm tart flavour and effervescent finish. Its flesh is translucent, yellow-green skin and juicy. These apples are used in making pie, salad, and sauce. You will find them in the market from November to July.

3. Cameo Apple

Cameo Apple is an American apple known for its crunchy and sweet-tart nature. It has streaks of yellow over bright red colour. It has a dense creamy flesh and sweet juicy texture. Snacking, baking, beverages, pies, sauce, salads, and freezing find this apple variety appropriate for use. It is available from October to September.

4. Gala Apple

Most used apple in the US is Gala Apple. It appears as pinkish-orange strips over a yellow background. It has aromatically sweet snappy flavour. Gala apple has white to cream, pale yellow flesh. This apple variety is used in salad, pies, sauce but not used for freezing. It is available from August to July.

5. Honey Crisp Apple

Honeycrisp is an apple variety with a sweet, tart and juicy flavour. These apples feature a pale green and red skin with cream-coloured inner flesh. They are used for snacking, baking, salads, beverages, pies, and sauce. They are available in the market from September to May.

6. Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple is a Japanese apple variety derived from the Red Delicious and Ralls Janet apple varieties. It is a crunchy, super-sweet and flavour-forward apple. The outer skin has yellow streaks over red while inner flesh has a crisp texture and creamy white flesh.
You can use it for snacking, baking, and making salads, beverages, pies, sauce, and freezing. Fuji Apples can be savoured in the moths of August- July.

7. McIntosh Apple

McIntosh Apple depicts a deep-red finish and carries a green blush along. It is a juicy and tangy variety of apple, with tender, white flesh. They add great flavours when used in making pies and for snacking. September to May is the time frame when these apples are available.

8. Red Delicious Apple

The iconic heart-shaped bright red coloured apple variety is known as Red Delicious Apple. It is crunchy, with a super-sweet flavour. The flesh is juicy and has a light crispness. These are used for snacking and making salads. The months of August and July are best to savour them.

9. Jazz Apple

Jazz Apples are tangy, sweet and super juicy apples from New Zealand. Their creamy yellow flesh is dense and juicy with an exceptionally crisp texture. They are used in making snacks and salads. The best part is that they are available all year round.

10. Sweetie Apple

Crisp, sweet, and blushing with flavour are the Sweetie Apples. This apple variety has crisp and aqueous flesh, which makes it great to use in snacking and salads. They are available in the months of September and October.

11. Ambrosia Apple

This variety of apple is as sweet as Honey and has a fine-grained flesh that remains white even when sliced. It is used for snacking, making salads, baking, freezing and preparing beverages, pies, and sauce. Even this apple variety is available all year round.

12. Envy Apple

Of all apple varieties, the one variety with striated, ruby-redd skin with green undertones is Envy Apple. Envy apples have what are known as lenticels, the more specks, the sweeter the apple. They have a crisp, sweet white flesh and are used for snacking, making delicious salads, and baking. These apples can be enjoyed from October to August.

13. Kiku Apple

Kiku Apple is a colourful apple, with a crunchy and sweet flavour. It has a firm and very juicy flesh, which makes it best for use in snacks and salad. It is available almost year-round.

14. Braeburn Apple

The Braeburn apple is beloved for its all-purpose appeal and its sweet, spicy flavour. Its flesh resembles white to Cream, pale yellow colour. It is used in making salads, preparing sauce, baking and freezing. You can savour them in early October.

15. Winesap Apple

Winesap Apple is a dark red, round and medium-sized variety of apple. The skin of this apple variety is firm, and the flesh is crisp and exceptionally juicy with a creamy yellow hue. It is mostly used in making sauces, juice and preserves. These apples can be enjoyed from September to December.

16. Yellow (Golden) Delicious

Yellow (Golden) Delicious is better known as reach for an all-purpose apple. Sweet and mellow, this crisp apple has a tender golden skin, and its flesh stays white after slicing for longer than other apple varieties. This apple is used in snacking, baking, freezing, and making salads, beverages, pies, and sauces. You can enjoy them in August and July.

17. Empire Apple

They are a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh variety of apples. This crisp, juicy apple has a delightful sweet-tart flavour. It has a creamy white flesh. It is useful in making sauce and pies, baking, preparing fruit salads, eating fresh, and drying. The apples can be enjoyed in September and July.

18. Jonagold Apple

This apple tends to be large and is tangy-sweet with honey-like flavour notes. On the outside, Jonagold is crimson red flushed with yellow-green undertones and the flesh is a creamy pale yellow colour. It is used for making salads, snacking, baking, preparing beverages, making pies, and making sauces. You can enjoy them from October to July.

19. Ambri Apple

The Ambri apple is an attractive variety with a distinctively conical shape, frequently flattened at the base. The skin of this variety has a reddish-pink blush and some faint lining overlaid on a greenish-yellow background. The Ambri apple’s white flesh is creamy, crispy, aromatic, and sweet. This variety is not particularly juicy. It is used in preparing sauces, pies, or other baked goods. These apples are available all year round.

20. Sunehri Apple

This hybrid variety of apple is developed in India and is the resultant cross of ambri and golden delicious apple. They have a yellow peel with crimson streaks. The flesh is crunchy and juicy with a sweet-acetous taste, which makes it best suitable for used in salads and raw consumption. These apples can be savoured all year round.

21. Lal Ambri Apple

Indigenous to India, this hybrid variety of apple is developed by crossing Red delicious and Ambri apple breeds. The cream-white pulpy flesh has a crisp, tender texture and has a sweet-juicy flavour. The variety comes from Jammu and Kashmir. It is best for making baked products and is available all year round.

22. Chaubattia Anupam Apple

Chaubattia Anupam Apple is a cross of Early Shanburry and Red Delicious apple varieties. This hybrid apple variety grows extensively in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. It has glossy skin with vertical red stripes. The crunchy white flesh is sweet-tangy and also exudes a distinctive aroma, which makes it great for salads and raw consumption. You can have them in the months of July and August.

23. Tydeman’s Early

Its shape is round to oblong, but also slightly lopsided. The smooth, thin, glossy skin has a yellow to the green base and is covered in scarlet and dark red blush. It has a mild sweet-tart flavour with notes of strawberries mixed with a hint of spice. It is used for making salads and sauce. The months of July and August are best to enjoy these.

24. Red Gold

It is a medium-sized oblong fruit with shiny deep red skin over a gold background. The flesh is juicy and light yellow. Red Gold claims to be the sweetest apple on the market, so this apple is great for those who like sweet fruit without any tangy notes. These apples are useful in making salad and sauce. You can enjoy them from September to December.

25. Golden Spur

It is sweet but has a tangy taste in its initial stage and when ripen farther, turns into a sweet-tasting fruit. It is also referred to as the Green apple and has crisp flesh. The Golden Spur apple is used in making salads and for raw consumption. It is available all year round.

26. Parlin’s Beauty

This is a variety of apple that is suitable for processing. In India, it mostly grows in Tamilnadu. This one is one of the most popular and best apple varieties grown in India. It has crisp flesh and is mainly used for raw consumption. These apples are available all year round.

27. Irish Peach

It is orange-red streaked flush over a yellowy green base. The flesh is white and the taste is a good balance of sweetness with acidity. Also known as Early Crofton, it is one of the best apple varieties. These apples are useful for making salad and baking. These can be enjoyed from December to February.

28. Starking Delicious

Starking Delicious apple has green skin with red stripes and the usual elongated shape. The flesh is yellowish cream, sub-acidic and juicy. Used for making delicious salads, these apples can be consumed between May - September.

29. Mollies Delicious

It has a very attractive finish and conic shape. It colours with a 50% red blush on a yellow background. They have pale yellow skin half-covered with a pinkish-red blush. Inside, they have juicy, crisp, greenish-white flesh, with a mild, sweet taste. You can use them in baking and making salads. They are available in the month of August.

30. Benoni

It has an attractive yellow skin chiefly draped with a red/orange flush. The flesh is light, fairly soft, and with a mild sweet flavour. It is best used for preparing desserts and is available in July- August months.

31. Starkrimson Crisp

It is a very sweet, quite juicy - a Delicious-style apple. It has a dense flesh and is used for baking and canning. September and October are the months when it is available.

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An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away

Make sure you go through this list of apple varieties and while you are most likely to buy apples all year, find the best variety of apple to make your dish better and taste appealing. The next time you hop up into the market, make sure you do not end with picking up the regular well-known red or green apples.

Instead, go for different variants of apples to make your dish more delicious, and tasteful. Because when it comes to snacking on apples, the variety you choose can make or break the experience. Make your dish more tasteful, with a better texture, and juicy knowing these tremendous varieties of apples.

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