40 Best Android Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends And Have Fun

Games are the new social platform

Princy Sachde

Jun 29, 2021|14 min read


Games take you to a whole different world where you fulfill all your childhood fantasies, then why not include your friends in your new world of games? 

Play multiplayer games on android with your friends or make new friends through these online games. 

We can play games for hours and hours straight but why waste time searching for one? 

We have eased your search so that you can only focus on winning and enjoying yourself with your friends while we bring to you the list of Best android multiplayer games online for you! 

We have games according to different tastes of people and you can select accordingly. Hope this article makes us friends with our reader k play these android multiplayer games together!

1. Among Us

Among Us | Best Mobile Games In The World

Starting the list of best android online multiplayer games with Among Us.

Among us is a very popular android multiplayer game that can be played by 4-10 players and with people across the globe. 

Among us is free for android and IOS but for PC one has to pay $5.

It is a cartoonish game preferred by children and so easy to learn. One has to complete the tasks and vote for an imposter among your friends! 

It is also for all those adults who want to be a child again, play mischief is an imposter and stops others from doing tasks, also kill all your crewmates, and here you win. 

Among us does not offensively show killing so it is children-friendly. One can play a local multiplayer game on LAN mode when all friends are connected to the same network.

2. PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

Next on the list of best android online multiplayer games is our favorite PUBG.

This is a royale multiplayer android game with such amazing graphics and sound quality that makes one feel as if he/she is on an actual battleground. 

With so many features and also voice chatting Pubg has topped the online multiplayer game industry for so long. 

Pubg allows a capacity of 4 players in a team and in a match, there are in all 100 players the players might be humans or bots.

 The android and iOS mobile versions of PUBG are free to play. Pubg is not a local multiplayer it is an online multiplayer.

3. Battleground Mobile India

This is a newly updated version of battleground which is preferred by Pubg fans and it provides a similar or maybe better experience with amazing graphics but it is yet to be released.

However, people are downloading Battlegrounds India using APK, OBB links for android. 

If a person below 18 has to utilize paid service worthing INR 7000 he has to take consent from parents.

4. Fortnite

FORTNITE | Best Mobile Games In The World

Fortnite is one best android online multiplayer games in terms of adventure and graphics.

Fortnite allows 100 players in a match and one has to fight until everyone loses, 

It allows one player, duo, or a squad containing three to four-player. Local multiplayer mode is not available for android. 

Continous updates and freedom to create own battlegrounds and arenas make this game fascinating. 

Enjoy this free android multiplayer game with your friends and fight to be the one standing last.

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends | Best Racing Android Games

‌Have you always been fond of racing? 

Here we have one of the best online multiplayer games android Asphalt 9: Legends for racing which will give you a realistic racing experience. 

One can call out his friends to the club and enjoy the thrill of racing on your mobile phone free of cost (It has in-app purchases for luxury cars). 

If one plays it in the online multiplayer mode he will have 7 opposite players to win against. 

This game allows 4 players in local split-screen.

6. 8 Ball Pool

This amazing game 8 Ball pool is for all the pool billiard lovers or for the ones who want to learn pool. 

It has instructions and rules just like the real pool game, so invite your friends for a fun pool game challenge. 

There can be two players in a pool team and since it is an online platform you can modify it and play 3 players as well.

7. Minecraft

Create your world, be a fun kid architect with this android multiplayer game Minecraft. 

One has an altogether new experience of designing and interact with creatures around. 

There is a survival mode wherein one finds something to eat and creates houses further.

 What a unique game! We can have a maximum of 30 players and play it on split-screen with your friends. 

If you want to fully enjoy Minecraft you have to pay ₹650 INR/8.56 $ but the classic version released is free.

8. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call of duty is the first-person shooter game that also remains one of the best. 

It gives a war kind of experience involving you completely into it. 

One can enjoy the warzone without paying anything on your android.2-4 players can play in local modes in split-screen players differ from mode to mode and according to warzones.

9. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

Experience a thrilling water adventure to fight for your reputation. One is a hydrogen rider in Riptide GP: renegade platform. 

Up to 8 players in online multiplayer and in local multiplayer mode 4 people can play in split-screen also on the same device. 

So challenge your friends and top the leaderboard. One has to pay INR ₹69 and play this game.

10. Glow Hockey 2

Glow hockey 2 is the mobile version of a classic air hockey table game and with amazing graphics.

It is free for android and also can be played in split-screen multiplayer mode with 2 players playing on the same device. 

Or you can challenge your friend, or also play with the computer.

11. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia | Best Mobile Games In The World

Doodle army two is one of the android multiplayer games loved by the players. 6 players can play it online or 12 with local wifi. 

It is a strong multiplayer 2D action game that challenges players to face opponents. It is free for android.

12. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X | Best Mobile Games In The World

Another popular game on the list of best android online multiplayer games.

Mortal combat X is a duo fighter game that allows 2 players to fight against each other just like a fighting match, player has to use his tactics, strengths, and moves and get an amazing experience through it. 

One can play it online or locally or even against a computer. This online multiplayer game is free 

13. Modern Combat 5

Showcase your warfare skills and fight against enemies across the world! Make a team from 9 classes and fight in squad battles. 

It is an online multiplayer game. It is free for android.

14. Garena Free Fire

Garema free fire is a challenge in itself, the parachute drops you to an unknown island and you have to arrange your survival competing with 49 other players, sounds fun right? 

One can have 4 online friends in a squad. 

This game can be played for free.

15. Ludo King

Ludo King is the game that was most popular as the lockdown begin. 

Traditional ludo is our favorite but this online ludo is more interesting as you can have earnings, some stickers, chat, and voice as well. 

You can beat your friends at ludo and they won't even have a chance to turn the board upside down when they lose! 

You can also make new friends by playing online and it is free for android. 

In local multiplayer mode, up to 6 people can play on the same device. 

16. Clash Royale

Clash Royale | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

This game is based on a strategy where 2 or 4 player opposing have to plan and break opposite team's towers and breaking king's tower is. a winning situation. 

It is free to play with in-app purchases.

17. Last Day On Earth: Dead war 

Last day on earth in the era of zombies, an unseen disaster. You are the hero of that world fighting zombies and making efforts to survive. 

One has to collect resources make weapons, make arrangements for food like a real-life race. 

This game is free for android and offers in-app purchases. 

This android multiplayer game has 4 players in co-op multiplayer mode.

19. Forza Street 

Who does not dream of having luxurious cars? 

This game Forza street fulfills that dream. One can collect the best cars and win races, compete with your friends. 

One can experience open-world driving with each game taking place in different countries. Forza street does not have local multiplayer.

Forza street is free for android.

20. Chess by Al Factory Limited

Next on the list of best android online multiplayer games is Chess.

Chess by Al factory limited is one of the best android multiplayer games online. 

It is the best game to sharpen your mind with an amazing tutorial to guide you at the start.

Two people can play with the same device as well on different devices. One can play it online as well. 

It is undoubtedly a free online chess game with the best features.

21. Chain Reaction 

The chain reaction is a local multiplayer android game that can be played up to 10 players. 

It has grids and chains of the ball with vibrant colors. 

There are some tricks to win this game: after a chain of three the ball explodes and each player has to aim that he fills the entire grid with the color taken by him. Each player is assigned a color. 

This game is an amazing time killer and free for android.

22. Bounden

Bounden | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

For the lovely dancers out there, this is an amazing game.

One will be guided through the phone about how to dance, this is a two-player game where both the player will put the thumb on screen and dance in a rhythm eventually will get awkwardly entangled with each other. 

What a fun game to play with your partners or crush! It can be played on the same device. 

The cost of this game is INR ₹160 / $1.99.

23. Sea Battle 2

The next best android online multiplayer game is Sea Battle 2.

Reliving the memories of the board game with a twist and advanced weapons through Sea Battle 2.

Attack the opponents all across the world. Make your team strong act like a real-life captain! 

One can also make a separate battle just for friends or even on the same device. 

This wonderful android multiplayer masterpiece game is free of cost.

24. DUAL! 

Dual is an extremely fun, addictive, and unique game to play with friends in person. In this game, two players have to shoot from one screen to another. 

Constantly look at your phone and also your opponent's. 

It is a local multiplayer game android. It works on Bluetooth connectivity or local wifi and is free of cost. 

25. Real Steel

Real steel is a violent game based on the movie Real steel. 

It has an interesting plot and realistic graphics. It is free for android. 

This game has two local multiplayer modes which are player mode i.e one vs one and team mode with 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 players.

26. Respawnables

Respawnables | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

Respawnables is one of the most loved online multiplayer action games. It is a third-person shooter game. 

Reviewers say that this game is engaging and gets amazing updates now and then and one enjoys playing this game even if he loses. 

This game is free for android and contains in-app purchases. One can play it on online multiplayer mode, 

There are one to all matches and team vs team matches as well. 


The next one on the list of best android online multiplayer games is NBA JAM.

NBA JAM is a popular basketball multiplayer game online for android. It contains long-term basketball matches and has digitalized graphics which make it better. 

One cannot play it online but it has a special feature allowing its players to jam with NBA expert players and 30 NBA teams. 

Also one can play it with his friend using the same wifi network. 

One has to pay INR ₹449 / $6.05 

28. Bombsquad

Bombsquad is one of the most interesting android online multiplayer games.

Bombsquad is a local multiplayer game android for 8 players. 

One has to fight with opponents and defeat them using different techniques of the fist, by exploding bombs and different strategies in challenging races. 

Bombsquad offers 3 different modes team mode, free for all mode, and cooperative mode. It is free of cost and is the perfect game for gaming nights.

29. Terreria

Terreria is mostly an action game with a spice of adventure.

One has an entire world to explore, survive, and rule within it. The player can start a world locally. 

We can play it in 2 players mode as well. 

The player has to pay INR ₹ 410 /$4.99 to enjoy this game and it can be played on android.

30. Crossy-Road 

Crossy road tests your driving skills and ability to pass through a busy street avoiding obstacles. 

It can be played on local multiplayer mode or even on the same device. Multiplayer mode allows up to 4 players to play at a time. 

It is available on android for free.

31. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

Poker is so far the best card game to play while having fun along with your friends and also chitchat. 

One can invite their friends to play at their private table. 

Also, Zynga Poker is free for android.

32. Genshin Impact 

One can get into a new dreamy world and fight battles, switch roles and defeat those enemies.

One has to explore an unknown world! 

Genshin impact enables online multiplayer mode for up to 4 players and also cross-play games can be played.

It is free for android.

33. AdventureQuest 3D 

This multiplayer game played on android is loved by people of all ages. 

Players can make teams and go on interesting quests, discover the world, and have thrilling fights with the monsters. 

Adventure Quest 3D is a massively multiplayer game containing role play as well.it can be played offline as well using wifi or a cellular network. 

It allows cross-platform multiplay and one can explore the world having their friends in the same world. 

It can be installed on Android for free.

34. Legends of Runeterra 

This android online multiplayer game allows one to draw cards and make moves to be on top of the league. 

The attacker plays his allies and the defender has to save the ally from destruction. It is an online multiplayer battle arena game i.e it cannot be played offline. 

But one can challenge his friends to play in any region. It is for free on android.

35. Old School Runescape

It is an entirely skilled-based game and the player develops new skills while playing it. 

It is an online multiplayer game with role play and also cross-platform availability. 

It can be played for free on android and contains in-app purchases.

36. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go | Best Mobile Games In The World

Pokemon Go is the most loved android online multiplayer game.

Pokemon go is the craziest game for all the teens out there. People go on roads, parks, banks, and every place in search of pokemon. 

It is so similar to the cartoon that one can catch pokemon on their own, sounds like a real-life game. 

The main motive was to make children explore new places make them get out of their houses to discover in a fun manner. 

Compete with your friends upon who catches most pokemon.

Pokemon Go is free to play on android.

37. Supercell games 

Supercell games are undoubtedly the best multiplayer games android. 

5 games created by supercell games are Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and brawl stars. 

Each with a unique playing style and theme and wonderful graphics and sound. 

These games are free with in-app purchases.

38. Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is an android online multiplayer game where the player has to fight in one on one matches until he is the only player standing. 

He has to beat 7 other opponents by building a team, build the best team! 

Join your friends in these amazing battles on a multiplayer mode for free on android. 

Teamfight Tactics contains in-app purchases.

39. Unkilled

Master the mission given in the game and become a first-person zombie shooter to save the world. 

It is a multiplayer game to team up with your friends and kill zombies. It is free for android. 

All the best with the difficulty-raising levels and experience the thrill along with a companion.

40. Fifa Football

Fifa Football | Best Android Online Multiplayer Games

The last one on the list of best android online multiplayer games is Fifa.

The craze of football is unbeatable, but you can beat your friends in football with the help of your fingers! 

You can also take other top teams on matches. It has some rules to be followed as a real football match. 

Do not miss out on this multiplayer game android for free. Increase your earnings and achievements by playing more and more tournaments across the globe.

Hope this list of best online multiplayer android games was useful to all the gamers out there. 

Games are a platform where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or make new friends across the globe. Voice and chat options in some games make it even more interesting, Am I right? 

Games make you the hero of your reality and with a companion, it becomes 1000 times better. 

Play all these games and make your friend's gaming nights even more interesting and feel free to share the invite code with our team anytime!

Everyone has amazing and crazy gaming moments while playing online multiplayer games. Do share yours with us.

Also, don't forget to like and share this article with your group to have a memorable and fun time with them. Happy Gaming.

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