An Untitled Vampire Dystopian Chapter 2

TWO - KATYA'S Point of View

Indiana Wilde

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There was a huge commotion in the corridors of Mercury High on the assimilation commencement day. I sat in our little public school library trying my best to stay away from the throng. As much as I wanted to join our librarian, Mrs. Lee at the window overlooking the main entrance of the school, my unfinished homework kept me on my desk. 

It must be the vampire kid my parents spoke of this morning. Christian Korsakoff’s only son. I thought.

My mother was so worried that she even proposed changing schools. My father declined, saying that the vampire leader’s child was just a kid and couldn’t do much because the government had its eyes on him.

Out of curiosity, I edged towards the window where the librarian stood.

The scene was horrifying. Christian Korsakoff was opening the passenger seat door of his Mercedes while the police around him held back protesting parents of children studying at Mercury Junior School. The vampire leader stood at his car for about 15 minutes, probably trying to coax out his kid. Or that’s what the librarian said he was trying to do.

“Poor little kid. Vampire or not, he’s just a kid,” she said. I nodded in agreement.

A lanky, jeans-clad leg shot out of the car, followed by a hand that clutched Korsakoff’s waistcoat for dear life. Christian immediately covered his son’s hand in assurance. A lean body with a mop of scarlet hair followed. I adjusted my spectacles to see better. Fortunately, the library was on the first floor, so I had somewhat of a clear view. 

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