22 Disney Couples Who Defined Love With Their Disney Love Story

Nov 22, 2020 8 min read

Love is a beautiful feeling. Just thinking about it seems to bring a lot of memories of couples going on dates, exchanging gifts, cute conversations and stupid fights. But Disney couples have their way of expressing love. From the grand and sparking sets of Mickey to a very generous and natural 

Disney has a bunch of couples showing fairytale romance that everyone wants to have in their lives. Even the animated princes and princesses romancing on the screen seem real to us. This world remains incomplete without these characters that bring happiness, love and few memories in our life. 

Agree or not, Disney couples hold a special place in our hearts. Let us have a look at some sweet Disney couples, the love and romance between whom is ideal for all. Here is a list of 22 Disney couples to cherish:

1) Aladdin and Jasmine

This Disney couple has the hardship kind of love. Aladdin, a lucky man who finds a lamp in which lives a genie who gives him whatever he wishes for. One fine day falls in love with Jasmine, who is Sultan's daughter. From the moment he saw Jasmine he fell in love and went through all the hardships that his father threw at him and tackled to win her love. A well-known example of ‘Love can be done easily but it takes enough to maintain it’.

2) Anna and Kristoff

This Disney couple shares partner in crime type of love. Anna and Kristoff made us realize that friendship, family and love can all be maintained at the same time. All it requires is a little effort. The way Kristoff maintains his friendship with Elsa and Olaf, and Anna taking her family together and still completing each other shows us how fulfilling love can be. 

3) Mulan and Shang

One of the many Disney couple that portray admiring type of love. Shang, a high ranking army general with high aspirations to win the battle to prove his worth to his dad and Mulan who is a decent and shy girl. This couple shows how sometimes respect and admiration for someone can grow into a deeper feeling of love.

4) Meg and Hercules

Opposites attract the type of love is portrayed by this Disney couple. A boastful and strong Hercules and a wonderful and perfect Meg who first fight but later these fights make them fall in love. A story full of betrayal and sacrifices is what their love story is.

5) Wall-E and Eva

Among all Disney couples, Wall-E and Eva are special as they share an extraordinary type of love.Wall-E who is an old robotic trash compactor and a new droid robot Eve who arrives on the earth. The story goes through wondering on earth to the universe and also to the world of computer animation and completely changes the definition of human love.

6) Snow White and Prince

This Disney couple shares the magic type of love. Pretty and innocent Snow White falls in the trap of the Queen who is jealous of her and falls deeply in sleep. Prince who unexpectedly finds Snow White being taken care of by seven dwarfs falls in love with her and revives her with his love. This Disney couple brings a magical tale with a lot of hope and joy to us.

7) Princess Aurora and Prince Philip

If there's anyone in the Disney couples list to cherish the blessing type of love, its is Aurora and Philip. The beautiful Princess Aurora, is the ray of hope in her parent’s life. She gets everything from beauty to the brain but also a curse which makes her fall in sleep for many years. Prince Philip who is the cure of that curse, falls for her and becomes the princess’s true love. They fall in love with each other, and thus the Prince saves her love from dying.

8) Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen are one of those Disney couples that share unexpected type of love. A spell that has made Prince Naveen into a frog and Princess Tiana who’s kiss can break the spell. She believes everything can be achieved through hard work but here this unexpected love brings an extra load of joy in her life.

9) Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cindrellas and Prince Carming are notes among the popular Disney Couples and bring to life the fairytale type of love. The Disney couple has Cinderella, a simple girl who works all her day to live her life and Prince Charming who has all the happiness in her life except love. A glass shoe which acts as a bridge between them and makes them live a happy ever afterlife. Prince who drives off Cinderella’s all hardships and thus brings happiness in her life.

10) Pocahontas and John Smith

Is you wish to cherish the head over heels type of love, the Disney couple of Pocahontas and John Smith is the best example. Pochanontas is an Indian princess, who is the daughter of Powhatan and a girl of frolicsome nature. Her hero is John Smith, who goes through many hardships and in the process, falls in love with Pocahantas. After all the hassle and a long wait, Pocahontas after eight long years goes to England to meet her first love. They are one of the very loved Disney couples.

11) Ariel and Prince Eric

This Disney couple shares the good over the evil type of love. The manly and charming Prince Eric falls in love with a silent beauty and a mermaid named Ariel. The Disney couple tackles this cruel world and overcomes everything to be together in the end. Two worlds come together to make this love happen.

12) Belle and Beast

While all Disney couples are epitome of love, Belle and Beast is a Disney couple that portrays the soothing type of love. The Disney Princess Beauty falls in love with a real Beast just to discover that a sweet and fine man resides in the Beast. Only Disney can bring forth such a charismatic love story. This love shows us how love can completely change a person and also make you a better version of you.

13) Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Of all Disney couples, Rapunzl and Flynn Rider is a couple that shows a unique love story with long hair saves the day type of love. The Disney Princess Rapunzel, beautiful and long-haired, pulls the prince up the castle to meet her love. Also her magic tears save the dying prince. Together they fight the obstacles and win the battle to win their love.

14) Carl and Ellie

Carl and Ellie is a Disney couple that shows a love story where childhood friends become lovers. Carl and Ellie meet as kids. Both of them are fans of aviator Charles Muntz and become friends. Later this tomboy girl Ellie falls in love with this shy and introverted Carl. This Disney love story is full of unusual but daily life happenings that make you fall in love with them. Needless to say, they are one fo the cutest Disney couples.

15) Tarzan and Jane

Tarzana nd Jane is the Disney couple that shares simplicity attracts a type of love. Tarzan, a man who lives in the jungle, plays with the animals and fights for them and the forest falls in love with a completely different girl named Jane. This love makes us believe that love can happen at unexpected times with unexpected people.

16) Donald and Daisy

Donald and Daisy are one of oldest Disney couples who are loved by all till date. They share enemies become lovers type of love. They portray a very real love story were Donald, who is Mickey’s friend and Daisy who is Minnie’s friend meet through common friends, and later fall in love. This Disney love story is most relatable to the current youth generation who do the same.

17) Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie are also among the oldest Disney couples, who bring forth growing old together type of love. Mickey Mouse, perfect example of a someone who goes well along with everyone and takes everyone together and Minnie, cheerful and bubbly, end up falling in love with each other. They not just fall in love but also stay together forever. Our very first encounter with true love was by way of this Disney love story.

18) Buzz and Jessie

The Disney love story of the Disney couple of Buzz and Jessie showcases the pure type of love. Toys too fall in love with each other. Buzz Lightyear, a righteous toy who falls in love with a simple cowgirl toy named Jessie. This love story makes us realise how innocent and pure love can be and how we can find love anywhere, anytime.

19) Woody and Bo Peep

Toys as Disney couples is a unique concept in itself. The Disney couple of Woody and Bo Peep also shares beauty attracts type of love. A beautiful porcelain doll with a little defect in her voice falls for Sheriff Woody and how they win each other and fight other evils to save their friends too. This love shows us how one can go along with love and friends, holding every important person together in life.

20) Barbie and Ken

Disney couple rarely have a song that is on the finger tips of every kid. Barbie and Ken have this achievement to their name and they share the together forever type of love. Barbie and Ken are dolls who fall in love. Their love story seems to be the most realistic in the way that they have an on-off kind of relationship. This element makes the Disney love story most relatable with today’s young adults who are still unsure about love.

21) Tramp and Lady

Tamp and Lady is a Disney couple that shares the innocent type of love. Of all Disney couples, Tramp and Lady have a special charm. Two dogs who happen to fall in love when Lady is thrown out of her owner’s house after they have a baby. Tramp is a tough dog who protects Lady and thus they fall in love. Animals too fall in love.

22) Giselle and Robert

This Disney couple shares the modern type of love, relatable to today's generation. This story is set in New York and is the most realistic Disney love story. Though the girl gets in the wrong dress at the wrong place but meets the right man and ends up marrying her true love, Robert. When love waits for you, you will find love anyhow.

Every love story is different. But everyone does have a love story. In Disney too each and every character had to go through their bunch of hardships to meet their true love. Every battle can be fought if you have the willpower for it and what better if you can win your true love through it. Disney gave us some truly never-ending love scenes which will remain in our memories forever. They taught us that sometimes love can be hard but it's worth it. 

Though love is an emotion which can’t be taught, one can just feel it but our first encounter of love was through these amazing stories of love. Hope you too find your love in the most magical way.

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