Albums are to keep and remember

Sonali Negi

4 months ago|1 min read


Memories we build,

And try to keep in a shield.

The flashback comes from turning Pages,

And you move to that place without any need of wages.


The happiness that follows,

And the memories that crawl on,

A shy smile in which the affection lies.


The Albums and the pages

Both look like best friends,

As they don,t need to follow any trend.

How someone flies over the scenarios and move into the back,

Does it really need a clap?

Oh! damn, I didn't realize it is like a relaxing nap.

and somehow you all can feel this hack.

The feeling's never disappear


I was a child and now when I have grown up,

I find happiness in these albums pile.

The moments were amazing,

I'm still stuck in this ring.


We all were together,

We all thought of it forever.

Now some have been separated,

and some are staying far.


Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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