30 Ahmad Faraz Shayari Soaked With Romance And Blended With a Spirit Of Resistance

Jan 1, 2021 6 min read

Ahmad Faraz was one of the great modern Urdu poets of the 20th century, Born on January 12, 1931, in Kohat. Faraz is his pseudonym 'takhalus'. He was often called a ‘people's poet’ who spoke of fireflies, butterflies, and romance and sometimes called a ‘rebellious poet’ for hailing revolution. 

Ahmad Faraz Shayari (poetry) has a lyricism, which is unparalleled in contemporary Urdu poetry. He played a constructive role in society and gave the message to stand firm against injustice and oppression through his poetry. Ahmad Faraz Shayari (poetry) often showed the struggles and social realities of his country. 

Ahmad Faraz was arrested for reciting poems that criticized military rulers in Pakistan under Zia-ul-Haq's military rule. After that arrest, he went into a self-imposed exile. His writings highlighted the problems and issues of his country and tried providing a solution to them.

Ahmad Faraz is best known in India as the writer of Ranjish Hi Sahi, possibly one of the excellent instances of the Urdu ghazal written by a poet whose name wasn't known before. 'Ranjish Hi Sahi' is hugely popular among audiences everywhere. 

It is an exceptional ghazal with words strung beautifully and still, four decades later, can surprise, invoke a smile, and induce deep melancholia.

Listed below are 30 romantic Ahmad Faraz Shayari (Poetry) for you to cherish:

1) Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa
Aa phir se mujhe chor ke jaane ke liye aa

This is a romantic Ahmad Faraz Shayari, where the lover is longing to meet his beloved. He wishes her to come just to have a quarrel or a small fight with him.

2) Tu wahi haar gaya tha mere buzdil dushman
Mujh se tanha ke muqabil tera lashkar nikla

Ahmad Faraz Shayari overshadows the landscape of Urdu poetry as one of its most noticeable writers. He says that if your enemies team up against you, who is fighting singlehandedly, they have already lost the battle.

3) Abhi to jaag rahe hain charagh raahon k
Abhi hai door saher thodi door saath chalo

This Ahmad Faraz poetry takes us back into the days of our old school love, where spending time with our love was important and more important was keeping it away from the eyes of society.

4) Dost ban kar bhi nahi saath nibhane wala
Wohi andaz hai zaalim ka zamane wala

This Ahmad Faraz couplet on friendship has a profound lesson for life. Even if someone is your friend, there are chances that they will not appreciate what you do for them. It is not easy to have a kind heart in this cruel world.

5) Chup-chap apni aag mein jalte raho 'Faraaz'
Duniya to arz-e-haal se be-abru kare

6) Shayad tu kabhi piyasa meri taraf laut aye “Faraz”, 
Ankhon main liye phirta hoon darya teri khatir

7) Ek to khwab liye phirte ho galiyon galiyon
Us pe takrar bhi karte ho kharidaar ke saath

Ahmad Faraz poetry can wrap layers of brief significance lines into poetries and its ability to invoke an involuntary smile. When you are selling your dreams, you don't have to mess with the buyer.

8) Kabhi uska, kabhi iska, kabhi mera hua woh shaqs “Faraz”, 
Usne mohabbat ganwa di, tijarat karte karte

When you are in love, you expect loyalty and devotion. One who keeps going from person to person, for whatever reason, is not meant to be loved. This Ahamd Faraz Shayari tells us to refrain from a person who does trading in love!

9) Is se pehle ki be-wafa ho jaayen
Kyun na ae dost ham juda ho jaayen

Ahmad Faraz poetry illustrates that he was indeed a craftsman who could spin his words beautifully. He says it is better to part ways as lovers than to stay together after betrayal.

10) Dil ko teri chahat pe bharosa bhi bahut hai 
Aur tujhse bichhad jaane ka dar bhi nahin jaata

11) Jab ke sab ke vaaste laaye hain kapre sale se
Laaye hain mere liye qaidii ka kambal jail se

This is one of the first verses Ahmad Faraz, which he penned when his father bought him a ‘kashmira’ for Eid while his brother got an elegant suit.

12) Jab tera dard mere saath wafa karta hai
Ek samndar meri aankhon mein baha karta hai

Yet again, Ahmad Faraz Shayari spoke about the traditional exquisite sufferings of the lovelorn and was unapologetic in his romanticism. There is so much pain that tears have formed a sea in the eyes.

13) Dil ko teri chahat pe bharosa bhi bahut hai
Aur tujh se bichad jane ka dar bhi nahi jata

14) Tamam umar kahan koi sath deta hy,
Ye janta hu magar thory der sath chalo

Ahmad Faraz poetry remains realistic in the expression of his love. The poet concedes the reality of life that he and his beloved cannot be united.

15) Tere hote hoye aa jati thi sari duniya
Aaj tanha hun toh koi nahi aane wala

This Ahmad Faraz Shayari talks about the loneliness that fills one's lives after a loss or failure happens. All the good people and cheer around the person fades away. Nobody comes to the person in low times.

16) Mere lafzon ki pehchan agar wo kar leta Faraz
Use mujh se nahi, khud se hi mohabbat ho jati!

Ahmad Faraz poetry has a beauty, which is the art of converting emotions of love into thought and words. One should see the truth in the words of his or her lover. It strengthens the bond and trust between the two people.

17) Koun kisi k sath kitna mukhlis hai faraz
Waqt sabki aukaat bata deta hai

18) Jab bhi dil khol ke roe honge 
Log aram se soe honge 
Baaz auqat ba-majburi-e-dil 
Hum to kya aap bhi roe honge 

This Ahmad Faraz Shayari is a part of his gazal ‘jab bhi dil khol ke roe honge’. It is one of the most beautiful ghazals of all time. These lines talk about the pain one feels and cries when the heart is hurt.

19) Aankh se duur na ho dil se utar jayega
Waqt ka kya hai guzarta hai guzar jayega

This Ahmad Faraz Shayari reflects on the ever-changing nature of time. As time changes, our thoughts and situations also change.

20) Main ki sahraa-e-mohabbat ka musafir tha Faraz
Ek jhonka tha ki khushboo ke safar par nikla 

21) Guftagu achi lagi zauq-e-nazar acha laga
Muddaton ke baad koi humsafar acha laga

This verse from Ahmad Faraz poetry induces deep, delightful melancholia and optimism in the readers’ heart. 

22) Be-iaan toh main ab bhi nahi Faraz
Magar jise jan kehte the wo chor gaya

23) Hua hai tujhse bichhadne ke baad ye malum
Ki tu nahin tha tire saath ek duniya thi

You always form a world around the person you love. You eat together, laugh together, and love together. When your lover is gone, you feel all alone. The world feels empty.

24) Main har tarha ke asbab e halakat dekhu, 
Aye watan kash tujhe ab k salamat dekhu

Few of Ahmad Faraz poetry has the best verses that have political relevance to our country’s present, past, and future.

25) Ye duniya gum to deti hai shareek-e-gum nahi hoti
Kisi k door jane se mohabbat kam nahi hoti

26) Usko juda hue bhi zamana bahut hua 
Ab kya kahen ye qissa purana bahut hua

27) Sitam ki aag mein jalte rahe awam magar,
Jahan panah hamesha jahan panah rahe

This Ahmad Faraz poetry is about the heartbreak and suffering illustrating his country’s social realities and they are the most refined form of resistance poetry.

28) Koi aisa pyar ka bazaar hota
Jis main nilaam wo sar-e-bazar hota

29) Sarisht-e-ishq ne uftadgi nahin pai 
Tu qadd-e-sarv na biini o saya-paimai

This is the last verse of Ahmad Faraz poetry, 'Maqtaa', and it is inscribed on Faraz gravestone.

30) Ab maayoos kyun ho us ki bewafai pe Faraz?
Tum khud hi to kehte the ke wo sab se juda hai

This brings us to the end of the list. Ahmad Faraz left the world long back yet he remained alive in millions through his poetry. He died from kidney failure in a local Islamabad hospital on 25 August 2008. 

Ahmad Faraz poetry instilled the spirit and verve of struggle, determination, and of course, romance. We are indeed indebted to Faraz for the legacy he leaves us in the shape of his poetry soaked in romance, his part in the history of speaking truth to power and hailing rebellion. Some of his poetry is dedicated to the sufferings of the people and others to love. 

His poetry reminds us of how he bravely ran his pen on every issue, from the romance, heartache, suffering to challenging his country's corrupt authority and demanded that we do likewise in our specific situations. His writing style is effortless. 

Even general people can easily understand his poetry. When he went into self-imposed exile, he produced some of his most acclaimed literary writings during this exile.

Ahmad Faraz was a prolific poet with several anthologies to his credit and has given a new soul to Urdu literature by contributing his poetry. He will always be alive in the hearts of millions through his articulate work.

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