31 Adult Indian Web Series For Bold and Steamy Experience

Steamy and raunchy, sizzling and explicit and what not…..

Yashshree Kasare

Feb 19, 2021|11 min read


There was a time back in the days when adult content was given an eye and people refused to watch them as they were conservative and also felt that it was against their culture. But now things have changed.

Adult Indian Web Series
Adult Indian Web Series

Adult Indian web series is the talk of the town now. Over the past few years, more and more adult content has started to stream online as the audience has become more progressive and has also accepted intimate scenes concerning what they like to watch. 

The best part is that they are not even censored as they are released on the OTT platform. OTT platform has given the freedom to release adult content for 18+ viewers. There are different OTT platforms, where you can find such content as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, Jio Cinema, Hoichoi, Hotstar, MX Player and many more. 

These platforms will provide a wide variety of erotic content with different type of stories in each web series. I know you are feeling very tempted to watch these series for all the sensual content you will get to see, which will soar your temperatures high. 

For your convenience, we have sorted out the best adult Indian web series for you to have a look at. Here is a list of all the hot adult Indian web series for you to look through.

1. Maaya: Slave Of Her Desires (2017)

This series is directed by Vikram Bhatt and you all know that he is famous for erotic content. This story is about a woman named Sonia who goes through a nervous breakdown and forgets the past 6 months of her life. Her husband is on a mission to find about her past to know what had caused this trauma. To his surprise, he finds out that her life was filled with vigorous sexuality and sadistic fantasies which he was not aware of and only he can save her.

Genre - Erotic, Thriller, Crime

Available Platform - MX Player

2. Four More Shots Please (2019-2020)

This web series is all fun and frolic about four friends in Mumbai from different walks of life dealing with friendship, career, family and their love lives. They love drinking booze at their favourite bar discussing what's new.
This is a show for millennials who will get inspired by these four women and would wanna grow up and be like them.
Also, their love lives which get steamy in every episode and every season is something to look forward too.

Genre - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Amazon Prime Video

3. Wanna Have A Good Time (2018-2019)

This Mini Web series is about a man who hires a prostitute when his wife Shilpa decides to visit her maternal home. To his shock, he finds out that the prostitute looks exactly like his wife. Is his wife testing him or is this just a mere coincidence? Watch it to find out!!

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platforms - MX Player, VOX India, Ullu

4. Kavita Bhabhi (2020)

Kavita Bhabhi sounds like a woman in her 30s who is sexually attractive and is craving sex. This is exactly what this show is all about. Kavita Bhabhi is the name of the woman who lures men on phone calls and cures them sensually by telling them erotic bed stories.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - MX Player

5. Virgin Bhaskar (2019-2020)

This is a ZEE 5 Original sex comedy series about a character called Bhaskar who is an erotic novelist, but the sad part of his life is that he is still a virgin. This series revolves around his love life when he meets a girl Vidhi with whom he wants to lose his virginity.

Genre - Comedy, Romance

Available Platform - Zee5, ALTBalaji, Komparify

6. Dev DD (2017-2018)

This story is about a girl named Vicky who does everything which is looked down on and is not accepted by society such as smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap alcohol. A super combination of bold scenes and modern-day romance. She goes through a rollercoaster of ups and downs through her love life.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - MX Player, ALT Balaji, Jio Cinema

7. Hello Mini (2019)

The plot of this thriller web series is about an independent girl by the name of Mini, who has everything in her life. She moves to Mumbai for her career, but soon enough she finds out she has a stalker trying to control her every move. At first, she thinks it might be a secret admirer, but things slowly take a wrong turn. It is very fascinating and has a lot of lewd scenes and adult content. It also has a very high IMDB rating, 8.9. Can you imagine?

Genre - Thriller, Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Netflix, MX Player

8. Apharan (2018)

This brain twister series is about a senior inspector in Uttarakhand Police, Rudra Srivastava who is lured into kidnapping a girl on her request only to realise that he is now part of the life-threatening scheme. It involves murder, harsh violence and never-ending action. How can we forget the immense amount of adult intimate scenes?  

Genre - Thriller, Drama

Available Platforms - MX Player, Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Flickz

9. Rain (2017)

The plot of this series talks about a girl Barkha who is trapped in her own house, with four different kinds of people from her past. This series is directed by none other than Vikram Bhatt, who never forgets to add a horror element in his shows. The show proceeds as one of the four people want her dead. Will she survive?

Genre - Horror, Thriller

Available Platform - MX Player, Jio Cinema

10. Mastaram (2020)

This series is set in the 80s rural Himalayan atmosphere, which revolves around a writer who is labelled as a complete failure by his publishing house. It has all the elements like erotic content and is an all-round entertainment. His books take an instant hit when he starts taking inspirations from his immediate surroundings. Will life be the same after his newfound fame? How will his personal life be affected?

Genre - Romance, Comedy

Available Platform - MX Player

11. Bekaaboo (2019)

This web series is about a guy called Kiyaan Roy, whose life turns out to be perfect after his bestselling erotic novel. He soon realises he has a stalker, who knows his scandalous secrets, following his every move. He approaches her for a painful pleasure and explores dark fantasies with her. Things take a wild turn and he ends up losing his reputation and career, family and fiancee. Will he be able to handle this situation?

Genre - Thriller, Romance

Available Platform -  Jio Cinema, ALTBalaji, Msn

12. Spotlight (2017-2018)

This story is about a Bollywood Actress, Sana Sanyal who experiences lots of ups and downs in her life and the scandalous life Bollywood has to offer. 
It also showcases the naked truth, famous life has to offer, the one no one knows about. This is a binge-worthy show, exposing the wild lie of Bollywood, where you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Netflix, Amazon Prime India, SonyLiv

13. S3X Chat with Pappu & Papa (2016)

This is a mini web series that discusses intimacy, relationships and adult concepts in a very educational way. This is about the life of a father-son duo with a lot of humour as the son bombards his father with a lot of wicked questions. This is a very unique show discussing sex, masturbation, pregnancy, condoms, periods and homosexuality in a simple, clean, honest manner. How his father tackles these questions is the fun part of the show.  

Genre - Educational, Comedy

Available Platform - Youtube, Yash Raj Films, My Movie Rack

14. S3X Drugs & Theatre

If you think, medical students only study and have no life this web series will change your mind. This story is about six medical students, whose revolve around drugs and physical relationships. Now they have to unwillingly participate in a play for a prestigious competition that completely changes their lives.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Zee5

15. Bambai 4x4 (2019)

Jugnu is a small-town man who moves to Mumbai with his newly married wife to establish a new life for themselves. But due to their lack of budget, they end up living in the slums. They face difficulty with having a passionate relationship because of space. Jugnu also meets a mysterious woman who surprisingly talks a lot about her husband. He ends up getting curious about her. This series is binge-worthy as it is all about the affection and struggles the couple faces.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - MX Player, Webisode

16. Love, Lust and Confusion (2018)

This web series is about a young girl Poroma Sarkar and her life which is full of bad decision-making skills, confusion, love, desires, choices. This show also deals with polyamorous relationships, indecisiveness and physical exploration. This also involves meeting two strangers and the misadventures which affect themselves and others in their life.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Viu, Meta Reel, Youtube

17. Who's Your Daddy (2020)

The plot of this web series is about a father-son relationship, which includes the famous Youtuber, Harsh Beniwal. His father, Soggy, is the coolest and hottest dad in town and has the sexiest tale of his days. Take a trip down memory lane and get nostalgic with Soggy about his life filled with blue films and hysterical experiences to find out the father of Soggy’s son.

Genre - Drama, Comedy, Romance

Available Platforms - Zee5, ALTBalaji, Youtube

18. Gandi Baat (2018)

This adult Indian web series rotates around the intimate desires of people in rural India. The great part of this web series is that each episode is different from one another and has an independent story to offer. The filthy stereotypes of rural India will make you understand the meaning behind it. This erotic themed series explores passionate stories about modern-day romance in small towns of India.

Genre - Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance

Available Platform - Zee5, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Just Watch

19. Ragini MMS: Returns (2017)

This adult Indian web series is about Simran and Ragini who visit an old abandoned college that is haunted. It’s spooky and horror and little do they know what they are going to deal with in this haunting presence. This is a must-watch if you are a big fan of the horror erotic genre.

Genre - Horror, Romance

Available Platform - ALT Balaji

20. XXX: Uncensored (2018)

This adult Indian web series is the most talked about and the spiciest web series in the country at the moment. It not only has some of the steamiest and kinkiest scenes but also has a comedy element which makes it an erotic-comedy series. It truly is one of a kind with its sexy chemistry and comic timings.

Genre - Comedy, Romance

Available Platforms - Zee5, ALTBalaji, Jio Cinema, Flickz

21. Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

This is a biography of former pornstar Sunny Leone, how she rose from being born in a middle-class Sikh family to deciding to be a pornstar which changed her life forever, to meeting her now-husband.
This story is all about how she chose to be part of the adult film industry, choosing the name Sunny for herself and living her life with no regrets.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - ZEE5

22. Hadh (2017)

This web series directed by none other than Vikram Bhatt is about a real estate business tycoon whose health is suffering. He has to choose the right heir for his family business. This all ends in a battle between three brothers. But there is also a fourth person who is trying to bring down their business. There is a pinch of romance, cut-throat competition and battle among the brothers which makes this a must-watch.

Genre - Drama

Available Platform - SonyLiv

23. I Love Us (2019)

I Love us is an amazing story about two girls who explore their sexuality in this LGBTQ friendly romantic series. This narrative is about a girl, Shreya Rajput who is clear about her sexual orientation and her romantic journey with another girl and the complications that come with that. Will she succeed in reaching her romantic destination? Why don’t you check out?

Genre - Romance

Available Platform - Foot Looz, Youtube, Vimeo

24. Twisted (2017)

This story is an Indian erotic thriller web series that starts with the murder and rape of Naina Raichand, wife of Ranbir Raichand. Both Ranbir and Aaliyah, his mistress are major suspects for Naina’s murder. The story revolves around their version of the story and finding Naina’s true murderer. This series is written and directed by Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt. So, you can imagine how amazing it would be!!

Genre - Thriller, Drama, Romance

Available Platform - JioCinema, Youtube

25. One Night Stand (2017)

This is a Bengali adult web series about a mysterious girl, an actor and a stranger who end up having a threesome on a lonely night. This story includes a lot of steamy intimate scenes. But this also has a twisted plot that will keep you on the edge till the end.

Genre - Drama, Mystery, Romance

Available Platform -  MX Player, Netflix, Jio Cinema, Yupp TV, Amazon Prime India, Adda Times

26. Fuh Se Fantasy (2019)

Everyone is guilty of having an intimate hidden desire which they find irresistible. This is what this adult Indian web series is all about. From cheating on your spouse to join the mile high club to dreaming about having sex with a cop, one night stands, hottie neighbour and saucy roleplays. Unleash the madness with Fuh Se Fantasy.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Voot, Airtel x stream

27. Mismatch (2018)

This story is a Bengali adult web series about couple swapping. As the couple Ayan and Diana are not happy with their sex lives, they decide to swap their sex lives with another couple Subhro and Urmi, a couple going through the same problem. But do they swap??

Genre - Comedy, Romance

Available Platform - Hoichoi

28. Charitraheen (2018)

This web series is based on the novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. It is about four women, two of them perceived as Charitraheen which means promiscuous or characterless as they are considered to be too fast forward by a society. How their desires create havoc in their lives which makes them go psychotic is the plot of the story.

Genre - Drama, Thriller, Romance

Available Platform - MX Player, Amazon Prime, Hoichoi

29. Hello (2017)

This narration is about a woman named Nandita receiving an MMS from an unknown number about her husband cheating on her with another woman, which turns her life upside down. Will she confront her husband for cheating on her or will she try to save her marriage? Watch to find out...

Genre - Drama, Thriller, Romance

Available Platform - Hoichoi, Amazon Prime

30. Singardaan (2019)

This is an adult Indian web series about a common man Gupta Ji who meets a prostitute, Shabnam and falls in love with her. She has a makeup box and when she dies Gupta Ji ends up taking the makeup box with him. The box somehow turns his wife and daughter into a prostitute. How will he put an end to this toxic magic and save his wife and daughter? Will he succeed in getting rid of the box?

Genre - Drama, Mystery, Romance

Available Platform - ULLU

31. Pure Soul (2019)

This erotic web series is about a painter who is about to sell his 100th painting in an art gallery in his Paris Exhibit. He ends up meeting a prostitute and wants her to be in his 100th painting. As he paints her, she gets emotional knowing about his life and offers him her body. This story is about their conversations about what pure soul is all about.

Genre - Drama, Romance

Available Platform - Amazon Prime

If you are looking for the steamiest adult content web series, these are the hottest ones. Do binge-watch them, with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend for some sensual experience. Watch these with discretion and with headphones on. They are quite free-spirited when it comes to sexual content, racy, spicy and full of pornographic material.

These series will change your perspective about life and how you perceive the world. They not only have erotic content and also come up with a moral message in their stories. They are all about dark and intense fantasies, multiple partners, hidden desires and also last but not least providing sex education to the ones unaware of the lust life. This will leave you all restless, sweaty and horny. So watch it at your own risk!!

But you will be tempted to watch as it will turn you on, wanting for more and more. Some will be an eye-opener and blow your minds away. It’s all about how relationships affect your day to day life including your sex lives.

Do sign up at the online streaming platforms mentioned above as some of them have a high IMDB rating, so go check out. What are you waiting for?

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