Accepting Ourselves

Acknowledge and Accept your scars

Yashika Sapra

7 months ago|1 min read


I feel confident,  I feel content with myself,  what I have, my success, my achievements, my complexion, my flaws, my body, my height...
Though there was a time when I wasn't happy and wasn't confident about myself, especially because of my short height !!

Well, I couldn't do anything for this as these traits are majorly affected by our Genes.
Thus, gradually with the time passed, I started accepting with an open heart what I am, who I am &how I look. And what, I mainly agree with is the fact that this all is prefixed for us. So, NO REGRETS.

I was pointed out as "Chhotu" a lot of times by some of my fellows but I never felt bad or disgraceful.
On the positive side, I was & I'm even appreciated & complimented as CUTE.
But... comparison sucks !!!
& It's the feeling that can ruin an individual's life.
Comparison hits on a person's self-esteem, ego & ultimately low downs confidence.
And I faced it !! Being compared to tall girls, how they look more beautiful than me. How every dress suits them the best.

Why the majority of men do love tall women.
At some point it affected me badly, I used to struggle in my mind that why I'm  even alive and the struggle sometimes still goes on
But I'm now mature enough to control my thoughts and to choose what shall affect me and my mental health :)

So ending this little boring phase, I just want you my dear friend to act maturely on these issues because it might not cause any physical harm but a lot of mental stress.
Just accept how you are, what you are, & never compare yourself!!
We all are unique in our way. & That's ample.


Yashika Sapra

Hi, I'm Yashika Sapra . Reading is a great exercise. Keep practicing ;)



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