A Tale

A young girl chasing dreams

Sonali Negi

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Hours of obstacles

A young girl living in a fairy tale, chasing dreams. She has so many aspirations to fulfill. She is living in her own world, she is creating so much stuff simultaneously. Still when the ticking of the clock makes it hard for her to run through the world and reach paradise. Some days are hard to make things work out but her biggest strength has always been her confidence and will to make things work out.

Her thoughts

She has this mindset of being a financially stable girl who owns her life. She is willing to work hard in spite of all of these "better luck next time" and this has been fit into her mind that she is not going to survive the life she never needed and she never going to rely on others for her accessories. The crown would be the one she will create and the diamonds would be from her finances. Every fairy has always seemed a good note to her but she has never thought that my fairy would be the same. She has always thought that she is going to create a different one, a subtle one.

This world has always taught her the day you take birth your life gets printed somewhere in heaven. Ironically this heaven we have never seen, we have never been to such a place, and look people still believe that it is a place of diamonds, it is a place of good ones. The world which has told her to follow the footsteps of ancestors, to follow the theories that have been released, already, she is there holding her own and teaching her brain that she is here to create something new something unique and relevant. Something which is not relevant to the world but something which is relevant to her story and her life.

Dream and goal

A dream is something one creates when the person has nothing. The person creates it with close eyes but the goal is something that has its own challenges. Reach a target has barriers. In your whole life, the time when you say that you have a goal the road increases the turns to check the driving capacity of a person. The person have to be careful at such moment. The moment when the beach bring too many hard waves and the mountains looks hard to climb in the susnhine.

Ufff this time is cruel, Ifeel but anyhow only the fitted one can survive here, in this planet.

(Create something which suits you instead of following the printed marks)

Sonali Negi


Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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