A Poetry For The Lovers Sitting Beneath The Tree

A romantic poetry

Vartika Srivastava

6 months ago|1 min read


If you have ever experienced those blissful moments spent with your soulmate sitting under a tree, with breeze all around you both and the melodious silence in between, you will definitely recall your golden moments while going through this poetry!

Hope you will enjoy it!


When Sitting beneath the tree,

heartbeat calms & the soul is set free.

The cool breeze & the dusty noon,

let's sit here until we see the moon.

I get to see your calm face for a little more while,

Your glowing cheeks & the winning smile.

Yes, I can see through your clear eyes,

the lustre of your fiery desire.

No hustle, no worry, no doubt anymore,

heart smiles to the fullest deep from the core.

The wind carries dried leaves& the feather,

Trust is the divine chain that brings our hearts together.

Your touch makes me feel like I'm the luckiest one,

Your sight on me makes my skin glow like the sun.

You make me feel like never before,

You tend me to love you everyday more.

I keep doing things which makes you feel low,

Your love never fades away for me though.

Meeting you up daily has become my habit,

Pampering of yours cherishes me like a kid.

God must have planned this meet, I believe.

Sent from the above, His shower of Blessings, we receive.

Wish we may always come here, I pray.

For you are my family, I always say.


Vartika Srivastava

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