A Little Life By Hanya Yanagihara

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Anjali Mishra

18 days ago|1 min read


If you are reading this than you must be very curious to find out what is inside the book, which character will impress you the most. Well! you are on the right place, without wasting your much time I will dive straight into the story.

This book revolves around Life of 4 friends Jude, William, JB and Malcolm. This book will give you the deep inside of their past life. The one character with whom you will feel very connected ‘Jude' is the most secretive person in the group. No one knows about his past and neither he is willing to tell anyone about it.

The more he keeps the secrets, the more William wants to know about it but he never brought up the courage to ask about his past life.

The mutual understanding and support of these four friends and the suspense of Jude’s past life will give you a feeling of roller coaster ride.

The book will leave you with tears and soulful connection with the characters of the story.

It is a must recommended book to read once in a lifetime.❤️

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Anjali Mishra


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