A Guide: How To Style Leggings

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This blog has all the answers about how to style your classical solid color leggings. A guide on what to wear with leggings, how to wear leggings, and when to wear them. Everything about leggings styling from casual, party, office, and traditional leggings outfits.  

No matter what, there is always one garment in your wardrobe that will never go out of fashion. ‘Style is all about comfort’ this saying goes well for leggings. Classic, trendy, and most importantly comfortable. There are several bottom wear for ladies but when it comes to comfort and style leggings top the list. 

Leggings provide better coverage than any other tights, are more comfortable than any jeans, and more stylish than any lowers. When it comes to pairing the top with leggings it becomes a little trick. As leggings neither fully define tights nor do justice to pants. Thus, with leggings, it becomes important to mix and match. 

Fashion Tip: Always go for the perfect body-hugging legging. Never go for free size. Before you shop for any legging never forget to consider your legs and hips size. Leggings are designed in a way to emphasize your lower body. Hence always buy leggings that fit you perfectly. 

Casual wear leggings

Long T-shirt (tuck in leggings) and leggings

Long T-shirt and leggings:

Oversized t-shirts are one of the best fashion trends. A long and oversized t-shirt is long enough to be called a dress. Printed, a funky, colorful T-shirt with plain and solid color leggings is the best combination. No need to add any other stylish garment (tucking the shirt can be another stylish option).

White crop top with denim jacket and leggings

Crop top with denim jacket and leggings:

Fashionable and stylish crop top with hot trendy denim jacket paired with solid plain color leggings. One of the simplest and easy ways to style on the point. A dark shade crop top with solid dark color leggings will surely be a head-turner. Adding boots for footwear can give a definition to the look.

Partywear leggings

Skirt, funky T-shirt with jacket and leggings

Skirt and leggings:

Cold seasons and leggings are the best combinations. Pair the leggings with a miniskirt to add that extra spice to your look. Miniskirts with leggings, paired with boots and jackets can have a trendy look. 

Tunic top and leggings with boots

Tunic and leggings:

A short dress is a feminine look for girls. For the girls who are more on the conservative side.  ‘Fashion is more about comfort’ hence wearing whatever makes you comfortable is the best style. Tunic has a longer back than any crop top or t-shirt. This is why legging completes the look. Complete the look with either boots or heels. 

Office wear leggings

White shirt paired with a red blazer and black leggings

Shirt paired with a blazer and leggings:

Leggings can be best for work as they are more comfortable and straightforward. For winters layering is the best style to go with. Just start with the innerwear and add a simple plain shirt complete with a blazer on top and leggings on the bottom. For footwear, you can add heels or flats according to your need. 

Traditional wear leggings

Saree draped on leggings

Saree and leggings:

Leggings can be paired with a saree for that indo-western look. Start with a crop top on top and leggings on the bottom. Wrap the saree with leggings and add a statement like a belt or gajra. The touch of traditional to western will make you stand out. Pants style saree is a very popular style to go with.  Dhoti saree to a designer blouse you can pair anything and everything for this style. 

Kurti and leggings

Kurti and leggings:

Yet another very trendy and popular way to style the leggings traditionally. Pair any Anarkali, straight, long, short, A-line Kurti with leggings. There is no question on how to pair leggings with Kurti. Easy, simple, and everyday look for most Indian women.

Activewear leggings

sports bra and leggings

Sports bra and leggings:

One of the common activewear is sports bras and leggings. For activity or sports, it becomes very important to choose the right pair of garments.  Leggings are designed in a way to emphasize your lower body whereas a sports bra gives the maximum support to the upper body. A high on comfort and yet fashionable. 

When it comes to choosing the fashionable garment sometimes it’s out of comfort. Most of the time when the garment is comfortable it’s out of fashion. When we can get both fashion and comfort together then why not?

Leggings are available in different shades, fabrics, and styles. If you love to play with texture and colors leggings are the best way to start with. Mix and match, create your style. 

Hope this blog helps you to clarify what you are pairing up with your pair of leggings. 


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