A Blissful Place- Konkan

Konkan-Beaches Sunshine and a lot more

Akshada Borhade

6 months ago|1 min read


During this vacation, I visited Konkan. The Konkan runs along with Maharashtra's, Goa's, and Karnataka's western shores. It is bordered on the east by the Western Ghats mountain range (also known as Sahyadri), west by the Arabian Sea, north by the Daman Ganga River, and south by the river Aghanashini.

One can find here many beaches and other places of tourist importance. Do visit Konkan for a mesmerizing experience.

Here is a small composition related to my Konkan staycation and enjoyment:

As the coconut trees sway

On the warm sand, I lay

Besides me intricate sandcastles

To my face touches the wind's hustle

The sea waves rumbling to and fro

In the middle of waters our boat we row

So soothing and pleasing the atmosphere is

It makes me forget to utter goodbyes

Wherever my eyesight reaches

All I get to see is exquisite beaches

Our thirst is quenched by cool coconut

I enjoy this juncture with my eyes shut

Every sunrise and sunset here is amazing.

To admire the colors blend in the sea is so pleasing

Just another glimpse of this scenic place

It makes my heartbeats race!


Akshada Borhade

An engineer trying to find an escape by writing her heart out!



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