A Bit Of Civility

Can't we just respect each other?

Patricia Pixie

3 months ago|1 min read


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God bless all of those persons who take time to read and share their opinions about what others write.

We are partners in crime, so there's nothing better than sharing with others a little bit of what we are, no matter the way we do it.

I do not have the pleasure of meeting most of you personally, however, through your words I feel that without meaning to, I have been able to get closer to you, regardless of the distance.
In each word the emotions of each one of you are printed, your joys and sorrows, your desires and fears.
Almost accidentally, we undress our whole selves in front of others. Are we crazy?

Each piece that comes out of our fingers carries a lot of who we are. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it. After all, if we aspire to try to make what we create stand the test of time, we have to put a lot of heart into it.
Yes, order and reason help any creative not to go crazy within the universe of their own ideas, but the passion for what each one generates is what differentiates each of the creative spirits.
So why do we attack each other? We are dedicated to sharing our vision of the world with everyone who is willing to read us, so obviously, not everyone is going to agree with what we write.

For hate and resentment, we already have enough with the real world. If you don’t believe me, take a look at your favorite newscast, and you’ll see.
So why don’t we make an effort to get along in these virtual spaces that we share with our colleagues?
It does not mean that we always pretend to agree with what others say, but that we learn to show our disagreement in polite ways.
I know that this can take a lifetime, but it is a good starting point to start evolving as human beings.

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