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Food not to give to Dog



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Sharing food has been a gesture of love for a long time. Sharing fruits and snacks are always cute, but with your dog and not so much, they might like your barbecue flavored potato chips, but they also don’t know what foods can cause liver failure since you’re the human here you should know which foods are poison in disguise. For your dogs, bacon is the best thing to happen to us, but it could be the worst thing for dogs.

What’s more interesting. Is that grape, out of all the fruits innocent-looking grapes, can kill your dog. Here are the eight foods that could kill your dog.

1.     Avocados.

You know how fun it is to have some avocado toast or an avocado smoothie in the morning. For yourself, then your little pub gives you the puppy dog eyes, and you want to share a bite so desperately since you’re the adult and the human in this case. Try to keep the avocados away from him. Small amounts are okay, but the seeds skins, and stems are pure poison for them. They contain a toxic agent called Pearson that turns the healthy, green fruit into a dog killing machine. What's more, they have an incredibly high-fat content which no, doesn’t mean that your dog won’t fit into their Halloween costume.

It means that the high-fat content can lead to a case of pancreatic other than that there’s the PID, which does contain a person, but, more importantly, it looks like a ball, making it incredibly attractive to dogs. It's also the perfect size to get stuck in your pup’s throat, essentially choking your dog, and remember, no avocado, no guacamole either.

2.     Bacon

You might love good old bacon, but your pooch might not it’s very tempting to toss that leftover, pork to them, but pause before you do that, because if your pork is drenched in sauces and seasonings, then you should even put a pause on eating them. Usually, seasonings and spice rubs have a ton of salt, sugar, and added flavoring to them. If you’re thinking of raw pork, then you should know it’s not safe for anyone. It has a parasite known as trichinella spirals larvae, which can cause an infection known as trigonous.

It can lead to an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea fever, pain and stiffness, and so much more that you don’t want to know, it’s also very difficult for dogs to digest even plainly cooked pork. So where does this leave us with pork bones? Well, you should leave your pork bones for a broth or something because dogs can choke in these suckers when they’re cooked they can dry out and become brittle. If they break into small pieces, they can be a choking hazard for your furry friends.

3.     Raisins and Grapes.

Grapes and raisins are soft and very small. So why would they be bad for your dogs uh? Well, no one knows why, but what we know is that they can be highly dangerous to dogs. It doesn’t matter the gender breed or age of your dog. Grapes can induce a whole bunch of symptoms and canines. These include loss of appetite weakness, vomiting, dehydration, and even lethal kidney failure. If your dog has digested something like grapes or raisins, call your vet right away, they might recommend you give a pup a small amount of three percent hydrogen peroxide, so they throw up the fruit.

However, if you can’t get back that nasty little fruit, then pack your bags and head to the dog doctor. Lastly, do not do anything without consulting your bed. You’re, not the one who’s attended years of med school.

4.     Chocolate.

We love chocolate and it’s only fair, they’re, so delicious, but it’s common knowledge that the sweet, goodness of chocolate, is quite deadly to dogs. But have you ever wondered why, with most of these things on the list, it all depends on the amount of food and the size of your dog? Luckily, pet MD has a chocolate toxicity meter that shows the effects it can have on your dog. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine and when it’s digested it gets changed into exam theme in your pup’s, liver and this chemical doesn’t do much good. It interferes with a special class of cell enzymes, leading to an increased heart rate in central nervous system activity. A sort of anxiety attack for dogs, but excessive vomiting, urination, and diarrhea.

Your dog goes through after consuming chocolate is just its furry body, trying to purge the toxins so instead of meticulously weighing your dog and then the chocolate for several minutes just avoid giving him the brown stuff at all.

5.     Caffeine.

You might need a cup of joe to wake up in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you should share it with your dog. Pet owners might not realize just how human eatables have caffeine in them. Any sort of energy, drink, sports, drinks, coffee, flavored, ice creams, and some medications have caffeine in them. Caffeine is a stimulant and the effects it causes are a result of the toxic compound in it that we enjoy so much. But just a tiny amount of caffeine works on her pets.

The same way three cups of coffee make you feel it raises. The blood pressure causes cardiac arrhythmias, vomiting diarrhea, and everything that will make you bend down and scrub for hours. Caffeine contains theobromine the same compound that makes chocolate terrible for dogs. If you think your pup has had too much coffee call your vet immediately. They might induce vomiting or give the dog charcoal to minimize the absorption of any toxin left in the gi tract

6.     Salt

salty food is the center of the human diet, french fries, potato chips, and whatnot, but just because they’re, okay for us, which they aren’t either doesn’t mean you can let your dog have more than a few bites. Salt in large quantities can cause salt poisoning. Dogs do not need salt to keep up with their electrolyte balance.

Usually, this required amount of salt is covered in the dog food you give them, but since they have a much lower tolerance to salt than humans, even 100 milligrams can be too much. That depends on the size of your dog, though an excess of salt can lead to hypernatremia. This can lead to a lowered appetite, limping scratching and disorientation, and, of course, heightened thirst and consumption of water, and potential seizures. If you think your dog might have salt poisoning, you should first try to figure out how much salt the pup has digested. Otherwise, just call your vet.

7.     Xylitol

You wouldn’t give your dog gum. That’S not something they’d like to chew on, but in any case, your pooch does steal. A gobstopper too. Just know that it’s not a good sign gum, especially sugar-free, candy and gum, has a substance called xylitol in it and it’s very toxic to dogs.

First of all, it’s very quickly absorbed into their bloodstream, which triggers the pancreas to release a huge amount of insulin. This leads to low blood, sugar or hypoglycemia. Only two pieces of sugar-free gum can cause hypoglycemia and ten pieces can straight lead to liver failure. Even toothpaste and mouthwash have this stuff in them. But did you know that peanut butter, drink powder, pudding, and even ketchup have xylitol in it many pet owners, give their dogs peanut butter as a treat without realizing it could be potentially poisonous

8.     garlic and onions

Just a whiff of sizzling, onions or garlic in A pan can make us drool, so it’s obvious to assume that our pooches think the same onions as delicious as they contain a toxic substance known as n-pro bolt-disulfide, and if you are a chemistry geek, you might know what it is? This substance causes the red blood cells of your dog to break down.

This leads to anemia it attaches to the RBCs instead of oxygen, reducing the ability of a dog’s body to review oxygen, not only that it even tracks your dog’s brain into thinking that the blood cell itself is an invader. The worst part is onions are in everything, from soups to baby food, to chips and practically anything savory and packaged, and every part of them, including the flesh, leaves juice and even powered form is toxic to our beloved best friends. They don’t even need to eat a large amount.

Just 0.5 percent of a dog’s weight has to be ingested to cause awful symptoms. The same goes for garlic, leeks, chives, and anything in this family.

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