7 Valuable Travel Beauty Tips

Stay beautiful when traveling!

Claire Norton

2 months ago|4 min read


Looking fresh and beautiful after a long trip is almost impossible, especially if the trip is long and you have to spend a lot of time in dry air on an airplane. Makeup wears off, mascara and lipstick smudge and there is a new pimple that hasn’t been there before the trip. 

So, how to keep the fresh look and look good even after a long trip and during the vacation, without having to bring a suitcase of skincare and makeup products? Here are some tips and suggested adjustments to make. 

Foundation Only if You Really Need To

Wearing a foundation while you travel can feel heavy and it can clog the pores. The air on a plane is dry and the skin needs to be moisturized. So, if possible, ditch the foundation on that day, or if you really need to wear it, mix it with a day cream, to get your skin moisturized. 

Blotting papers are essential! If you want to avoid a greasy face, it is important not to touch it with your hands when you travel. To remove the excess oils on your face, use blotting papers that will soak them in. 

Love Lipstick? 

Are you a lipstick addict? The lipstick doesn’t behave well when you travel. It will dry your lips even more. It can smudge and it will definitely wear off as you eat or drink.  

If you want to stop worrying about your lipstick, think about getting a lip tattoo. It is a great solution for travel, especially if you are going to the seaside or you go skiing. But don’t worry - even though it is called a tattoo, it is not permanent. It will start fading after a year and last up to two years. It is a great thing to have lipstick in your favorite shade that doesn’t come off. 

Leave Your Mascara at Home

It is not a good idea to wear mascara while on the road. Think about getting a lash lift instead. It is a fantastic new treatment that almost every lash salon offers. Lash lift will curl and lift your lashes, making them look longer and denser. Lash lift is a great substitute for mascara. And it won’t smudge! Another great thing is that it can last up to 6 weeks and it is really low-maintenance - you can swim and wash your face as normal, and it will still look good, and you can find great travel-friendly accessories for your lashes at Phibrows USA and always have them at your side.  

When it comes to eyeshadows, forget about them when you travel. They will only look bad after a couple of hours. Keep your makeup simple and minimalistic. 

Clean Hair at All Times 

If your hair gets greasy fast, dry shampoo should be your best friend. You can even find it in a travel size, a small package that can fit in any bag.

Keep your hair healthy by protecting it when in the sun or if the weather is cold. Use a conditioner or a spray that will protect your hair and wear a hat if needed. 

Emergency Products Always In Hand

Pack a small bag of emergency products that will be with you all the time. It has to be a small one, and you really need just the essentials. Besides dry shampoo and blotting paper, you can also pack those instant acne-fighting products, if you get an unwanted pimple you need to get rid of immediately. Packing nail polish is also a good idea. 

You can also insert a band-aid, or anything that you think can come in handy while you travel. 

Sunscreen is a Must

It doesn’t matter which season it is - sunscreen has become a must. You can use it as a primer and mix it with a foundation. It is important to protect your skin. You will need it on the way, because you may sit next to the window. You will also need it when you go sightseeing, and of course, if you go to the beach. 

Pay Attention at What You Eat

Some people reach out for unhealthy snacks, like chips and chocolate, on a plane or while they go sightseeing. This can make you feel bloated and it will affect your skin. So, choose healthy snacks, such as nuts and fresh fruit. They will give you more energy than sweets, anyway. 

Avoid alcohol and too much coffee while you travel. Your skin is already going through a lot and it needs to be moisturized, not dehydrated. So, a lot of water and tea is the key, to prevent dry skin and dehydration. 


So, if you want your skin to still look glowy and healthy after a long trip and when you experience climate change, be nice to it. Don't use too much makeup - you will have time to do it later. Make sure you are hydrated and eat healthy food.  


Hi, I'm Claire Norton. I am obsessed with the beauty industry and I love exploring new trends and writing about them!



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