7 Best Destinations To Volunteer Abroad

Some examples of awesome destinations. 

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Are you tired of your college life in a small town and you crave an adventure? You might want this but the financial difficulties are stopping you from achieving your dream of traveling across the world. Well, you'll be happy to know that there is one option that includes both traveling and saving money, and it's called volunteering. That's right, volunteering is not only meant for some local places. It's been widely popular across the world and it's a unique opportunity to do something good and meet cultural places along with great local folks. Let's give some examples of awesome destinations where you could start your volunteering adventures. 

  1. Meet the land of the Incas - Peru

If your volunteering options include a lot of cultural activities and you had Spanish lessons in school, Peru might be one of the best places to volunteer abroad and start your adventures. From one week to six months, you can choose how long you would like to stay. But it takes more than one week to see everything that this country offers, from the Amazonian rainforest to Machu Picchu, colonial architecture, history, amazing food, and local customs. One of the best places in Cusco, the city that is under the protection of UNESCO and offers education, social work, working in an orphanage, marketing, and many other gigs you can sign up for. 

  1. Protect turtles in Costa Rica

If you prefer amazing beaches and wild forests, Costa Rica can give you all that. This country is still not so full of tourists because many people go to Cuba or Mexico which are not far away. Costa Rica has environmental courses you can apply for and they include cleaning the beaches and monitoring turtle eggs along the way. Turtle protection is one of the most popular programs and it's no surprise. It combines protecting the environment, getting in touch with locals, and spending time at paradisiac beaches. The nesting season is from August to February, so have it in mind when organizing your itinerary. 

  1. Take care of koalas in Australia

Australia is a country with more than 600 national parks. Even the Aussies don’t get to see all of its natural beauties. Apply to volunteer abroad to meet it thoroughly and with little money. If you want to stay in urban areas, such as Sydney, you can opt for programs that include preparing meals for homeless people. Big cities have a lot of people who are homeless and can’t afford basic things. If you would prefer to stay close to wild nature, you can opt for those places where nature preservation courses. Other than lovely koalas, Australia has a lot of native species that need proper care. 

  1. Help refugees in camps in Greece

It might seem like a small country, but its rugged coast with more than 6000 islands will make you want to visit each one of them because they are all unique. Greece has a geographical position close to Asia and the Middle East which made it a suitable destination for many refugees from these parts of the world. You can apply to some of the programs that include teaching English to kids in the refugee camps or any other sort of humanitarian help, depending on your existing skills (doctors or any teachers are always welcome). In your free time, you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and many cultural activities.

  1. Help fight poverty in Kenya

Severe drought and lack of food are the main causes of poverty in Eastern Africa. You can give your contribution, not only through monetary donations but by being there and helping people in need on site. Teachers are welcome since Kenya has many children that are not acquiring literacy skills on time. Apply to humanitarian programs close to Masai Mara and enjoy the wonderful safari experience as well. Kindergarten teaching, farming, and medical help programs are the most important ones if you want to volunteer in this country. 

  1. Meet the Nepali Buddhist legacy

Nepal is a small, mountainous country that will enchant you if you love Buddhist and Hinduist culture and want to avoid crowded places so typical of its big neighbors India and China. Buddhist monasteries offer accommodation for teachers, so this is your opportunity to apply for a teaching program. Those programs include different levels of education, so you can choose between kindergarten, primary school, or other levels. If you are an animal lover, there is a stray dog rehabilitation program as well. Raw and intact nature will amaze you in your free time. 

  1. Explore the rice fields in Vietnam

Beautiful and raw nature, wonderful hosts, and unique culture are what define Vietnam. The country is still in development, but it's doing a lot better than before. Women's education and healthcare would be a true contribution to making things better since many of them suffer from anemia. Social experiences are especially valuable in a place where people are not so accustomed to tourists so they are genuinely interested in meeting new cultures as well. Kids are especially adorable. Medical internship or nutrition support programs are among the most popular ones. 

Leave your comfort zone and get to know some of these places we mentioned, or find your route. If you're afraid to go to a faraway country, you can stick to your continent. Choose programs that are meaningful for you. If you're a literature or language student, you can apply for teaching programs. If you're a medical student, programs that offer any kind of medical help to the locals are great for you to gain experience. If you're still looking for your profession, environmental programs are very universal and reachable for anyone.


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