6 Must-Have Features for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Shahid Jafar
2 months ago 4 min read

We all know very well that this is the online era. And everything is just a few taps away from you and that is why a huge number of people are running their whole businesses online. And to run your online business you have multiple ways like social media page, Website, App etc. All of them are used worldwide successfully and there is a huge population of the world that are using Ecommerce website for their business. 

There are several benefits of having an Ecommerce website. (We will discuss it later). More than 75% of the world is on the Internet and millions of people access the internet every day. And a huge number of these users search for things online. And that is the reason behind the success of local and international business. Because you can access almost anything with just some taps. 

When everyone knows the importance of the Ecommerce website. So, let me tell you the 6 most important features to have on your Ecommerce website.

1. ALL device design (Responsive design)

More than 60% of the Website users come from mobile phones. And with every passing day the number of mobile phone users is increasing. So, it is very important to design your website in such a way that all mobile users can access it. It is a must have feature because the user wants an easy to access and easy-to-understand website. And if they are unable to use your website on their mobiles or your website features will not manage according to the screen sizes then the customer will hesitate to buy products from you. 

If you are developing the website on your own, then make sure that the website will run smoothly on different mobile screen sizes. And if you hire custom eCommerce website development services provider then make sure that they check the website design on all devices.

2. Easy-To-Use Navigation

Easy navigation doesn't look an important feature at all. But it is the most important feature for better user-experience. Because once the user landed on your Ecommerce website then he will go to other pages of your Ecommerce website. And if he finds your website hard to use and he can't understand the option of the pages then he will leave your website. Your website should have important pages on the navbar or the sidebar menu. And according to a study more than 50% of users left the website because they were unable to find the page they need. And you only have a few seconds to impress the customers otherwise, the customer will lose his interest and you will lose your customer.  

3. Easy to Communicate Buttons

Another reason for the failure of the Ecommerce website is that they don't have call-to-action buttons. These are the buttons that the customer clicks when he needs to communicate with the business. And if these buttons don't work properly like showing and error. If not present on the website at all then the user will find your Ecommerce website as a low-engaging website, and he will go to another website.

Call-to-actions button means a button of "Call us”, "Send us a Message", "Our Email" and online chat option button. And these buttons should be clearly visible to the customer. And he should find it easy to communicate because once a customer communicates with the business then it is more than a 90% chance that he will be your new customer. That is why these buttons are important. If these buttons don't work properly or throw errors. Then the customer will never trust your Ecommerce website. 

4. Multiple Options for Payment

If you are willing to have an Ecommerce website for your business. Or you have a business then you should add multiple transaction options. Because not all of them wants Cash-on-delivery. And many people use different cards, or online bank accounts. From which they want to pay. And most of them return if they can't find their payment system on your Ecommerce website. That is why you need to integrate different payment methods into your Ecommerce app.

Many business owners prefer apps. And they hired an android mobile app development enterprise for the app which is also a great way to grab the customer. Because customers believe in the apps very easily.

5. Product Filter

It is a small option but has a lot of importance. Because people search their product with different filters. Like price range, Sizes, New arrival, Trending, Hot Products, Kids wear, etc. So, the customer will find it easy to go to the page where he wants easily and always place the search option. This way the customer will visit different products and prices according to his need. And he will spend more time on your Ecommerce website. Suppose the customer wants to go to the kid’s section. But your landing page has just 2 products related to the kids then how he goes to the kids’ section without a filter option on the website. 

6. Tell the customer about return and delivery policy in detail

You should clearly write about the return and the delivery policy on your Ecommerce website. Otherwise, most customers get confused at that point. And when they could not understand the policy, they don't buy the product. You have to write clearly on your site about on which condition you will return the product. And what is the estimated time in which the customer will receive the product? Otherwise, when you don't return their product then they will comment bad about your business. And more people will feel scared to buy products from you. 

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce websites are the most common way to run your business nowadays. And every other business has its Ecommerce website or application. And this way they will easily serve more customers, communicate more, build a community, and you can serve many customers at a time. There are some of the must have features that you should definitely add to your website. First of all, your website should have a responsive design. Then easy navigation is the reason why many of the customers use the website more. Then multiple payment options and filter options help the customer to do shopping easily.