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When the word cricket comes up the interest is built up. Isn't it guys? One of the most popular outdoor games amongst every generation, not only in any particular one. 

The craze for cricket is so much, no one can miss out from it. People not only love this game, there are many who literally worship this game. When there's a cricket match, even the not interested person gets interested in it at a certain point of the game. 

When this game is so interesting, how can it not have any interesting facts about it. So in this article I'm gonna share a lot of interesting facts about cricket and let's see how many of it you knew already and which are new ones for you. So without telling more about cricket since everyone is so familiar with these bat and ball games. What are we waiting for? Let's get to the facts about this game. 

1. Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar's bat to hit the fastest ever ODI century. 

Let's begin cricket interesting facts about this  incident that took place back in 1996. Afridi who scored 104 off 40 balls and made him a 'batsman' was of his teammate Waqar Younis which was gifted to him by none other than cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. 

2. Chris Gayle is the only batsman to hit a six off the first ball of a Test match. 

Chris Gayle broke a record of 137 years of test cricket by hitting a six off the first ball of the test match during 2012 against Bangladesh. Gaining interest in cricket interesting facts? 

3. Abbas Ali Baig was the first Indian cricketer to be kissed during a Test match. 

The headline of this interesting cricket fact would have caught your attention. Yes, indeed Abbas Ali Baig was kissed on his cheek by a girl when Baig hit his half-century in the third test match against Australia. 

4. Vinod Kambli's Test match average is better than his childhood friend Sachin Tendulkar. 

Yes, you read it correctly Kambli's Test average is 54.20 while his childhood friend Sachin's average is 53.78 after 200 tests. Wasn't this interesting cricket fact shocking for you? 

5. Sunil Gavaskar was out off the first ball of a Test match thrice in his career. 

The bowlers to dismiss Sunil Gavaskar were: Geoff Arnold (Edgbaston, 1974), Malcolm Marshall (Kolkata, 1984), and Imran Khan (Jaipur, 1987). 

6. ML Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri are the only Indians to bat on all five days of a Test. 

Jaisimha batted all five days in a test during 1960. While Ravi batted for five days in a test during 1984.

7.The only cricketer to play Test cricket for India and England is Saif Ali Khan’s grandfather, Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi. 

He played Test cricket for the England team in 1932 and 1934. And he is the only cricketer to play for both countries. Isn't it an interesting cricket fact? 

8. Lala Amarnath is the only bowler to dismiss Don Bradman hit wicket in Test cricket. 

This incident took place in the 1948 Brisbane Test. 

9. Leslie Hylton is the only cricketer to be hanged for murder. 

Leslie was a West Indies fast bowler. He murdered his wife and was hanged for the murder. 

10. India won the 1983 World Cup and won their first-ever Test at Lord’s three years later in 1986.

This were the moment were team India was shining. This back to back win made all India proud. 

11. India is the only country to win the 60-Over, 50-Over and 20-Over World Cup. 

This interesting cricket fact really made us proud of our team. Isn't it? 

12. Alec Stewart was born on 8-4-63 and he scored 8463 Test runs. 

Alec Stewart was a wicketkeeper-batsman and a former English skipper. He ended his career with a score of 8463. Number can be interesting and this is proved by this interesting cricket fact. 

13. Virat Kohli is the first player to win top-3 ICC awards in the same year. 

How can our interesting cricket facts not have a single fact about our King Kholi? Virat won 3 ICC in 2008.

14.  Wilfred Rhodes of England played Test cricket till he was 52!

Rhodes played  till the age 52, that's almost half a century in his age. Did you know this interesting fact about cricket? 

15. Allan Border played 153 consecutive Test matches. 

Border made his debut during the 1978 Ashes in Australia. 

16. Length of the Cricket pitch. 

The length of the cricket pitch hasn't changed till date. It's been more than 150 years. It's still the same 22 yards. Don't you find this cricket fact interesting? 

17. Australia beat England by 45 runs in the first-ever cricket Test as well as the Centenary Test in 1977.

This is actually a very interesting cricket fact. During 1877, Australia beat England and the same incident took place again 1977 with the same place and score different. 

18. All four innings of a test on the same day. 

The 2000 Lord's Test between England and West Indies saw all four innings of the test being played on the same day. After 11 years the same thing happened between the Cape Town Test between South Africa and Australia. 

19. There's only one person who witnessed Jim Laker and Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets in an innings. 

Do you know who that person was? Let's find out about this interesting cricket fact. It's Richard Stokes. 

20. On the morning of 11/11/11 South Africa needed 111 runs to win at 11:11.

This coincidence occurred during the first Test between South Africa and Australia at Cape Town.

21. Peter Siddle is the only bowler to take a hat-trick on his birthday. 

This happened during the Brisbane Test against England on November 25, 2010. Did you know this interesting cricket fact before? 

22. India's Mohinder Amarnath is the only cricketer to be dismissed for handling the ball and obstructing the field. 

India’s Mohinder Amarnath guilty of the offence in October 1989 against Sri Lanka. He kicked the ball on his way as opposite numbers like Ratnayeke and Arjuna Ranatunga were charging towards it in order to force a run-out. 

23. Saeed Ajmal has never won a Man of the Match award in One Day International Cricket.

This is a interesting cricket fact that Saeed Ajmal, Pakistani cricketer never won single ODI 'Man Of The Match' title. 

24. Two Robin Singhs have played Test cricket for India and both never got to play after their debut Test. 

Robin Singh played one Test match in his career against Zimbabwe in 1998. His namesake Robin Singh junior was a fast bowler who played his only Test against New Zealand in 1999. 

25. Sachin Tendulkar played for Pakistan before India. 

Reading this interesting fact of cricket would shock you very much. Yes, Sachin Tendulkar did play as substitute fielder for Pakistan during a practice match. 

26. Sri Lanka has a sole Test win against the Aussies till date.

And our fellow neighboring countries has a tough record to their name. 

27. Dravid featured in Ganguly's each Test match of his career. 

Ganguly's all 113 Test has Rahul Dravid featured in the playing XI. That's some interesting fact of cricket to note. 

28. Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bangla stadium and Bangabandhu stadium have hosted more ODIs than Lord’s.

We are all very familiar with Lord's but it's Dhaka's stadium which has more number of ODI held that's interesting. 

29. The highest number of runs scored in an over is not 36. It’s 77.

Bert Vance had conceded a record 77 off a single over on February 20, 1990.

30. Adam Gilchrist holds the record for playing the most number of Tests straight after debut.

Adam played 96 Test matches between 5 th November 1999 and 24 th January 2008 without dropping out from any of them. Doesn't this cricket interesting fact show the hardship of the cricketer? 

31. Ishant Sharma is responsible for all the three highest scores made by a batsman against India in the 21 st century.

Alistair Cook – 294 Runs, Edgbaston 2011; Michael Clarke – 329 Runs, Sydney 2012; Brendon McCullum – 302 Runs, Wellington 2014.

32. On 12 th January 1964, Indian spinner Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs vs England at Chennai.

His figures were 32-27-5-0 which is an economy rate of 0.15 per over which is the lowest of all bowlers. 

33. Chris Martin and B.S Chandrasekhar have taken more Test wickets in their career than the test runs they scored.

Martin has scored 123 runs in 71 tests while he has 233 wickets to his credit, on the other hand Chandrasekhar has 167 runs to his name along with 242 wickets.

34. Wilfred Rhodes took 4,204 wickets in First-Class cricket.

Isn't it a huge no of wickets guys? Rhodes did take more than four thousand wickets and also scored 39, 969 runs.

35. Sir Jack Hobbs scored 199 centuries in his First-Class career.

This score is much higher than any player scored at that moment. So isn't it interesting to note this cricket fact with just 1 run away from double century? 

36. In a World Cup Match, chasing 335, Sunil Gavaskar scored an unbeaten 36 off 174 balls.

That was a great score from one of the best captains of the Indian Cricket Team. 

37. Jim Laker once took 19 wickets in a Test match.

That's some high scoring wickets taken in a single Test match. 

38. Saurav Ganguly is the only Indian player to score a century in the knockout stages of a World Cup.

This happened in the Prudential World Cup of 1975, in the match between India and England,

39. After Virat Kohli’s debut, India has chased down 300+ targets five times.

In 4 of these 5 matches, Virat Kohli scored a century. Isn't that an interesting cricket fact? 

40. Mahela Jayawardene is the only batsman to have scored centuries in both the Semi-Final and Final of a World Cup.

How can someone be so good at scoring centuries in both game. Shouldn't we be just wowing while reading this interesting cricket fact. 

41. Sachin + Zaheer = (Almost) Kallis

We'll are aware of Sachin being the highest scorer in ODI and test matches. While, Zaheer being 5th highest wickets taker in test. But wait, what if I tell you guys there's cricket, how is it a combination of both? Yes, it's Jacques Kallis. Wasn't this cricket fact really interesting? 

42. The player with the most number of not outs in Test cricket is not Rahul Dravid, but Courtney Walsh.

He has an unbeaten total of 61 times in 185 innings.

43. Saurav Ganguly is the only player to win four consecutive Man of the Match awards in ODIs.

India won the five-match ODI series 4–1 from Pakistan and Ganguly was elected man of the match in all four matches. What a cricketer career Saurav had. 

44. Dirk Nannes has represented both Australia and Netherlands in International Cricket.

Dirk is one of the few players to represent multiple international teams. How interesting is this cricket fact? 

45. Sanath Jayasuriya has picked more ODI wickets than Shane Warne. 

Sanath has a total wickets of 323, while Shand has a total wickets of 293.

46. In 1989, along with Sachin Tendulkar, 23 other cricketers made their International debuts. The last one to retire before Sachin, was New Zealand's Chris Cairns, who retired in 2004.

That's a great note that our Indian cricketer Sachin was the last of from that group to retire himself. 

47. Inzamam Ul Haq took a wicket off the very first ball he bowled in International Cricket.

And what a start of his career with his first bowl taking a wicket. That's such an interesting fact of cricket. 

48. Sir Don Bradman has just hit 6 sixes in his entire career.

Cricket legend Sir Don Bradman hit just six sixes in his 52-match Test career. But what's interesting in this cricket fact is that his had a test average of 99.94, is widely regarded as the greatest batsman of all time.

49. Virender Sehwag’s highest scores in T20, ODI and Tests are 119, 219 and 319 respectively.

He is one of my favorite players and seeing his score is so amazing. Isn't it? 

50. Wasim Akram’s highest Test innings score of 257 is higher than that of Sachin Tendulkar's (who has 248 n.o. to his credit).

This is interesting to note that Sachin was beaten in his Test innings score to Wasim. 

51. The England Cricket Team is the only team in ODI history to lose a 60 over ODI Final (1979 World Cup), a 50 over ODI Final (1992 World Cup and 2004 Champions Trophy) and a 20 over ODI Final (2013 Champions Trophy) in ICC tournaments.

Holding this record makes the team stronger and motivates them to play well in the future. Aren't these cricket interesting facts a lesson for us? 

52. Lance Klusener, Abdur Razzaq, Shoaib Malik and Hashan Tillakaratne are the only players to have batted in 10 different batting positions in ODIs.

I wonder how flexible were these players to play from different positions. 

53. MS Dhoni has never scored an ODI ton outside of Asia.

This interesting cricket facts is so undigested. But it's true that Dhoni has never scored an ODI century. 

54. Graeme Smith is the only player in the history of cricket to have captained a team for more than 100 Test matches.

Not only did he captained 100 Test matches but also 53 Tests matches. Isn't this an interesting cricket facts? 

55. Sachin Tendulkar got out for a duck only once in his Ranji career. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar got him.

A 19-year-old Bhuvneshwar Kumar became the first player to dismiss Sachin Tendulkar out for a duck in Ranji Trophy. 


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