51 Best Indian Restaurants That You Must Visit

The ultimate new-age food hubs!

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“Food”, the basic necessity for every person but it is not only that but is a compulsory element of our life. When we visit different places then the food of the particular place matters the most as we are there to explore the place to the fullest and without exploring food stations our trip is incomplete. India is luckily prospered with so many wonderful restaurants where you can eat and enjoy. Indian restaurants are the perfect combination of international cuisine and Indian tradition. The race of being the best restaurants has made Indian restaurants more and more admirable. When we describe the Indian restaurants then exotic, elegant, classy, modern, and understated, such words come to our mind. In India, almost in every state, you will find such places with a wide variety of food with an ultimate atmosphere.

Here I have listed the best Indian restaurants that would help you to find the best place to dine in. Have a glance over it- 

1.                   Indian Accent- Starting our list of 51 best Indian restaurants with this Delhi-based lavishing restaurant ‘Indian Accent’. Indian Accent has proved that Indian food is not only about oil and spices but has a variety of delicious cuisines with modern and classy decorum. This is why it was titled the best Indian restaurant. 

2.                   The Bombay Canteen- Opened in 2015, The Bombay Canteen has proved to be the best Indian restaurant of a new era. The vast interior and modern architecture of this restaurant give the visitors an experience feel never before. Along with that, The Bombay Canteen is famous for the recreation of Indian food with a fascinating twist.

3.                   The Table- Another amazing Indian restaurant is here to make you feel exotic with its absolute food revolution. In this restaurant, you will mainly find a vast variety of European and Continental cuisine. It is not only in demand because of its cuisine but is quite popular for its extraordinary interior and decorum.

4.                   Wasabi By Morimoto- The ultimate luxurious Mumbai-based restaurant is specialized in Japanese cuisine. Wasabi is famous due to its authentic Japanese cuisine and this is why it was included in the list of Asia’s top 50 restaurants. The ingredients for the signature seafood dishes by Wasabi directly flow down from the Japanese sea.

5.                   Toast & Tonic- The not-so-new word in the world of Indian restaurants is Toast & Tonic located in Mumbai. Here you will find the tropical range of European and Continental culinary treasures. The best part of this Indian restaurant is their interesting food varieties in which they always preserve the organic flavor of food and veggies.

6.                   Bukhara, ITC Maurya- The iconic Bukhara by ITC Maurya, located in Chanakyapuri, South Delhi is one of the best fine dining restaurants which provides high-quality North Indian food. Bukhara is an amazing combination of modern and traditional ambiance.

7.                   The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency- If we say this is India’s best Chinese restaurant then we might not be wrong. In this restaurant the whole staff is Chinese and they do even not know English there is an interpreter who delivers the communication to both sides.

8.                   Annamaya, Andaz Delhi- Another Delhi-based restaurant in our list of 51 best Indian restaurants is Annamaya, Andaz a 24x7 restaurant. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or you are finding a place to calm your mid-night food cravings Annamaya is a great option for you.

9.                   Mocambo- Mocambo is a Kolkata-based restaurant *** bar that is famous for its old and divine charm. It is one of the best places for non-vegetarians as they offer a variety of chicken and fish dishes for visitors.

10.               Pumpkin Tales- Located in the Chennai city of India, this Indian restaurant is a treat for all organic food lovers. Pumpkin Tales is a bright and colorful place offering wholesome, organic food.

11.               1135 AD- This mesmerizing Indian restaurant is housed in the historic Amer Palace of Jaipur, Rajasthan. The magnificent views, classy and royal ambiance are the key elements that make the 1135 AD a worth visiting restaurant while your Rajasthan tour.

12.               Aish Hyderabad- The Aish, is an ultimate restaurant with lavishing culture of hospitality. Aish offers you some flavorsome veg and non-veg dishes and the staff is also gracious and presentable. These are the points that make the Aish a must-visited Indian restaurant.

13.               Agashiye- This Gujarati thali restaurant is the best place to eat with your family in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Agashiye provides traditional Gujarati food in a more classy way and is the hottest hub for Gujarati food lovers.

14.               Ambrai- The venue of this restaurant is the most charming part to be considered while selecting a restaurant to dine in. This Udaipur-based restaurant is located in front of Pichola Lake. Whether you are looking for a romantic candlelight dinner or a get-together with friends or family, Ambrai will prove to be an ideal place.

15.               Amethyst- Amethyst, is a Chennai-based restaurant that offers a variety of dishes from almost famous cuisines and is a smart hub for food lovers due to its creative ambiance.

16.               Bademiya- One of the iconic restaurant chains of Mumbai and also a major tourist attraction. Bademiya is specialized in seekh kabab and various nonveg dishes. Along with that, you can find veg paneer tikka on the menu that is worth tasting.

17.               Bawarchi- The pure veg Udaipur-based restaurant fulfilled with exotic but authentic at the same time, Rajasthani dishes. Bawarchi not only provides Rajasthani but also provides Chinese and Gujarati dishes.

18.               Britannia & Company- This Indian restaurant is located in Mumbai and has a vintage atmosphere. Britannia is a Parsi restaurant and majorly specialized in Parsi cuisines.

19.               Caffe Palladio- Another amazing Indian restaurant in Jaipur that is completely a joyous ride for every food lover. You can either sit indoors or outdoor to enjoy your food. Its decor is designed divinely which gives a relaxing atmosphere to the visitors.

20.               Crystal Restaurant- Bring up from the streets of Punjab, this restaurant is located in Amritsar and mainly serves Chinese and Indian cuisines. With attractive prices over food varieties, you can well spend your time in the cozy atmosphere of Crystal restaurant.

21.               The Fatty Bao- The fatty boo is a restro & bar in Bengaluru. This colorful restro can be considered as having the most unique interior and décor aligned with bright walls. It is a bohemian theme restaurant that offers Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Asian cuisines.

22.               Ginger House- Ginger House is situated in Kerala and is an enchanting place to spend time with your group of friends. The prices are too fair for all the dishes offered here. This place is a worth visiting place of Kerala. 

23.               Hotel Saravana Bhavan- The largest south Indian restaurant in the world is here to grab a spot in our list of 51 best Indian restaurants. You can easily find this restaurant in almost every Indian state.

24.               Indigo- The Jodhpur-based restaurant is also the most affordable and amazing place to joyfully spend your day with your friends. Indigo provides you with flavorsome dishes at fair prices.

25.               Kewpie’s- Another amazing place in Kolkata to calm your food cravings. Here you can try their specialized chicken curry, fish fry, and many other nonveg dishes.

26.               Khyber at Fort- It is a north Indian food restaurant located in Mumbai. Khyber not only provides north Indian but also specialized in the Mughlai menu. An ultimate hub for the people who love the royal treatment.

27.               Malabar Junction- The Malabar Junction is a happening party spot in Kochi along with being an exotic restaurant. This Kochi-based Indian restaurant is a great place with so many mouthwatering dishes.

28.               Masala Library- Just like so many amazing restaurants this one is also located in Mumbai. The perfectly cooked food and the décor are wooden, very simple yet so attractive. They serve North and South Indian food to the visitors.

29.               Monkey Bar- An amazing place to try Thai and Chinese food in New Delhi. It is also India’s first gastropub that is mainly popular among the youngsters. From Paneer Pakoda Phulka to Laal Maas Phulka, the monkey bar excels both.

30.               Niros- The ultimate fancy restaurant of pink city Jaipur to perfectly spend your weekend evenings or having lunch as well. They offer continental, seafood, fast food, and Chinese cuisines. One of the most wonderful Indian restaurants with high customer ratings. 

31.               Royal Repast- This Udaipur has a vintage ambiance and it mainly offers traditional Rajasthani food to its visitors. The colorful décor is not only pleasant to the eyes but also gives a relaxing atmosphere to chill out. 

32.               Sheesh Mahal at the Leela- located on the bank of Lake Pichola of Udaipur this open-air dining restaurant is nothing but a glimpse of Rajasthani royal culture offering North Indian cuisines. 

33.               Thalassa- Goa’s Thalassa is the next in our list. Thalassa is situated on the beachside facing the Arabian Sea. It is a Greek restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisines.

34.               Trishna- this one is also from Mumbai and is a very popular seafood restaurant. Trishna is best for having a relaxed time with friends while enjoying fresh and exotic seafood.

35.               The Water Front- The best place in Hyderabad to try Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian Food. The lake view, decent ambiance, and indoor and outdoor seating make the Water Front a worth visiting Indian restaurant.

36.               Hakassan- Another fascinating restaurant in India is here. Hakassan is famous for its traditional Chinese cuisine. This internationally renowned retro has a significant image on the visitors due to their unique specialties.

37.               Sly Granny- Sly Granny is a unique artistic restro-bar which is located in New Delhi. This Indian restaurant mainly serves European cuisine to its visitors. Along with that, they provide interesting cocktails. 

38.               Villa Maya- Situated in Kerala, Villa Maya is a globally preserved award-winning restaurant. They offer a variety of cuisines such as Mexican, French, Italian, Moroccan, and Kerala’s traditional food.

39.               Beach house – Spending your vacays in Goa and not sure where to dine in then this one is for you. Beach house is a perfect place to do lunch and to spend some fun-filled time. The exotic cocktails are the center of attraction of the beach house.

40.               Barbeque Nation Restaurant- With over 150 national and 5 international outlets, Barbeque Nation has become India’s favorite restaurant. Barbeque as the name suggests provides the facility for its customers to grill the barbeques on their tables.

41.               Wharf Restaurant- The Tamil Nadu-based restaurant that gives you the astonishing sight of the Bay Of Bengal from your table. They offer Indian cuisines and seafood, that are inspired by the five elements of nature.

42.               Dastarkhwan Restaurant- The ultimate Mughlai restaurant in Mumbai, which is an absolute treat for all Mughal food lovers or non-vegetarians. In short, it is a beautiful family restaurant in which you can spend a good time with your family.

43.               Marine Room- Another amazing restaurant in Lucknow to cheer you up on your weekend dining out. Marine Room has every element of a perfect restaurant whether it is good food, great ambiance, or perfect décor.

44.               Peshawri- For the people who are fond of North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, Peshawari is the ideal choice. The amazing Indian restaurant by the ITC Rajputana, an incredible hotel chain in Jaipur has all to attract the patrons towards it.

45.               Khyber- Another multi-cuisine restaurant in= Mumbai to offers a variety of Mughlai and North Indian dishes. The people who visit Khyber used to spend a cozy time in the peaceful and calm ambiance.

46.               Gulati- The perfect place to dine in with your family in New Delhi. Gulati provides you with the best North Indian food. The happening ambiance will make you spend and have a good time with your friends or family.

47.               Pinch of Spice- Delhi-based tandoori restaurant offering Mughal, Chinese, Continental, and North Indian food. The elegance of this place attracts the visitors and makes the visitors visit this place more than once.

48.                Falak Numa Restaurant- No doubt it would be a great place to have a fantastic dinner as it is situated in the hottest food hub Lucknow. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Lucknow and Kabab, fish, biryani, and chicken dishes are the core element of this restaurant.

49.               Bastian- Majorly deals in Chinese and continental food, this Indian restaurant is co-owned by actress Shilpa Shetty and gives an aesthetic experience to its customers. The menu prospered with so many exquisite dishes.

50.               Izumi- Izumi is a Mumbai-based Japanese restaurant. The modern and calm atmosphere of this Indian restaurant is not less than a treat to visitors. The mouth-watering Japanese cuisine is enough to impress you.

51.               Dum-Pukht- The last one on our list of 51 Best Indian restaurants is the Dum-Pukht by ITC Maurya. This is the most royal place you will ever visit. The classy and lavishing ambiance and the heart-winning dishes are just enough to visit this place at once in life.

The list of 51 best Indian restaurants has ended here and is enough to make you choose the place to dine-in, during your tour to different cities of India. The best place to have a meal not only depends on good food but also depends on the atmosphere and ambiance of the place and I have taken care of all those elements while making this list.

So hopefully it will help you in picking the best place. It’s a bye for now till then happy surfing!!





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