5 Small Changes In Your Kitchen That Have Big Results

Do try them!

Kratika Tiwari Pandey

2 months ago|4 min read


Do you want big results in your health by making small changes?

What if these small changes are simple to apply?

Let’s start with these five small & simple changes in your kitchen.

I. Avoid Use of Aluminium Utensils

Aluminum utensils have a big place in all our kitchens. They are cheap, lighter in weight as compared to iron & brass (pital) utensils. 

Due to the low weight & cost, we overlook its health scare on our body. Aluminum tends to stick to our food, which goes inside our body. 

Exposure to aluminum reduces the levels of zinc in our bodies. Zinc is a  prominent mineral, especially for our brain & diabetes prevention.

Yes, it's not possible to replace at one go. But you can start with small changes. 

  • Start with buying an iron kadhai (pan)  for cooking, that way we can get our iron supplies.
  • If you are not comfortable with the black color of your prepared dish in an iron kadhai, then you can transfer it into another bowl after cooking. Get your meal prepared with the iron content.

Iron, Brass, Steel & Earthen (clay pots) utensils are replacements for aluminum utensils

Iron Pan (Image Source: Unsplash.com)

II. Instead of Having Cold Refrigerated Water, Drink Cool Water From Our Own Indian Earthen Pot (Matka)

Refrigerators are good for preventing the oxidation of our food. Helps in prolonging the shelf-life of vegetables & fruits. 

But why drink cool water from the fridge, when we can have our desi mitti ka Matka(earthen clay water pot) that resolves all our issues?

Believe me, buy an Earthen Matka and have naturally cool water that gives a more satisfying feeling than that cold fridge water!!

Do try it. We already do have an earthen matka in our home!

Image Source: Instagram.com, Mitticool

II. Instead of Expensive Olive Oil, Do Use Our Own Indian Healthy Oils

Use unrefined & cold-pressed oils in cooking. 

In North & northeast India, mostly mustard seeds (sarso) oil is used for cooking. Groundnut or sesame oil is used in central & western India. In South India, coconut oil & groundnut oil are used. 

If you are really want to have more healthy versions, have our Indian sesame seeds oil (til ka tel). Olive oil is native of Italy, better off with pasta, salads. 

If you really want to make healthy changes, stick to your roots & have your desi oil which you have been eating since childhood.


IV. Have a delicious Satvic Sabji once a week

You can have easy replacements as in the below picture. Cook delicious Satvic Sabji at least once a week. 

Image Source: Instagram.com

Making a satvik vegetable in the earthen pot has its own charm!

Recipe of Satvic Sabji - 

Boil chopped pieces of veggies(like potato & gourd) in water in an earthen pot for around 25-30 mins. 

Meanwhile, make a blended mixture of coconut crumbs, 1 chili, a small piece of ginger, 2-3 tomatoes & Himalayan salt (sendha namak). Add the mixture into the earthen pot & mix it well.

Close the stove flame. After keeping it close with the lid for 15 more minutes, garnish it with coriander leaves. Your satvic sabji is ready. Do try it once a week.

Satvic Sabji, Image Source: Instagram.com

V. Minimise the Use of Microwave

I am not completely against the use of microwaves. 

Yes, true! Microwaves have become an indispensable part of our lives.

But heating the already cooked food has harmful effects. When micro-nutrients in food get quickly heated up at extremely high temperatures, their bonds break, get oxidized & become toxic.

 If you want to heat already cooked food, take a pan & heat it on a gas stove. Limit your microwave usage to baking a cake or grilled items once in a while.

These changes are simple & easy. Hope you will follow. 


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