5 Indian Web Series That Generated A Lot Of Hype Were Overrated

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Shreya Srivastava

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The Indian series was usually about 'da tada tada,' with at least fifteen close-up shots. Despite the increased drama and tears, these shows remained popular owing to the large number of housewives who watched them. The OTT platform, on the other hand, has modified the meaning of the Indian series.

Indian web series have opened doors to previously unexplored territory that most filmmakers were hesitant to enter. While there are many excellent series, others are simply not worth your time. These Indian web series had been in the spotlight for a long time, but when they finally arrived, they were a flop facepalm. Yes, we understand how draining it is to squander your time on such a show. However, you need not worry.

Here is the top 05 series that was so much in limelight before release and now is in the list of overrated web series. 

1. Mirzapur (season 02)

Mirzapur is one of the most bloodthirsty online shows. The program is centered on how the political figures in the small town behave. It has addressed all of the harsh facts that most people are hesitant to discuss. Mirzapur season 1 was entertaining, but season 2 was all about the spotlight and a terrible narrative. You'll go insane watching this extremely violent web series. If you want to have some fun, we recommend avoiding this headache web series.

2. Sacred Games

Another Mumbai mafia, pointless bloodshed, and cop drama that we didn't need. Even though the series features incredibly outstanding performers such as Nawazuddin, Saif Ali Khan, and Pankaj Tripathi. Sacred Games had built up too much anticipation before its debut, and it did not live up to the hype. Another high dosage of violence and murder with a poor narrative and an almost dramatic finale, holy games, joins the list in the second number.

3. Four More Shots Please 

The series was about how women chase desire and love. The series gives is the overhyped version of the ‘sex and the city’ seem through the south Bombay eyes. The weak storyline with the wrong idea of feminism, whereas the writers try to cover almost every aspect of women's life like relationships, work politics, body insecurities, empowerment. But in an unrelatable way, the not huge Indian women will connect. 

4. Little things: 

Little things were liked by many people when it was released on youtube by dice media.  The fresh approach, real chemistry, and little dose of love seem to be fade as the series progresses with Netflix. It become very unrealistic and dramatic like other love stories and lost the spark with little things we as an audience were excepting. The cheesy and sugar-coated relationship that definitionally not people face in real life made little things to this list. 

5. Call my Agent Bollywood

The series ‘Calls my agent Bollywood’ has nothing unique and original. Whereas it also fails to portray the sparkling yet dark and dirty Bollywood brutal reality. The remake of the French series ‘Call my agent Bollywood’ has nothing fresh to offer us. With the weak storyline as it is everything about the stellar cast and solid premise but it also misses the reality. The overrated and covered reality ‘call my agent Bollywood’ comes to this list in the fifth position. 

Today's audience believes more in reality and they want to see things without sugar coating and covered reality. We have plenty of content nowadays released every week on the OTT platform the last thing that we want is to have the same overdramatic, overhyped and empty content web series as TV series. To save your time and mind a bit avoid these overhyped series. 


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