5 Challenges Faced By The LGBTQ Community

Why the LGBTQ community is discriminated

Naveen Samala

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This is our second blog part of the LGBTQ series - The Guiding Voice proudly supports the LGBTQ community beyond Pride Month not just by letter but by SPIRIT!

LGBTQ – a term used to define people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.

A community that is part of the biggest liberal community still faces harassment, discrimination, and the threat of violence because of their sexual orientation (mainly homosexuality). Most people who belong to this community hide their sexuality out of fear. They face disaffection from their family and friends, invisibility, and harassment at school/work/in public places.

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During a candid interview with Sourish Samanta on TGV, a lot of facts about this community came to light.  

What are the challenges faced by this community?

1.    Misconceptions about gay- people generally prefer to address “A Gay” but in simple language it's gay why do we make them feel different, they are human too.

2.    Sexual Harassment/ molestation.

3.    Socio-economic discrimination.

4.    Institutional discrimination.

5.    Societal discrimination.

 In India, various layers of stature, beliefs, and classes exist in society, hence the levels of discrimination are at various levels, and even after Section 377 is passed in the year 2018, still, this community faces a lot of challenges.

TGV is taking responsible steps to spread awareness about this community and its challenges.

The recent controversy about the movie “We Are” to be directed by Onir was rejected by the Indian Army (as per the rule Ministry of Defense will scrutinize the movie script on any such sensitive topic related to sexual orientation) without being given a legitimate justification. The movie is intended to portray a fictional story of homosexuals, but the script was rejected as they are homophobic people and believe that it goes against the ethos.

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What is section 377?

Section 377, passed by Supreme Court in Sep 2018 struck down the colonial ban on gay ***, a very important decision for the LGBTQ community, granting all the protection of the constitution. Section 377 came as a huge relief for the LGBTQ community who wanted a life like other heterosexuals. But this law does not give any permission for same-sex marriage or any special status to Homosexuals.

Discrimination solely on the grounds of sexual orientation violates Articles 14, 15, and 21 in relation to Army, Navy, and Air force Act.

 Gender orientation is entirely different from Sexual orientation:

While working for any organization, there are policies in place against discrimination based on Gender or Sexual Orientation. Most organizations also have policies for LGBTQ. Ethically employers have mechanisms to address unfair behavior with an employee based on their sexual orientation.

Shock factors about Homosexuals:

India is a country where Heterosexuals are common, but it becomes a big deal to accept homosexuals. There is always a shock factor or discrimination among most of the LGBTQ community members which leads to mental health issues, putting them in awkward situations. Homosexuals receive common reactions from the people as if these individuals are having unique diseases and usually are made to feel cornered or they have a bad background.

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Dating apps:

Avenues that help Homosexuals to find their partners are (should be used):

1.    Tinder

2.    Grinder

3.    Affinity groups

4.    Planet Romeo

5.    Bumble


When does an individual realize being Homosexual?

The answer will shock all the heterosexuals reading this. Yes, it’s the same time when heterosexual realizes their sexual orientation that is naturally after an individual reach puberty age. Though it's a natural process to realize one’s sexual orientation the social aspect (as in India) leaves the homosexual individual with a lot of confusing thoughts, to accept the reality and discuss and disclose it to the family.

 We all must agree on one basic thing, LGBTQ rights must be recognized as part of human rights. Social recognition and acceptance of the LGBTQ community must not only be on paper or law but must be practiced by every human, that’s the basic need of the hour.

They must be given their share of respect, and freedom to live, and love.

Also, if you have any tips or questions, please share/post them in the comments section.

This blog post has a few excerpts from The Guiding Voice podcast Ep# 207 How is the LGBTQ community portrayed in Media? (Check out the link in first comments)

You may connect with Sourish Samanta on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sourish-samanta

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