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In more ways than one, your pet is like your toddler: they require your care and attention and need you to be able to make decisions for them, whether it’s about their diet, hygiene, or their activities. Your dog needs you to be able to make responsible and apt choices for their care and well-being. Dog owners or dog parents have a tremendous burden to study up on their furry four-legged companions once and needs.

However, even the most well-meaning pet owners can slip up, usually, in ways, they don’t even realize we’re counting down 18 ways. You’Re hurting your dog without realizing it from giving them mixed signals to using human products on your pet and making them fear everyday household objects. There are 18 ways you might be doing more harm than good

1.     Give your dog mixed signals.

The only way your pet will ever know the difference between right and wrong is if you display appropriate emotions in front of it. You can’t hug your pet after it makes a mess and then expects that pet to not make one again by being overly affectionate at a time where you shouldn’t have been you’re, giving them mixed signals and they’re perceiving the act as something to be appreciated.

2.     Giving your dog more to eat for dinner,

There are some things you shouldn’t feed your dog, but there are a lot of things you can it’s easy to get lost in those big beautiful eyes at dinner time you might find yourself giving your pet food from your plate, because of how longingly they’ve been looking at it, however, you’re giving them more to eat than what’s healthy for them. Your pet’s health is just as important as yours. They have a recommended daily intake of calories, just as humans do and it’s harmful to go above it.

3.     Uses retractable leashes pet owners use retractable.

Leashes, probably think it’s in the best interest of their pet. The dog can run around more freely and you won’t have to tug at their leash, however, because your dog isn’t consciously aware of just how far the leash can go. It’Ll, try, leaping and jumping beyond the leash’s limit. This will have you yanking on their leash, and your dog will in turn feel pain.

4.     Using sunscreen on your pet

We’ve all been told to protect ourselves from the sun. The same concept applies to dogs. However, you should never use human sunscreen on your furry companions because our sunscreen contains zinc oxide, which the dog can ingest. Zinc oxide is a toxin that can lead to bloody vomiting and bloody diarrhea only use products that have been specifically curated for your pet.

5.     Dressing them up.

How comfortable does that little tutu look sure it looks adorable and you can’t wait for your Yorkie to wear it, but would your pet be comfortable in it at odds? Are they probably won’t be well-meaning pet owners who often slip up when it comes to dressing up their pets, they’re coming from a good place? They want their dogs to look adorable. However, the outfits they choose are rarely the most comfortable avoid dressing your pet up. Unless it’s to keep them warm.

6.     Not brushing their teeth,

Should dog brush their teeth every single day? Vets say they should. This might come as a surprise to most people who considered it only necessary to brush their dog’s teeth once or twice a week. Regular brushing saves your dogs from developing stage one periodontal disease, the very starting point before gum recession and eventual tooth loss, use dog toothpaste. A kid’s toothbrush or a finger brush to help your dog keep those teeth sparkly white,

7.     Patting them on the head.

It probably comes as a surprise to many, but your dog isn’t all that fond of being patted on the head. Sure you’re just trying to give it some love and attention, but your dog can’t see your hand while you’re petting it and might get frightened instead, pet, your dog on the neck or just hug, one out with the little guy.

8.     Using household objects to scare them

Some dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners. Some don’t like the sound of the dishwasher and others are just frightful of anything that moves. No two pets are the same. They all have something that scares them. It might have been funny to you the first time, but it wasn’t for your pet, don’t scare, your pet using household objects, or else you’ll find yourself having to tiptoe when using them. Instead allow your companion to ease their way at their own pace.

9.     Letting them carry big sticks.

Even a little stick, could be a big one for a tiny dog. It’S adorable, looking at dogs carrying around sticks that are twice their size. They probably look like the happiest animals in the world, but your pet relies on you to make responsible decisions for it. Had they been able to run the world, it would have been one giant. Playpen large sticks can get stuck in the ground or in objects that the dog passes by the dog might struggle to get the stick out and hurt themselves in the process.

10.  Using ointments not prescribed by the vet.

The vet is the professional you’re, not don’t experiment with what ointment you can and cannot use on your pet. Just because the tube says it’s curated for dogs doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to use on your pet. Only use ointments for your dog that have been prescribed by the vet.

11.  Using strong fragrances.

Your dog has a heightened sense of smell ten thousand times at that you might be using fragrances on your pet after its walk to get rid of that freaking smell using a fragrance is the lazy way to do it and the most harmful one is too strong Fragrances irritate a dog’s nostrils and often inflame them. This can lead to breathing issues, if not identified on time.

12.  Giving them separation anxiety.

You love your pet and it knows that it probably breaks your heart every day having to leave your dog in the apartment by itself, while you’re at work. When you hug your pet before you go, you might hug it a little tighter and visibly look upset. What you’re doing is reinforcing the concept that your leaving is a bad thing ultimately causing your dog separation anxiety.

13.  Letting them into the bathroom.

What’s the worst, that could happen if you forget to close the bathroom door all the way. Through a lot, larger dogs can reach into the toilet bowl and swallow dirty water. This can lead to a multitude of illnesses.

14.  Not having them buckled up.

You might think it’s unfair to force your pet to sit still in the back seat by buckling them up. However, you’re doing this for their safety. If you leave them, unbuckled they’re increasing their risk of hurting themselves in case of unforeseen breaks and accidents, the buckle, stabilizes them and protects them, even if they look unhappy with it.

15.  Punishing fearful behavior,

So your dog’s afraid of getting its nails, trimmed which dog Isn’T expecting your pet to power through situations where they’re, obviously, scared isn’t fair to them. It’S also unfair to punish them for being apprehensive of situations where they feel threatened. You’re only reinforcing that fear, and now your pet will feel even more anxious because they’ll be scared. You’ll punish them for their fear.

16.  Allowing everyone to hug them

Just because your pet doesn’t growl and bark doesn’t mean that they’re, friendly and open to affection from strangers pets have distinct personalities. It’S unfair to expect two dogs to be the same. One might love hugs and one might tense up during them.

17.  Ignoring your pet.

You might think it’s only right to ignore your pet after it’s made a mistake to reinforce the idea that what they did was wrong, but there are several better ways to go about it, ignoring your pet isolates them instead of giving them a stern look and speak in A slightly louder volume they’re pets; they don’t do things at malice and shouldn’t be treated harshly.

18.  Tying them with a chain.

Your dog wasn’t meant to live its life being chained up to a fence, it’s inhumane, to restrict your pet from running around and exploring natural dog things to do if you’re chaining them for their safety. That’s warranted, but don’t make your pet spend evening playtime being tied up to a tree.

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