12 Twilight Facts That Will Absolutely Make Your Headspin

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When it comes to fairytale love like Bella and Edward we all wanted to walk down the aisle while playing “A Thousand Years”. But did you know Bella actually wore two wedding gowns while shooting that scene? 

If you are a Twihards and you think you know everything about your favorite vampire movie then let us show you 12 twilights facts that will absolutely make your head spin. 

1. The high school shown in the movie is an actual school with the same real mascot and logo color. 

Forks High school is shown in the twilight first three parts are based on the real school which is located in Washington. Tho the movie scene isn’t shot there, everything else is based on Forks High School, Washington. 

Mike, Bella’s classmate was shown to wear a blue jacket with the gold letter ‘F’ which is an actual school uniform. The color was kept the same in real-life as in real-life institutions. 

2. Cullens family jewelry that every member wear. 

All the Cullens family members use to wear a piece of jewelry that has the same symbol on it. This was not mentioned in the book but in the movie, it was shown. In a few first parts Edward, Emmett, Esme, and Jasper were seen wearing a creat on a bracelet whereas Carlisle has a ring and Rosalie & Alice both have a necklace. 

3. Recreating the Twilight book cover in the movie. 

We've all seen the Twilight cover with the apple in the hand. In the film, the identical sequence occurs when Bella drops the apple and Edward catches it. The cinematography is done in such a way that it appears to be the cover of a Twilight novel. The scenario in which the director holds a red apple in both hands might be seen as the filmmaker wanted to commemorate the book by duplicating the cover.

4. Edward's face sparkles but not his hands

At the end of the first part, as Edwards and Bella are laying on the ground, we can see Edwards's face glimmer. However, his exposed hands did not sparkle. Even if the creators attempt to achieve perfection with just a beam of sunlight flowing over his face. The hands were not shining, implying that the face glows but not the hands.

5. Meyer Cameo is one of the scenes

Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight book series has a cameo role in the movie. She appears when Charlie and Bella meet for the dinner. Meyer seems setting at the counter and working on the laptop. 

6. The blood gauze on fire is the same as the cover of ‘The New Moon’s twilight book 

When Bella got hurt on her arm after Jasper’s outburst. Carlisle while treating Bella, drops the bloody gauze into a bowl and then fires it to remove the blood scent from other vampires' houses. 

The same incident is been captured so beautifully that it seems like a red white tulip flower same as the cover of the New Moon Book. 

7. Jacob doesn't need a Jacket after he becomes a werewolf. 

In the first part when Bella goes to Washington, she and Jacob visited the beach where they both were bundled up with warm clothes and jackets. Whereas later when Jacob becomes the werewolf in the New Moon they both again visit the beach but this time Jacob seems wearing only a t-shirt. Bella on another hand still seems wearing a jacket. Jacob later explains that werewolves have high temperatures and can’t get cold easily. 

8. Creative title and fake posters.

When Bella went for the movie night with Mike and Jacob in the ‘New Moon’ there are posters on the theater wall which were all created for the movie. Even director Chris Weitz reveals how the titles ‘Face Punch’ and ‘Love Spelled Backwards Is Love’ was made only for the movie. The posters were made for the same by the creative team which can be seen in the movie.

9. Bella has a bite mark on her arm from the first part till the end

In the first twilight part when James hunts Bella and bites her on her right arm in a huge fighting scene. Where Edward stops him to kill Bella but since he bites her the bite scars remain. The bite mark is visible throughout the entire Twilight series, even after Bella becomes the vampire in the last part. 

10. Vampires can’t travel in airplanes in daylight but Alice did!

In the scene in which Bella discovers Edward's intention to commit suicide by forcing Volturi to kill him in Italy. Both Bella and Alice were spotted discussing a plot to stop Edward. The sequence was portrayed in sections when they first had a talk in the car while hurrying to the airport. The second scene showed the airplane taking off from the airport, and the third scene showed them both in Italy.

Alice is a vampire, and walking out in daylight makes her skin glitter, although there was no mention of this in the film while in Italy.

11. Bella's gift was a surprise for us until the next part. 

There is a scene in New Moon where Bella cuts her hand while opening her gift from Esme and Carlisle. Her blood makes Jasper attack her which leads to the fight and run due to which the gift was left unshown to the viewer.  

Later in Eclipse Edward remind Bella about the gift that she got on her Birthday ie the plane tickets that they use to visit her mother in the movie. 

12. Jacob has the different eye color

Jacob when turned into the werewolf eyes colors seem to be a light orangeish- brown whereas Jacob has a human who has beautiful brown eyes. The eye color is the main focus whereas the fur color of each wolf from the pack was different which becomes easy for viewers to identify each person as the wolf. 

Pro Facts: Each movie has a different filter 

The one beautiful fact about Twilight is Filter. Each part has a slightly different light, color which makes it easy to tell which part it is.

Starting from the ‘Twilight’ has a Blue filter. Followed by the ‘Twilight Saga: New Moon’ has little more of the golden filter. The third part ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ has more of a grey filter. The fourth and fifth parts ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Down Part 1 and 2’ has a slightly pearlescent tone. 

Their filter distinguishes Twilight from the other parts by enhancing the beauty of the colors, and the filers are employed in such a creative way that it makes it even more attractive.


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