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Kang and Thanos

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Dusted: half the universe into nothingness can’t get worse right

Loki has finally introduced us to the MCU’s next big Thorn on our sides and he’ll go by the name of Kang the conqueror seen as he who remains. The variants of Nathaniel Richards have been unleashed if the source material holds any weight.

The coming threat is going to be much worse than the one our hero spent three phases dealing with. Let’s take a look at 10 ways – Kang the conqueror – will be much much worse than the mad titan Thanos.  Wizard Thanos, may have had Eitri the dwarf construct him a gauntlet capable of harnessing the power of The Infinity Stones plus a powerful spaceship and a cool double-bladed over-hyped helicopter propeller, but that’s the extent of Thanos weaponry that we’ve seen in the MCU. While those are extremely powerful and battle-tested against the likes of Thor, Cap, and Iron man, they would be laughed at in the presence of Kang the conqueror.

The weaponry we’ve seen from Kang already has included the temp pads and the prune sticks. But if the comics are any indicator, the best is yet to come. Kang controls a powerful time ship, an overpowered battle suit, and an ultra diode ray capable of rendering someone powerless.

He can render Infinity Stones useless and likely destroy Thanos in any weapons contest. The original variant that was Nathaniel Richards was born in the 30th century in a universe where the earth never experienced the dark ages. This means that Kang’s very upbringing was in a highly advanced technological period.

He is a product of his time and the best that, that era had to offer in terms of intelligence, just based on the eras of their upbringing, Kang has an edge on Thanos in the MCU. We’ve never seen Thanos live past the early 21st-century meaning, his knowledge of the universe, history, and technology comes nowhere near the master of time. So far in the MCU, we’ve seen two versions of Thanos. There was the main villain who completed his goal and met his end when Thor introduced him to Stormbreaker. There was the one variant of Thanos who came from the year 2014 into the future, to attempt to destroy all life itself. Both these Thanos versions have a few things in common. They both wound up in a less-than-living state and both of them claim to be inevitable.

“I am inevitable” that statement was almost instantly proven false by Tony Stark, but with Kang, he may be able to pack it up for years in the comics, no matter how many times he was defeated, Kang always comes back sporting, a new variant that would learn From the mistakes of the prior Kang, based on the description from he who remains, it seems that there will always be variants of Nathaniel Richards that come to defeat the Avengers, even in our introduction to him. His final words show us that he will succeed where Thanos fails, letting us know he’ll see us soon. Half the universe gone in an instant sounds like child’s play.

Also, they all came back so, at the end of the day, Thanos has very few casualties on his hands in comparison to Kang the conqueror. Not only did Kang win the Multiversal war, most likely destroying an unbelievable amount of enemies in the process, but he’s also been running things for quite some time as he who remains he’s so bored of doing this job that he was ready to hand it Over to the two Loki’s, the job I’m referring to is sending infinite amounts of variance into the void to be destroyed. Yes, Thanos spent a large majority of his life conquering worlds and destroying half the population, but he might as well be a kid with a magnifying glass playing with anthills compared to the conquering resume that Kang has. Thanos may have mastered the power of the Infinity Stones, but it would seem that those Stones would only give him control over reality within his universe. Kang being a technological genius from the future has likely unlocked doorways that Thanos could never hope to find.

No matter how many Infinity Stones he possesses Kang has likely followed in his comic book counterpart’s footsteps in his ability to unlock access to alternate dimensions in the comics, the lord, a Mortis version of Kang traveled to and subsequently conquered the dimension known as limbo, setting it Up as his base of operations for observation of the rest of the Multiverse, we have likely already seen an adaptation of this, seeing that he who remains reigns over the citadel at the end of time to observe the sacred timeline. This shows us that the Kang variants on their way have access to powers granted by places like the dark dimension and the quantum realm which Thanos has likely never heard of. The thing that makes Kang way worse than Thanos is the company they keep, Thanos’s children do not Even compare first of all, two of them turned against him and joined the guardians of the galaxy. The four that remain are the black order and they’re generally impressive, for the most part, Ebony Ma seems to be one of the MCU’s greatest magic-users and is a technological genius.

Corvus Glaive is one of the greatest fighting strategists in the universe and Proxima, Midnight, and Call Obsidian are some of the MCU’s greatest fighters. That’s all well and good, too bad They don’t even compare to the pets kept by He who remains Alioth, who is the monster that causes the end of time. He is essentially the watchdog of the void that destroys everything in its path and cannot be destroyed. Loki and Sylvia had to use some special enchantments to get past Alioth, but we’re nearly reduced to nothing in the process.

The black order is great, but I’ll take Alioth ten times out of ten. Thanos is in a word complicated. His lifelong purpose was to prevent in the universe the atrocities he saw on his home planet of Titan when the resources gave out and the people suffered, but he chose to commit possibly greater atrocities in the process of preventing them.

Thanos initially wants to go planet by planet, wiping out half the population so that the resources can be more plentiful, and eventually uses the Infinity Stones to do this on a universal scale that is extremely complex. It requires a decade-long quest for the Stones, the building up of materials, all for a very specific thing that, at the end of the day, is eviler than the atrocities he’s trying to prevent. Kang, on the other hand, is simple His purpose is his name, the conqueror all he wants to do is conquer. He moves from his world to his universe, to the Multiverse, and becomes the greatest power ever known. It makes much more sense and paints Kang as inherently more evil, given that his goals are purely self-motivated, placing himself at the center of everything.

While the time Stone is an incredibly powerful object. It seems to be yet another useless artifact rendered to nothing but a paperweight by the master of time himself. We got a lot of those, some of the guys use them as paperweights.

Thanos accomplished incredible feats, such as bringing the vision back to life. However, Thanos’s brief ability to manipulate time comes nowhere close to what Kang has been able to do he’s the master of time for a reason, just within the sacred timeline. He knows what will happen at every moment up until the threshold we just crossed the threshold, as he remains Kang, he has conquered every aspect of his reality, likely, meaning that Thanos was simply a pawn in his game.

Sure Thanos brought vision back, but only because Kang allowed it. The variants of Kang, have probably learned the same overpowered time Manipulation abilities, given that the newest one has also created the TVA to control the flow of time and Thanos was barely able to scratch the surface.

There’s nothing scarier than a villain who is in such total control that he can take everything into his own hands. Yes, Kang uses beings like Alioth and the TVA to do his bidding, but only because he has them in 100s in his pocket. Thanos has a long storied history in the MCU of allowing others to do his bidding, while he just sits on a floating throne in space.

He allowed Loki to wage war on New York with the mine Stone in hand he lent his daughters to Ronin. In his quest for the Power Stone, he even told nebula to bring all six Infinity Stones to him. While he sat and did nothing, what will you do, wait? I believe this is the foundational flaw in Thanos.

Evil capability Kang will most likely not have this as a futuristic villain who’s conquered numerous timelines. More likely takes matters into his own hands. Yes, Thanos had won, but only for about five years until his victory was effectively reversed.

The very existence of Thanos, the quest for the Infinity Stones, the creation of the Avengers, and the universe itself are testament to the fact that, although we have only just met him, Kang has already won. He, who remains tells us of an ancient Multiversal war that he essentially was the victor of, he set up the sacred timeline and controlled it from the citadel for all time. It got to the point where Kang was bored of his own victory Thanos.

For the brief moment that he saw his goals, complete went out nearly days later, while Kang watched and laughed since he who remains warns us of the variants to come, and we see that one has already taken over the TVA. The threat of Thanos seems minuscule since Kang the conqueror has already won. Okay, look I personally would back down from a fight with either of these MCU villains.

However, even though looks may deceive, Kang is likely to bring us a threat that Thanos came nowhere close to.

Who do you think, will prove to be the superior villain.


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